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Debrecen-the second largest city of Hungary. Among our visitors it is not as popular as Budapest, but it does have its charms. People come here to relax from the hustle and bustle and to improve health in thermal springs.


By European standards, Debrecen in Hungary a large city. It has approximately 200 thousand people. According to one version, its name translates as “good use" of another – it comes from the Slavic word “dobrotin”.

The First time it is mentioned in 1235, but in fact, the city is much older. In the XV century it became a developed commercial center. Here organized markets, held fair. In the XIX century the city was at the center of the Hungarian revolution, in fact, became the capital of the state. Its inhabitants remember the story and always proud to be born in Debrecen in Hungary.

Debrecen, Hungary

It is also positive. The city leaves a pleasant feeling and welcomes visitors. Debrecen is located at 215 kilometers from Budapest. It passes through highway and railroad that connect the capital of Hungary and the Ukrainian city of Chop and Uzhgorod. He is also associated with the Romanian city of Oradea.

It can also be called ‘capital of the Hungarian football”. Local football club «Debrecen" the strongest in the country. He repeatedly took part in European cups and six times in a row (2005 and 2010) became the champion of Hungary.

Sights of Debrecen

Hungary has experienced many turbulent historical events, some of which have been Debrecen. During the Second world war, half the city razed to the ground. But some architectural monuments still survived.


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In Debrecen in Hungary there are some interesting features, such as city University, Red Church, the Reformed Cathedral, the Park "Big woods" of the building of the hotel «Gold Bull”. Grim, but not any less worthwhile a place is a public cemetery, which is a rather sculptural Park. Historical architecture can be seen walking through the street Market, Becermen and other main arteries.

To Stay in the city in one of the hotels. In Debrecen in Hungary, their huge number and most of them are high level. One such place is the Wellness Hotel, which is located right next to the baths and Spa. Reputation upscale hotels have long deserved Divinus, Gondola, Hotel Lycium Debrecen. More budget hotels are Korona, Izabella Panzio, Peterfia Panzio Aranybika, KLK Hotel.

Thermal bath

The Main reason why people visit Debrecen in Hungary – hot springs. Baths “Naderde” in “Big woods". The first of them were founded back in 1826. They come in a huge complex «Aquaticum”.

There are thermal pools, steam baths, cave baths and corridors with the currents. The complex is interesting not only for adults but also children. It is a water Park with dozens of slides and children's pools. For adults include massage rooms and a Jacuzzi.

 Debrecen, Hungary attractions

Local water contains chlorine, bromine, sodium, iron, calcium, metabolous and metasilicic acid, iodides, sulfates, phosphates and other substances. The water temperature is +63 degrees. Baths treat neuralgia, diseases of joints and spine, paralysis, diseases of the respiratory tract and disorders of the female reproductive system, Bechterew's disease.

Reformed Church

Large, or the Reformed Church – one of the main attractions of Debrecen. In Hungary it is known that it is there in 1849 revolutionary Lajos Kossuth declared independence of the country. The chair in which he read the Declaration, is still in the Cathedral.

Debrecen, Hungary reviews

The Style of the Church combines several styles. The first two floors made in strict classicism with a wide pediment and ionic columns. Above them rise two symmetrical towers in the style of Baroque. They go up to 60 meters in height. The great Cathedral of Debrecen holds about 5 thousand people and is the country's largest Protestant Church.

University of Debrecen

The University of Debrecen in Hungary – the largest in the city and one of the leading in the country. It trained more than 30 thousand students not only from Hungary but also from other countries of the world. The University has a faculty of Informatics, medicine, arts, natural Sciences, sports, law, agriculture and Humanities.

hotels in Debrecen Hungary

It was founded in 1538 as a Calvinist College. Institution of higher education it was only in the twentieth century. The main building looks restrained and at the same time majestic, than like a Palace. It is a gray building with a red roof, which is situated next to Botanical garden. The area in front of the front entrance is landscaped with paths, flower beds and fountains. Walking here can be anyone, but inside the building the entrance is open only on weekdays from 9 to 13 hours.

Hortobágy national Park

40 kilometers from the city is the largest national Park in Hungary. Hortobágy – 820 km2 steppes and salt marshes. Long time local residents used the area for grazing, and in the Soviet period it housed 12camps.

Now the Park is a world cultural heritage and is under UNESCO protection. It is inhabited by Buffalo, goats, sheep, Hungarian bulls and lot of birds. Summer weather in the Park is hot and dry, so it is often possible to observe tornadoes and mirages.

Debrecen, Hungary attractions

In 1883, one of his bogs have built a long bridge with nine arches, extending to 167 meters. It is adjacent to the Inn. It was founded three hundred years ago, when through this area ran the Salt road from Buda to Transylvania. Now there did ethnographic exhibition.

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