Where is Mecca? In which country is Mecca?


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Where is Mecca? In what country may be a Muslim, he asked that question in the first place. The fact that every person professing Islam when performing daily prayers, is obliged to face in the direction of the city.


Mecca, where is located the main Shrine of the Muslim world lies to the West of the Arabian Peninsula, 75 km from the coast of the red sea. Today the city belongs to Saudi Arabia and is the capital of the province of Hijaz.

where is Mecca what country

All the buildings of Mecca is located in a small and fairly tight rocky valley, from all sides firmly surrounded by mountains. The area where the city is located, is considered one of the hottest places on the planet. The temperature here can exceed 50 °C. Rainfall is only from December to April and all other months of the year, it is the suffocating heat.

Mecca-the Muslim Holy city, and the entry of the Gentiles is strictly prohibited by the laws of Saudi Arabia.

History of Mecca

A mistake to assume that the rise of Mecca started only with the emergence of Islam. Since time immemorial, all the pagan tribes inhabiting the Arabian Peninsula, knew where the city of Mecca. Here was located the main sanctuary-the Kaaba. It was originally dedicated to the pagan God Hubaloo. This place is known for the fact that according to the legends near the town is the tomb of Adam and eve.

From the sixth century Mecca was a thriving spice trade and, in addition to numerous pilgrims who come here merchants from all corners of the globe.

The History of Mecca is closely connected with the name of the prophet Muhammad. It was here, according to legend, was born the founder of Islam. On nearby mount Hira, the future Prophet was tending his sheep and goats, and later loved to retire here for meditation in solitude. During these lonely vigils Muhammad began to come to his famous revelation.


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The Further history of Mecca has many tragic pages. It was a conquest, looting, fires and epidemics. However, despite many troubles, the city continued to live, is to receive pilgrims from all over the world and carefully guard their Holy sites. The main artifacts and sacred buildings keeps the main mosque in Mecca.

Sacred mosque

Masjid al-Haram (the sacred mosque) - one of the oldest and biggest mosque of the Muslim world. The first mention of it dates back to the year 638. During its existence it was rebuilt several times.

where is Mecca

The Last major reconstruction was carried out in the XVI century. Then the building was added a seventh minaret. The fact that at this time in Istanbul was built the famous Blue mosque, which also had six minarets. The Imam of Makkah considered this a sacrilege. He commanded to attach to the main mosque of one minaret, that no mosque in the world could not exceed in their number the main.

Luxury gate buildings decorated with gold and ebony, and the courtyard is surrounded by graceful marble colonnade with pointed arches.

Mosque in Mecca is amazing for its size. It is so huge that for ease of movement of people today, there are even escalators.

In the center of the Masjid al-Haram is the building that is the main goal of all pilgrims.


It's Hard to tell where the name of this unusual structure. Many experts believe that this ancient name-derived from the word “cube”. There are other names. Most often, the ka'bah is called Bayt al-Haram, which means "sacred house". The Kaaba became a Shrine long before the rise of Islam. She was the center of worship for all the disparate tribes of the Arabian Peninsula.

mosque in Mecca

The ka'ba is a rectangular building with a flat roof and only one entrance. The interior now looks like the bare walls, decorated with sayings from the Koran. Outside the Kaaba is trimmed with smooth Meccan granite, and on top of it harboring a special ornate cover, which is updated every year.

According to legend, during the time of Muhammad in the disaster Kaaba were badly damaged, and he personally participated in the restoration of the sacred building. It happened before he accepted the mission of the Prophet. After the restoration of "sacred house" had to make another important ritual – to insert in the Eastern wall of the Kaaba, the famous black stone. Due to the fact who will be awarded such a great honor, between the famous inhabitants of Mecca, there was a large quarrel, and as a result, they decided to entrust this right to the first one in the morning enter the gates of the mosque. Such a man was Mohammed. And it certainly was a sign.

Black stone

The Famous black stone in Arabic is called al-Hajar al-Aswad. It is inserted in a silver setting and mounted in one corner of the Kaaba. According to legend, this stone was given by God to Adam and was originally white. Over time, having absorbed the sins of men, he was black.

where is Mecca and Medina

Modern scholars argue that the stone is of cosmic origin. It was formed in the collision of a meteorite with the Earth. From a geological point of view, it foamed glass, which does not sink in water. Similar stones are often found in the Arabian Peninsula, including the area where Mecca. The largest fragment of the meteorite weighing more than two tons, now exhibited in the Museum.

According to the testimony of archaeologists, the sacred black stone was once fractured, but then assembled and inserted in a silver socket. However, to thoroughly examine the artifact to the scientists, for obvious reasons, failed.

Muslims revere the stone as a symbol of love and boundless trust in the divine wisdom. The ritual of kissing the stone is meant to show the humility of the believer and vow to observe all the precepts of the Prophet.

Mecca today

Today, Mecca is a large modern metropolis with a population of two million inhabitants. The city is actively developing in the business and industrial plan.

where is Mecca

In 2010 there was opened a new, the world's largest complex of skyscrapers. The highest building-the Royal tower is the third tallest building on the planet, and the clock - the biggest clock tower in the world.

The city is under the control of the municipality headed by a mayor appointed by the government of Saudi Arabia.

Not Far from Mecca there is a huge camp of mine, intended for the reception of pilgrims performing the Hajj.


Where is Mecca what country? This question many devout Muslims who are going to make the main journey in life.

Hajj – it's a big pilgrimage to the Holy Islamic places, involves several stops, the last of which must be a Mecca. The country of origin does not matter.

The Hajj can be committed by a man of Mature age, who is at liberty and in his right mind. The pilgrimage can take women, but they are required to travel only accompanied by a male relative or in groups.

During the Hajj all pilgrims need seven times around the Kaaba counter-clockwise and spend a few obligatory rituals.

Annually make the pilgrimage, several million people, but because Mecca is constantly experiencing the many problems associated with the placement of people and organization of their movements in the city.

In the days of greatest influx of pilgrims in the city often accidents happen. For example, in 1990 the pedestrian tunnel that connects Mina and Mecca, happened the terrifying crush. Its victims are more than a thousand people.

This is not an isolated case, but no dangers can not stop believers in their desire to visit the Holy city. And because the question of where is Mecca, in what country, the answer may give any Muslim.


Medina is another Holy city of Islam, second in importance after Mecca. If Mecca – birthplace of the Prophet, Medina – where he finished his earthly journey. Here is another sacred mosque in the Muslim world - Masjid an-nabawi (Prophet's Mosque).

where is Mecca located

It is believed that Muhammad himself participated in the construction of this mosque, and its layout served as a benchmark for all the rest of the Islamic temples in the world. Here, under the shade of a large green dome, is the tomb of the Prophet, and in the architectural composition of the mosque complex now includes the house in which he spent the last years of his life.

How to reach Mecca

In that part of Saudi Arabia where Mecca and Medina, today is best reached by plane. The nearest airport is located in the city of Jeddah, located a few dozen kilometers from Mecca.

From Jeddah to the Holy cities laid line high-speed railway, with two and a half hours to get to the Medina and less than half an hour – to Mecca.

where is Mecca...</div> 


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