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Stylish men's beard remains fashionable for a very long period. If you decided to experiment and to grow a beard or change his, now you will learn all about the different types and what will go. In this article you will find the most trendy options, learn what mens beard stylish this season and will surely find something that suits you.

Most Importantly, what should pay attention when choosing the most perfect beard is the shape of the face. In it lies the key to the success of your experiment.

male beard

The Shape of the face and beard: combine correctly

Every day, more and more popular mens beard. Its the most diverse. There are plenty to choose the most capricious man. The main thing - to choose the right kind of beard to the shape of your face.

The Owners of oblong oval or rectangular face shape is to try to experiment with sideburns. Keep in mind that they should stay a bit curvy, so not obligate them too short. With this item, your face will look balanced.

Round-faced men are more suited to a short beard. It is important that she was neatly trimmed. And if you add a mustache to it, you can achieve stunning effects and to conquer the opposite sex. The surest option for people with this face shape will be "goatee". With it, you may safely taken for experiments.

mens beard types

The few lucky ones who are lucky enough to have a triangular face shape, you might consider weighting the bottom. Most likely, you will be more attractive with a beard as “horseshoe”, it visually equalize your facial features. And if it is a black beard - man success is guaranteed!


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With regard to men with a narrow face or pronounced cheekbones, then you should make your image more masculine and solid due to the full beard. This option will give a modicum of brutal hints of your face. Blackbeard will look amazing in General!

What are the types popular today and that never goes out of fashion

Now that we have dealt with the forms necessary to begin to study the types of most popular options of beards.

male beard

Full, or the so-called Russian beard

This option will suit those men who appreciate masculinity. This form is ideal for women who're searching for that brutality and perseverance. These qualities in today's world sometimes lacks. Yes, some girls like clean-shaven satellites, however, such a form will attract the views of even the most ardent opponents. The owner of this beard, in principle, anything to not have to do all beauty will come to meet you. And most importantly, that care this form does not require special, here the main thing – naturalness.

Mother nature took care of our beauty, so the line at which the beard grows, each of us is unique and perfect each in their own way. The edging can be easily done at the salon using the beard trimmer, but if you want to achieve the most natural effect, leave your path. Believe me, nature has given us that we only decorate. As for length, it all depends on your tastes and preferences. Can make shorter, but you can let go of long hair.

If you have decided to add a mustache to the beard, here follow the same rule – naturalness.

short beard


In Recent years, the mustache has not been at its peak. In our heads there's still a strange stereotype that is no longer relevant. So historically that since the beginning of the last century in the army had to grow a mustache, so now, seeing the man with the mustache, we involuntarily represent him in uniform.

But all these stereotypical point of view is not justified! Yes, maybe there are still people of the old school, who, while serving in the military structures, I consider it my duty to have a mustache, but men of such unit. Modern man, who decided to let his mustache lets you know that he is absolutely independent. This is a sign that the person is fully self-sufficient and able to make decisions himself. Besides a neat mustache look pretty exotic and attract the eye. It is safe to say that moustaches are back in trend!


Hollywood style

The beard of a man in a Hollywood style today at the peak of popularity. This long-forgotten trend back again on the cover of the famous gloss. Once, in the distant thirties, men with beards was considered really cool. Another name for this form - "Brett", it is latched at the characters popular then the movie. In the distant past, if a man had to show off and to show that he is a real macho, he has a beard such form.


Men's beard Balbo - very popular this season. This species is very similar to the conventional full. The only difference is the lack of sideburns at all. The beard looks very nice, but it doesn't lose its massiveness and width. This form is very suitable mustache anda small base under the lip. But it should be said that this beard will require the owner of a very high quality and constant care.

To Create an image in the style of Balbo simple fan just can not, you should trust an experienced person who knows his business. If you decide to try this style, be sure to talk to a good salon where you will be served by an expert master. It is unlikely you once a month change the shape of my beard, so don't skimp and carefully watch the action of the master, perhaps soon you will learn how to care for your beard.


The Name of this type sounds very nice, however it is worth noting that there is a similar style, almost all men. Most often this form are sublime and dreamy personalities: poets, musicians, entertainers.

Do Not think that the option of a beard like just one, a lot of them and all in the first place depends on you. You have the power to add any elements and highlight certain facial features.

male beard


This form of beards can often be found in movies. The image is created with long sideburns to the bottom of the face and around the edge of the oval. The neck and the chin must be shaved smooth. This form is very suitable mustache.


Men beard Goatee back! This species was popular, it would seem that the recent nineties. If done correctly, the beard covers the chin slightly and looks very neat and short cropped. People with this form of the beard look more intelligent, and they are always mistaken for intellectuals.

To look as stylish, the contour must be curved uniformly throughout its length. Let's just say, his mustache must move in his beard.


Long beard or stubble? It seems the answer is simple - the bristles! Actually it's just a fad. Men increasingly prefer practicality, and so easy untidy became fashionable. Guys with a beard are very charismatic and attract attention. This option is very stylish and does not require any superhuman effort. The most important thing is to evenly cut all the hairs, and your light stubble that will bring you success.

As you can see, today, men's beard, of which a variety are back in fashion. With it or without it - the choice is yours!

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