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As it is sometimes difficult to choose your desired color and design nail Polish! A wide palette of colors just knocks the girls confused and does not quickly determine. Even more difficult is when you want a manicure, done in two colors. After all, you need to successfully and harmoniously combine shades to color combined perfectly.

And to you before the next trip to the wizard make it easier to decide, we will present the most incongruous pair of colors for nails.

Two-tone jacket

A French classic and a sure bet for any occasion. It is always relevant and will never lose its popularity. But creativity and imagination of manicure is infinite, so using layout pairs of colors appeared a French manicure with two colors:

  • The Usual option is the color base and any color.
  • The Base red and the trim white, black, Golden, silver, yellow.
  • Basis of white and any trim.
  • The Basis of the rose, and French white or black. Generally, manicure pink with white - one of the most popular.
  • Interesting nail looks matte base and glossy stripes.

This is the most popular options for double French. If you wish, and you have free time, this manicure with two colors you can create at home. The only thing you need exactly to put the top stripes. To facilitate the process will allow the special stickers for French manicure.

manicure with two colors

This trendy Ombre

A Smooth transition from one color to another has gained tremendous popularity over the past two seasons. This idea of nail Polish in two colors looks unusual, stylish and modern. The color shift can be achieved both vertically and horizontally.


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Perform Gradient as one color, but different hues, and completely different, contrasting colors. The main condition is the blurring of the boundaries of the transition.

The Technique is as follows:

  1. The Lucky chosen colors before applying on the nail applied on smooth, flat surface next to each other.
  2. With a Thin brush or toothpick to gently mix the two varnishes.
  3. The special soft sponge is dipped in the resulting color and print it on your nails.
  4. All carelessness after removed.

manicure pink with white

Feng Shui

This option is simple nail Polish of two colors. Technique its implementation is very simple: a few nails painted one color and any two others. A popular option is when the nails on the ring finger and the little finger a different color from the rest.

Used for this manicure with two colors like a completely different, contrasting color and different shades of the same color.

Some women, connoisseur of the intricacies of Asia, relate shade of nail Polish with personal harmony. For them, the contrast of colors on different fingers means the following:

  • If a separate color to highlight your thumbs, it will contribute to intellectual development, career growth and give inspiration;
  • Dedicated index "dragged" PEP, vitality and energy;
  • Middle fingers will attract the financial well-being;
  • Unnamed - symbolize love, emotion and inner harmony;
  • Focus on Pinkies will contribute to inner peace, peace of mind and balance.

In Addition to color differences, the two selected nail can be decorated with rhinestones, small figures or die.

manicure mix of two colors

Print two colors: design color

Nails always look beautiful and creative. And drawings, executed in two colors, is no less relevant. More specifically, we are talking about simple geometric figures.

Two-tone prints can be the following: the usual stripes, dots, diagonals, diamonds, angles, separated by color fingernail in half.

Some patterns will require you to use stencils or adhesive strip for convenience.

In this advantageous design will look in a mix of matte and glossy colours.

contrast manicure

Simple geometric figures and patterns include: diamonds, smooth lines, stripes, triangles. To recreate these drawings on the nails can be in the home. You only have to have special stencils.

All elementary drawings you can create using a needle. The work is carried out with undried varnish.

Manicure with simple symbols characters

Instead of geometry on the nails, you can draw simple drawings, symbols or characters. Such a pattern will emphasize your individuality.

The Moon manicure

Contrast This manicure is also called a "reverse French" as a semi-circle not stain the tip of the nail and its base.

The master-novice this technique can be tricky, and without the aid of a stencil design may fail. But experienced manicurists hand is already Packed, and they can easily deduce brush of the semicircle.

To Try to make such a design can be at home. For this first you need to apply the base color on the entire nail plate. Consider that this color will set the color of the lower semicircle. When the first stage will be held, with a special stencil is applied to the second color around a semicircle.

Thus, in this design the colors you can combine any like brandcontrast and different tones. Look great with Golden or silver holes and sequins.

Alternatively, the hole of the nail can be left colorless, covering it with a colorless varnish. To the colorless varnish will suit absolutely any nail, and the hole can be decorated with rhinestones or polonkai.

manicure ideas two colors

Colour combinations: what to choose

Right to assemble colors and shades is also a kind of art, even if we are talking about manicure in two colors. After selecting from a palette of two beautiful colors, after work you can come to the conclusion that they did not look in tandem and manicure is a complete bad taste.

Then what are the combination of two colors for nail Polish the best?

  • Similar to each other shades: purple and blue, red and orange, blue and green, etc. In the color palette of similar shades are next to each other.
  • Monochrome color is a variant of a two-tone manicure with shades of one color, which vary saturation: blue-blue, red, Burgundy, etc.
  • Contrasting colors are those that are located opposite each other in the color wheel: red-green, yellow-purple, etc.
  • Universal shades are the ones that perfectly with absolutely all colors: white, black, gold, silver.

manicure with two colors on one nail

For each case of a manicure

The uniqueness of the manicure in two colors lies in the fact that by blending two colors, you can choose a design for absolutely any occasion.

For a formal event or for everyday working days will fit the following colors: pale pink, white, coffee and beige colors.

For the party or celebration you can choose the classic red, chocolate, silver, gold, rich purple and so on.

In the midst of summer vacation, you can indulge in colors: orange, yellow, red, mint, lime, lilac. Confident women can experiment with acid colors that scream their brightness. Especially in the summer when not to use an unusual color!

In the midst of Christmas and new year holidays are very popular colors: red, white, blue, blue, green and silver. Combined together, these colors look very harmonious and festive.

March 8, interest in the classic two-tone French, and geometric design.

a simple manicure in two colors

Not to miss

The Manicure with two colors on one nail or the whole hand to make a not particularly difficult. But even a couple of colors can ruin the entire design if not properly chosen.

So you should adhere to 2 simple rules that will help create a beautiful, neat manicure:

  1. Before you start polishing your nails, you first need to see how in different lighting will look the color chosen.
  2. It is Better to give preference to the lucky one texture. But you can experiment: a one-fit glitter nail Polish, and you can also combine matte and glossy coatings of the same color, or well-matched color, for example, manicures, pink and white.

In conclusion

A Manicure lately, has become an integral part of the image of women. Neat, manicured nails evoke admiration from others, and the winner of the manicure is feeling more confident. With a beautiful manicure eliminates the need for gloves.

Modern nail-masters are able to create real works of art on the nails, so creative manicure is a genuine interest in others.

Obviously, even from a couple of colors you can create a fashionable and beautiful manicure. Importantly - correctly and harmoniously combine colors and design ideas we have suggested.

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