How to make volume at the roots of hair? Small women's tricks


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Many owners of fine hair knows how to give them splendor. In salons and Barber shop masters manage it with ease, but how to make the volume from the hair roots at home - for many, a mystery. Nevertheless, there are some tricks that will help any woman look perfect. Certainly one of the highlights is the selection of shampoos and conditioners. These funds should purchase, given your hair type (dry, normal or oily), and, of course, a function of the volume.

How to dry your hair?

The Right hair drying – this is another tool that will help to increase the volume of hair. This process also has its secrets.How to make the volume of the roots of the hair To consolidate the effect is best used on hair with a special mousse, after which you can include a Hairdryer. Hair should tilt forward and dry moderately warm air. Then the hair will be much more elaborate. But do not get involved in fixing foams and gels, otherwise installation can seem unnatural. Of course, to learn how to dry your hair and make them bigger, you need some time. However, then this hairstyle will take a few minutes.


What to choose: a ripple or a NAP?

In Addition to the Hairdryer to help those who do not know how to make volume in hair roots, can come regular comb. This method give the hairstyle pomp practiced for a very long time. With shaggy hair you can easily lift at the roots. The only drawback: this type of styling is very spoils the condition of the hair, pulling them and disturbing the structure. For such hair needs special care to look after, since it is important to care not only about how to make the volume of the roots of the hair, but also about how to put them in order and heal. We need to apply different nutritious masks and try to use the fleece as little as possible.


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A More modern way to give the hairstyle pomp – forceps ripple. They can work through the entire hair length or only be used for root perms. In the first case, suitable nozzles of different width. But the curler near the roots it is better to use special narrow forceps. How to make volume in hair roots more elaborate with their help? Very simple. It is necessary to treat the surface of hair a heat-protective spray, then using a comb to separate the upper strand. The lower part need to be worked out with forceps ripple along the length of each strand or just the root zone. After this, the corrugated strands are covered with the top layer of hair, and the result is a gorgeous volume that will very last long.

How to increase the volume of hair

Of Course, this hairdo will take time, but it is the most efficient and reliable. If you want to get your hair right before an important event, then this method will be the best choice. These secrets will help each woman who did not know how to increase the volume of hair, become the owner of a well-groomed and hair, and this is very important in the struggle for the image of beautiful and successful women!

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