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Shaver for eyebrow – a miniature device that allows you to quickly and painlessly eliminate unwanted hairs. The device acts as a great alternative to wax, tweezers and cosmetic threads. With the advent of make the filming much easier.

What is a device?

razor for eyebrows

In appearance razor for eyebrows similar to an ordinary pen for writing. The principal difference of the device from the tweezers is the possibility to perform the procedure if you have sensitive skin. New razor for eyebrows is not pluck her hairs, and only removes length. Sharp knives of the device provides the delicate trim the hairs that acts as an invaluable advantage in cases where it is necessary to correct regrown eyebrows.


Depending on the nature of power, there are several varieties of trimmers for grooming eyebrows:

  • Network;
  • Battery
  • Composite.

Network devices operate from standard mains power. These trimmers are suitable for domestic use. Often devices of this plan are applied in beauty salons.

Rechargeable razor for eyebrows comfortable on holiday trip. Battery life on average is spent for one hour of continuous operation. It is enough to periodically correct the shape of eyebrows throughout the week. During the operation of battery appliances, it is important to monitor the remaining battery level. When there is insufficient energy levels may experience a decrease in speed of rotation of the blades, which leads to poor performance.


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As for combo devices, like the eyebrow trimmers most practical. They operate both from mains and in standalone mode. So use them conveniently in the home and during the trip.


veet shaver eyebrowHow to properly use the razor for eyebrows? In operation of the device the main thing is not to hurry. Otherwise, it is possible to prevent fatal errors. First we need to take a razor blade, comfortable hand, and then stretch the skin in the eyebrows and move the blades against the hair growth. To achieve the perfect brow shape enough to pre-draw the desired shape using a cosmetic pencil. Next is to remove all the excess hairs.

Ultimately, it remains to carefully consider the result. If the hairs in certain places is too long, should change the nozzle be adjusted to in shape. If necessary, comb the hairs with the brush and repeat the procedure.

Shaver eyebrow should be used no more than twice a week. Correction is recommended for dry skin. Too frequent use can lead to accelerated hair growth.


razor wit eyebrowBuy a device for correcting the shape of eyebrows is recommended, paying attention to the following points:

  1. Material production. To prefer the better device with a durable, crash resistant metal housing. The most practical for regular use appliances with ceramic blades. Provides for the effective removal of hairs and at the same time do not require frequent lubrication.
  2. Additional attachments greatly expand the functionality of the device. They allow you to remove hair from other parts of the body.
  3. Separate modes of operation allows to reduce time for the procedure and gives the opportunity to remove unwanted hairs in delicate areas.
  4. Ergonomics of the device. The layout of the buttons, shape and weight of the device affects the ease of operation and results of the procedure. To determine how convenient would be the razor for shaping your eyebrows in everyday operation, before buying enough to test the device in practice.
  5. Manufacturer. Currently in high demand in the market is the razor "Vit" for the eyebrows. To avoid buying the frankly defective device, you should pay attention to the presence of guarantees, technical documentation, special certificates.

In conclusion

new razor for eyebrowsAs you can see, Veet (the razor for eyebrows) and devices of other reputable brands are extremely convenient devices for sostegaria hairs in problem areas. Their operation provides a completely painless procedure. The possibility of using individual nozzles helps to create perfect brow shape at home.

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