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Surrounded by beautiful nature on the shore of the Mediterranean sea is a resort TT Hotels Pegasos Resort 5*. Over the years of its operation, the institution has managed to earn the love of tourists from around the world, and has been awarded numerous international awards. The secret of success - modern standards of service, comfortable environment and a responsible attitude to work.

tt hotels pegasos resort 5

TT Hotels Pegasos Resort 5*: hotel description

The resort store was opened in 1998. Since then, to ensure the comfort of tourists and conformity to modern trends TT Hotels Pegasos Resort 5* annually been modified. The last one was produced in 2013 (up to this point, the hotel was called the JOY Pegasos Resort). The hotel area is 53,000 square meters, is located Here, the residential building height of 5 floors, and lots of infrastructure for recreation and entertainment.

In the hotel, TT Hotels Pegasos Resort 5* will feel comfortable as lovers of quiet and relaxing holiday, and fans of active tourism. Also here you can relax with the whole family. While parents will enjoy the beach, pool and vibrant entertainment, the children will have a wonderful time at the mini club or the Playground. Having been here once, you will want to come back again.


In an incredibly beautiful place, one of the best beaches of the Mediterranean lies the hotel, TT Hotels Pegasos Resort 5*. Address - holiday village Incekum, 07400. It is approximately 28 km away from Alanya, and the distance to the airport is 95 km away just 2 km away is the resort village of Avsallar, which is famous for beautiful nature and vibrant entertainment. After 32 km you will be able to walk around the side.


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TT Hotels Pegasos Resort 5*: room description

In this hotel for a comfortable stay in the hotel provides 468 guest rooms. By choosing to embed the option of TT Hotels Pegasos Resort 5*, you will be able to stay in the apartment the following categories:

  • Standard Is a bright and spacious bedroom. It can be equipped with a bed size "king size" and a pair of one and a half. For extra space can be used sofa or a trundle bed. You can choose a room with city views, the hotel garden or the sea coast.
  • Deluxe is a luxury room, designed in the format of a Studio. The bedroom area is represented by a large, in front of which has a bedside table with a TV. Near a large window you can enjoy the comfortable sofas and coffee table.
  • Family rooms is ideal for families with children or large companies. Two bedrooms are equipped with large and single beds and convertible sofas or armchairs. Each room has its own bathroom and exit to the balcony.
  • Suite consists of a living room and bedroom, elegantly decorated with traditional furnishings. Orthopedic furniture provide complete care, and the sea - an aesthetic pleasure.
  • Royal room is a great option for connoisseurs of luxury as well as for those tourists who even on vacation do not forget about work. In addition to the spacious bedroom and luxurious living room, there is also a study with a full set of comfortable furniture. In addition to the wireless signal, it also has cable Internet.

Special attention is given interior solution rooms at TT Hotels Pegasos Resort 5*. Photo shows the concise layout and pleasant color scheme. Light colors not only make the room visually larger, but also provide peace and tranquility.

tt hotels pegasos resort 5 address


The Comfortable accommodation ensures that travellers TT Hotels Pegasos Resort 5*. Alanya is one of the most welcoming resorts, as evidenced by a wide range of facilities provided in the apartments:

  • Air conditioning with centralized control of temperature;
  • Bathroom with shower (Hairdryer, toiletries cosmetics and hygiene);
  • Reliable combination safe for valuables;
  • Landline phone, thanks to which you at any time of the day will be able to contact or call abroad;
  • TV with lots of satellite channels;
  • Mini-bar with drinking water and refreshments;
  • Smoke detectors that provide fire safety and eliminate Smoking in the rooms.

tt hotels pegasos resort 5 Alanya

Hotel facilities

The Hotel, TT Hotels Pegasos Resort 5* can boast a developed infrastructure, which turns it into a small tourist town. So, you will find such objects:

  • Luggage storage where guests can leave their bags before check in and after check-out option
  • Private Mall, where you can buy everything - from food to decorations exclusive;
  • Car Parking with outdoor and indoor areas;
  • Conference room with comfortable furniture and modern equipment for successful business events;
  • Internet café located in the lobby area;
  • Banquet hall for parties and celebrations;
  • Free from buildings of the territory is tropical garden;
  • Reception Desk which serves the guests round the clock;
  • Shared lounge witha TV and soft furnishings;
  • Souvenir shop;
  • Beauty salon;
  • Smoking.

tt hotels pegasos resort 5 reviews tourists

What is included in the price

Some services provided by the hotel, TT Hotels Pegasos Resort 5* (Alanya), is included in the price. So, when making a booking, you are automatically eligible for the following services:

  • Wake up service (ask the reception staff to Wake you at your desired time through a phone call or a knock at the door);
  • Wireless Internet in public areas
  • Medical assistance under the insurance policy (with the exception of cases related to alcohol intoxication);
  • The Aqua Park;
  • The use of sun loungers, mattresses, parasols and towels on the beach and by the pool.

Paid services

Require additional charges of the services offered by the hotel, TT Hotels Pegasos Resort 5*. Services in this category to the following:

  • Washing the personal belongings of guests in the Laundry room (also Ironing);
  • Use the copy and Fax services;
  • Professional photographer (shooting, processing photos, recording them on digital media);
  • Use of wireless Internet within the rooms;
  • Tour;
  • Medical assistance to guests not having the insurance policy (and in the case of an installed intoxication).


The Hotel, TT Hotels Pegasos Resort 5* (Alanya) tenderly cares about the organization of leisure tourists. With this purpose provided such opportunities for entertainment:

  • Daytime and evening entertainment programme;
  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools;
  • Tennis and table tennis;
  • Morning;
  • Water aerobics;
  • Sports hall where you can conduct your own training or to use services of the instructor;
  • Diving training organization and diving;
  • The library provides a huge selection of literature, including and in Russian;
  • Basketball court;
  • Volleyball on the beach;
  • Backgammon, cards and other table games;
  • Spa, where you can go not only beauty but also Wellness treatments;
  • Bowling and Billiards;
  • Football field with natural grass;
  • Night disco music DJs;
  • In the evenings, the restaurants and the lobby area, guests can enjoy live music.
  • Massage parlor, staffed by skilled craftsman.

tt hotels pegasos resort 5 hotel reviews

Children's Services

If you plan to relax with the whole family, please note on TT Hotels Pegasos Resort 5*. Turkey, Alanya is a wonderful place for children, due to climatic and natural features. So, for young tourists provides as follows:

  • Spacious Playground with safe flooring, equipped with slides, swings, climbing frames, sandpit and other entertainment;
  • Two children's pools, one seawater;
  • The mini-club designed intense gaming program, as well as creative activities and sporting events;
  • Kids disco after dinner;
  • In-house water Park, where kids has as much as 7 hills;
  • Children's beds and cots available in rooms on request;
  • Professional Babysitting services;
  • Comfortable furniture in the restaurant.


The Hotel, TT Hotels Pegasos Resort 5* provides opportunity to get acquainted with various cuisines and also enjoy drinks and snacks. With this purpose in work the following dining options:

  • The Main restaurant three times a day, invites guests to sample international cuisine from a wide range presented in the buffet. It is worth noting the presence of a child section with delicious diet food. In addition to the dining room, there is also an outdoor terrace.
  • In the cafeteria Midday Snack guests can enjoy a wide range of confectionery. In the afternoon here and may be served tea and pastries in the framework of the concept "All inclusive".
  • Lobby bar is a quiet and cozy place with an elegant interior and pleasant music. Here you can hold business meetings or friendly conversation over a Cup of tea or aromatic coffee.
  • Beach Bar provides drinks and snacks for those guests who prefer to spend all day sitting on the beach. At lunchtime you can enjoy kebabs and flatbreads.
  • Ada Bar is the facility near the pool. The bartender will prepare for you original cocktails that you can try without leaving the water.
  • Saray is a restaurant serving traditional Turkish cuisine. The atmosphere of an Oriental Palace and spicy flavors of the spices create a special atmosphere which is complemented by folk music. Once you will be able to attend the institution free of charge.
  • Prima Cucina - an Italian restaurant. Most of the items in the menu dedicated to pizza and pasta. As in the previous case, by appointment you can visit the restaurant for free 1 time per rest period.
  • Asian restaurant Spice serves a variety of dishes typical of the countries of the East. The most popular sushi and rolls.

tt hotels pegasos resort 5 reviews

Positive feedback

A Lot of vivid impressions and warm memories you will bring from your holiday spent in a hotel, TT Hotels Pegasos Resort 5*. Reviews say about the following merits:

  • The territory of the hotel combined with the adjacent, and therefore you will have plenty of places for walking;
  • Spacious room
  • Nice sandy beach with easy shallow entrance;
  • Free sunbeds enough for everyone (even at full occupancy of the hotel);
  • Is a water Park that can be visited for free;
  • Swimming pool divided into zones (for children, for swimming, water games and so on), and therefore guests will not be each other interfere);
  • A huge amount of entertainment for children (also good animation in Russian);
  • The menu is constantly updated;
  • Vegetarians will enjoy a huge variety of vegetables that taste is no way inferior to meat and fish;
  • Will impute to the main restaurant presents a huge number of desserts, among which you can find many traditional Turkish sweets;
  • On site lots of fridge with free drinking water;
  • A lot of unusual entertainment in the pool;
  • The friendly reception staff that will help to quickly deal with any problems regarding accommodation;
  • Beds with modern orthopaedic mattresses;
  • If you arrive at the hotel the night before arrival you will feed;
  • In addition to a separate children's menu, the restaurant also prepares food for diabetics;
  • Throughout the day in unlimited quantities and eat ice cream;
  • Restaurant staff constantly analysis to take food (especially children's), to prevent the occurrence and spread of infections;
  • Nice what a lobby-bar decorated with fresh flowers;
  • Across the street from the hotel there is a small market where you can buy fruit at reasonable prices;
  • Huge landscaped area, which is buried in verdure;
  • You can use infrastructure of the neighboring hotels;
  • Given the small depth of the sea, you can not fear for the safety of children;
  • Special attention is given to the birthday (if birthday child it will be provided not only cake, but also decoration of the room);
  • During the night of the concerts, guests are treated to punch, allowing you to warm up on a cool evening;
  • Beach awarded the blue flag;
  • Given that the majority of foreign tourists relax by the pool, the sea is always roomy;
  • The staff of the beach will kindly help you to find a free sun lounger;
  • Constantly updated inventory of beauty set, even if from the last time still have money;
  • Powerful, quiet air-conditioning;
  • There is a Russian music channel;
  • The on-site doctor, but because in the case of sickness you can always obtain advice and treatment.

hotel, tt hotels pegasos resort 5

Negative feedback

Unfortunately, nobody is insured against unpleasant surprises during the holiday. This statement is also true for TT Hotels Pegasos Resort 5*. Reviews say about the following disadvantages:

  • Poor quality of coffee;
  • On site at night quite noisy, making it difficult to sleep even with closed balcony
  • Mediocre cleaning;
  • The appropriate number of towels in the bathroom you will find only when you check in, and then the maids forget of their report;
  • Reception staff are reluctant to respond to the comments about some problems in the room;
  • Hotel guide offers too Intrusive, expensive trips, and the failure reacts inappropriately and rudely;
  • On the beach a few sunbeds located under the awning;
  • Despite the fact that Smoking inside is prohibited, this rule is constantly violated, and the hotel staff did not react;
  • Poor milk quality in the restaurant.

Overall impression

If you don't know what hotel to choose for your Turkish holiday, you can safely stop at TT Hotels Pegasos Resort 5*. Reviews about the hotel allow you to gain a full picture of relaxation in which positive aspects significantly outweigh the minor drawbacks. From the doorstep you will be surrounded with attention and care. Feed, fast will be processed and sent to rest in the room. However, if in your apartment you will find a problem, or you are not satisfied with the view from the window, don't count on understanding and solving the problem. Most likely, the staff will pretend they don't know not that Russian, but also English language.

Surprisingly big can be called the territory of the hotel, TT Hotels Pegasos Resort 5*. Responses of tourists talking about the huge number of infrastructure facilities and places for walking. And all thanks to the fact that the area shares a complex of three luxury hotels. The same can be said about the beach. Despite the fact that each hotel is allocated its own area, in fact, you can use any of them. It is also worth noting that the coast contains in perfect condition. Here you will not find trash and made waves on the shore algae. In addition, the beach staff will assist you in finding a free sunbed, will help to spread out the mattress or open the umbrella.

Particular attention should be paid to the animations. Guests are entertained from early morning until late evening. Here are both standard and the most unexpected events. A special attention is paid to children's entertainment. Leaving the child in the mini club, you can relax and have a rest. Kidsthere will be a day busy with something interesting. However, if you're a fan of quiet and relaxing holiday, then you definitely are not here. Late night discos and karaoke contests, which can be heard in the room even with closed balcony. But given the huge number of tourists with children, you will not be able to find a quiet corner in the territory.

Special attention deserves the food in this hotel. Despite the fact that the range of dishes is not as broad as many are accustomed to seeing in the "fives" is kompensiruet the fact that the menu is updated daily. I am glad that take into account the needs of diabetics, vegetarians, those who are dieting, and is also the youngest campers. Guests have free access to the restaurants "a La card" in advance. By the way, it is realized by using touch panel, with which you not just confirm my intention to visit the restaurant, but also pre-order from the menu.

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