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The Company Air Arabia, about which the passengers are quite diverse, became known for his regular flights to UAE. Most often in people using its services, there are problems with Luggage. Especially a lot of claims to the company regarding lost items was observed in 2011. Now the situation is much improved. The reviews about the company Air Arabia meet to a greater extent positive. Particularly advantageous from other carriers it is distinguished by the relatively low cost of tickets.

Company Information

The airline was founded almost thirteen years ago in 2003. Those passengers who used to fly with luxury service, before you use her services, you need to understand that this is a budget airline. Air Arabia airlines reviews, which are sometimes ambiguous, I chose the concept of low-cost maintenance. Its main base is located in UAE (Dubai) and Morocco (Casablanca).air arabia airlines reviews

The Fleet of this carrier are the same type of aircraft, making the company able to save a considerable sum of money. The carrier assumes no responsibility or costs associated with the need to constantly train staff and crew for maintenance of aircraft of different types. And largely because of this ticket prices have "air Arabia" is much lower than the competition. These domestic policies cause different responses. Air Arabia is characterized as the airline with the level of service “cheap and cheerful”.

Scheduled flights

Two-way flights in the UAE and Morocco are from Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. Also, the company produces passenger flights from various airports in Alexandria and Sharjah in the CIS countries, Asia, the Middle East and Europe. This carrier there is a practice of docking their own flights to airport Sharjah (intermediate a transfer from one plane to another, flying to the final destination). In such cases, when you purchase a ticket and check-in system airline issues a boarding pass immediately to the final destination.air arabia reviews


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If you purchase your ticket payment took place by credit card and if you plan to change flights after arrival in Sharjah will need to obtain a boarding pass for your second flight at a local reception intended for transit passengers.

Connecting flights

Among those who flew on such connecting flights, such practices remain relatively mixed reviews. Air Arabia is trying from its side to minimize the difference in time between such flights. But as in any work, such planning can occur inconsistencies.

Upon arrival to Sharjah, you may find that, for example, due to weather conditions, the departure of the next plane which should deliver passengers to a destination, delayed, or postponed. For this reason, before deciding to fly this way you need to understand that for reasons beyond the carrier's reasons, in a strange airport, you can spend much longer time than originally anticipated. Besides, some people find it difficult to navigate in a foreign airport and quickly find the check-in for transit passengers.

In Spite of such difficulties, in respect of connecting flights there are positive reviews of the airline Air Arabia. Reviews from customers who have already used the services of the airlines, saying that the staff are making every effort to comfort expectations. Often upon arrival to Sharjah people who need to re-register, already met by the airport staff. If the flight was delayed, customers can be sure that the second plane departing from the airport will wait.

The Company is highly committed to the maintenance of such connecting flights. Many passengers say that before the departure of the second aircraft employees independently go airport and searching by the names of their customers, and thus get their well-deserved positive reviews. Air Arabia understands that these flights can be problematic, so the carrier is making every effort for their correct implementation.

Specific features of the carrier

On Board these airlines is strictly prohibited the use of alcoholic beverages. This rule applies to all passengers. The aircraft did not sell alcohol, which often causes in the Russian-speaking passengers resentment and gives rise to negative reviews. Air Arabia is a budget carrier of a Muslim state, and does not make an exception even for customers from other countries. It must be remembered, as in the case of violation of this rule passengers drinking alcohol on Board, after arrival in Sharjah can meet local police officers.

Reviews of the airline Air Arabia ("air Arabia")

For people who make its first flight in life and are not able to compare the services of different airlines, flight aircraft the company may seem comfortable enough. Many of the passengers on the different sources leave quite positive of the airline air arabia Air Arabia excellentcope with their duties: to deliver the person to the required destination. The flight is carried out according to the rules, but no frills. People who used to fly first class, drink in-flight alcoholic beverages and enjoy free overseas delicacies, this company will not work.

Food on Board

One of the budget airlines do not provide free meals on Board its aircraft, true Air Arabia. Reviews, concerning this rule, there are ambiguous. Many passengers believe that light lunch should be mandatory, especially if the flight takes a long time. Other clients realize that food is not included in the ticket price, so there is a great opportunity to save.

For those who are flying with children, or just basically wish to eat during the flight, there is the opportunity to pre-order and pay for lunch at the time of booking tickets. If such an order was not made on time, then you can order room on the Board, paying it in cash. But you need to be prepared for the fact that flight attendants first thing will be to feed those who have ordered lunch in advance, and only if will be extra portions, they will be able to buy other interested persons.


Despite the budget, the type of company the majority of customers are satisfied with the aircraft. Many reviews and comments it is noted the cleanliness and tidiness of the of air arabiaAn Important fact is that the rows of seats located from each other on good condition. This means that passengers will not have to plant the feet in the back in front of him the chair. Customers, use the "air Arabian", saying that the back of the seats, no electronic screens for private viewings of movies (as in more expensive planes), but offer free entertainment magazines.


Almost all the customers leave good reviews regarding the performance of staff. Passengers have noted their courtesy and good manners, which the flight attendants that airlines are trying to preserve in case of any conflict of the airline air arabia customer reviewsThis distinguishes the personnel of "air Arabian" the employees of our airlines. An additional nice point is that on Board the plane, fly to the CIS countries, almost always there is the Russian-speaking employee.

Book tickets online

To facilitate the registration procedure, the company had announced the possibility to perform online check-in via the Internet. This innovation was intended to significantly improve the image of Air Arabia. Reviews of ticket buyers from the CIS countries soon changed from positive to disgruntled. It turned out that a quick online check can be performed only when boarding for flights departing from Sharjah, not later than the day prior to departure.

The indignation of the customers was largely due to the fact that the official website of any of the information about restrictions was not available. People have long tried to fill the application form online, the system gave some error. Have ended up losing a lot of time in vain, people were compelled to undergo standard check-in at the airport.

The Problematic aspects of the work carrier

In 2011, began to appear a lot of negative reviews about this company, due to lost Luggage. Of course, such unpleasant incidents can happen to anyone, even the most expensive airline. But judging by the numerous customer complaints, the company "air Arabian" was a period when this problem has become about the company air arabia

The Difficulty was that, for example, on arriving in Russia and finding his suitcase, the man had to look at the airport representatives of the carrier. He in turn had to contact the Central base in Casablanca or Sharjah. Naturally, the search of things, and their further shipment took quite a long time.

Apparently, the number of negative reviews was too great, and the company has taken significant steps to eliminate such situations. Today there are claims for lost Luggage during the flight the aircraft, "air Arabian", but they are rare.

Advantages in using flight companies

Of Course, the main advantage of this airline over its competitors is the low cost of tickets. This company is ideal for those who as the main criterion considers a successful flight arrival to the final destination. Passengers, of flights from neojidala additional prerogatives and excesses, and also wishing to save money, leave positive reviews of the airline Air Arabia ("air Arabia").

reviews of the airline air arabia air Arabia

Those people who appreciate personal attention from the staff, used to flying in luxury and love to every possible need and whim was originally included in the ticket price, it is better to choose other, more expensive carriers.

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