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Taking Care of your health and beauty helps women to feel confident. The salon treatments available at home. It is not necessary to smear your face every day with sour cream or oatmeal, apply the tea bags and walk half the day with onion mask on his head, to look well-groomed woman who are not regretting money for a trip to the beautician. Many devices used by professionals, now and in the free market. Darsonval Gezatone company will be a great addition to home care, will help to save time and money and for a few moments will feel yourself an expert in cosmetology.Darsonval Gezatone

What is darsonval?

In recent decades, the device "Darsonval" received wide acclaim and distribution, though not so long ago it can be found not in every beauty parlor. The spectrum of its actions is very wide. It is used to treat skin and scalp, and even the mucous membranes. He treats diseases of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the veins, heals wounds and bruises. Women loved him because he copes with drying pimples, prevent wrinkles and smooth the skin.Darsonval for face Gezatone

The Principle of operation of the device

The principle of d'arsonvalization is the effect on the body shocks of low intensity. In a result blood vessels expand, accelerate metabolism, dissolve hematomas, improves blood flow in the body. Darsonval used mainly locally, i.e. on a small area of the body. Theoretically, a methodology is of General type, when the patient is placed in a special cell and the current influences on the entire body at once. But this method is practically not used.

Darsonval Gezatone – a quick way to beauty

Darsonvali of the company Gezatone different design and functionality. There are models for home and professional use. The first is equipped with one electrode, which is enough to maintain beauty at the proper level. The second is equipped with multiple electrodes, intended more point to solve various problems. The main principle you should stick to buying darsonval Gezatone, — it's regular use. Cosmetologists are advised to periodically take a course of ten procedures performed every day or every other day. Sense in one procedure, which you hastily do once a month or less will not be enough.Apparatus darsonval Gezatone


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Usage instructions

Before you start to use darsonval Gezatone for the face, make sure the area of skin you are going to handle, completely dry. It is useful for better conductivity of the current, lightly sprinkle the skin with baby powder or talc. Turning on the machine, install the necessary power. To choose a comfortable temperature, try to touch the running device to the skin: you should feel a slight tingling sensation, no unpleasant or painful sensations should not be. If you feel discomfort, reduce the power. Smooth circular motions, move the apparatus over the skin. The procedure should be limited to ten minutes. Also cosmetologists do not advise to handle more than three or four zones in a single session.

Overview attachments for device "Darsonval"

Professional model with plenty of attachments — four of them. To combat hair loss use this nozzle-comb. The impact of the current level stimulates hair growth, normalizes sebum secretion, prevents dandruff. Recommended course of 21 procedures every day on dry hair. Petal nozzle is used for hard to reach places such as sides of nose, area behind ears and an auricle. The mushroom head has a large area of contact, so suitable for corrective body treatments. Since the device "Darsonval Gezatone" ideal for the prevention of venous diseases, it is recommended for them to use this attachment. Microcurrents eliminate stagnation in the veins and promote blood circulation. For cosmetic procedures for the face are ideal nozzle-droplet. It will help to treat small pimples, promoting faster healing. In the process of operation, you can easily and quickly change nozzles and to independently decide how to use the device "Darsonval Gezatone". The instructions that came with it, at first, will help you master all its functions.Darsonval Gezatone instruction

Contact and contactless methods of use of the device

Depending on the tasks you can use the contact or contactless method darsonvalization. The first electrode tightly to the skin and moves, without interrupting its surface. In this case, it is recommended to sprinkle the skin with talcum powder or cream to avoid discomfort. Some beauticians to further protect the skin, hold darsonvalization through the gauze. This is a great way if you want to spend smoothinga facial massage.

Contactless method assumes a small gap between the electrode and the skin. It allows you to form easy the spark point she would cauterize the skin and accelerates the renewal of tissues. This method is used in the treatment of acne.Repair Gezatone d'arsonval

What if...

Remember that the d'arsonval — is primarily an electrical device, and so users need to observe some precautions. First, try not to change the nozzle when the apparatus is switched on, it is best to pull the plug from the socket. This will prevent accidental electric shock, which can occur when you open the nest. Second, do not touch the appliance with wet hands and do not use it in the bathroom. If you experience any problems you should have and idea how to disassemble Gezatone. Darsonval — it's still a medical device and conventional knowledge of the young technician may not have neither you nor your husband. There are specialized service centers, any store of medical equipment will provide you with their contacts. Repair Gezatone d'arsonval is best to entrust it to them.

User Reviews of darsonval Gezatone

The Use of the device causes mostly positive emotions. Many customers who bought darsonval Gezatone, note the nice ionisation of the air during the procedure. The positive results gave the use of apparatus for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract, joints and even toothaches. Users write that it helps with hair loss, thinning hair becomes noticeably bigger within a few months of use. Also note that the d'arsonval helps with allergic rashes, reduces swelling and itching. The highest number of positive reviews received the d'arsonval for their action in the fight against acne. For those people whose skin is sensitive to manual cleaning at the beautician, this is a great alternative. The only thing you should pay attention, according to users, is the fragility of the nozzles. With an awkward motion, they could fall and shatter.How to disassemble Gezatone d'arsonval

Advice of doctors and cosmetologists

Many doctors have also benefited from the use of the device "Darsonval Gezatone". Write that it helps to cope with the feeling of stiffness in arthritis, relieves pain. However, the sensors recommend the use of the beauticians, especially the first time after cleaning the face: it will help the effect last longer. Helps to massage problem areas in the fight against cellulite, reduces the appearance of spider veins with varicose veins.

There are, however, some caveats when using the d'arsonval. Those who suffer from increased activity of hair follicles, should be cautious to use it, especially on the face, as it could trigger hair growth. Should not completely abandon darsonvalization, enough to avoid those areas that are affected by this problem.Darsonval Gezatone company

The Path to beauty is not always is through painful and expensive procedures. Fortunately, today it is possible to combine the pleasant with the useful. Home darsonval not only can help you to correct minor cosmetic problems, but will significantly enhance your health: ionized air which it produces, has a positive effect on the immune system. The compact size and relatively low price make it available to everybody who wants to regularly take care of themselves.

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