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Germany offers many opportunities for practicing winter sports. If you are looking for a quick break or want to go cross-country skiing, enjoying the spectacular scenery, ski resorts Germany will not disappoint you. Compared to the ski centers in France, Switzerland and Austria, the German resorts are not so popular, but still every year, it attracts a considerable number of winter sports fans.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen – the most famous German ski resort. Germany ski resorts in GermanyIt was founded in 1935, combining Garmisch and Partenkirchen into a single one. This was done in anticipation of the winter Olympics in 1936. Located in the foothills of the Alps close to Munich, every year it gathers hundreds of tourists. Here at an altitude of 2962 meters is the highest point of the country – the peak of the Zugspitz. Guests can enjoy the ski slopes with a total length of 47 kilometers and the trails for cross-country skiing 7 km in length. Garmisch-Partenkirchen is also famous for one of the most interesting in the world of downhill slopes – Kandahari, and Olympic slopes, which annually are used for international ski competitions. Thanks to its elevation, the season here lasts from November to may.

The Ski resorts of Germany are not only in the Alps. Mountain range ski resort GermanyThe black forest, located in the South-Western part of the country, two hours drive from Frankfurt, offers skiers more than 170 lifts, 22 ski jumping, 155 kilometers of ski slopes and 1000 kilometers of trails for cross-country skiing. Here is the oldest ski club in Germany, founded in 1895. The vast expanse of hills, woods and valleys of the black forest stretches from Baden-Baden to the Swiss border. Its highest point – the mountain Feldberg with a height of 1493 meters.


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Other famous ski resorts in Germany - Oberstdorf, Berchtesgaden and Oberammergau. They are not as big as Garmisch-Partenkirchen, but have a decent ski slopes for skiers of all levels. Oberstdorf is famous for its extensive skiing facilities and good conditions for jumping. Berchtesgaden is the track of international level and developed infrastructure, in addition, offers training in the ski school. Oberammergau with two zones – the Kolben and Laber – will be more suitable for those who likes to ride on a flat track. There is “red” trails intended for expert skiers.

Germany ski resortsGermany, ski resorts which have lower prices compared to similar resorts in neighboring countries, offer an easy way to get to them from any point of Europe. Budget many German and international companies carry out flights to Hamburg, Munich and Berlin, where it will not be difficult to reach the interesting ski centre on an excellent paved highway or by train.

All of the ski resorts of Germany offer good conditions for relaxation. In summer many of them become places for Hiking and climbing. Coming here you will enjoy the German hospitality and quality service. And the beautiful ski slopes will provide the best opportunities for skiing and snowboarding.

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