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A Unique place in Russia is considered to be Circum-Baikal railway (photo below). This unusual name was formed in view of the fact that when you look at the map the impression that the road really makes a circle. Circum-Baikal railway

A Few facts about the Circum-Baikal railway

The Above was applied to the train station in Zabaykalsky road from the Station Baikal to Mysovaya platform. The length was 260 kilometers. It should be noted that currently this site is part of the East Siberian railway. In addition, at the moment the term (CRSs) made use of only to dead-end stretches from the stop Slyudyanka ΙΙ to the point of Baikal. Before 1949, the main route the TRANS-Siberian railway took place on the territory of the Circum-Baikal road. By the way, the above plot (to the platform Mysovaya) is to this day the Siberian component directions. And cut Elginskogo plateau (southern part), passing from the village of Slyudyanka up to station Baikal, declared a monument of engineering art. Circum-Baikal railway photo However, after it was commissioned duplicating the segment of railway messages, the need to use cut from Irkutsk to Slyudyanka disappeared. And in 1956 it was dismantled. And by the end of 50-ies during the construction of the Irkutsk hydroelectric power station it was completely submerged (as a result of flooding of the reservoir). It therefore formed a dead-end stretch. For the record, the Circum-Baikal railway officially never existed (it was part of the TRANS-Baikal area). Acted only managing the construction of railway roadbed. Today this distance is part of the East Siberian message. Circum-Baikal railway reviews

Research in

The First survey was conducted in the period from 1836 to 1840. These works were carried out by A. I. Shtukenberg. However, the final steps for the identification of the plan, which was to build the Circum-Baikal railway was completed in 1894. The first way from Irkutsk to the deepest on the planet the lake. Initially, it was decided to rail on the right Bank of the Angara. With this purpose planned to construct a pontoon bridge. But later this idea was rejected, as the water level in the river was subjected to frequent fluctuations. But during the ice drift the use of this site and not possible. So it was decided that Margaritinskaya the railroad will go along the left Bank, although it was considered too difficult to develop. Simultaneously with these researches, research work carried out to study the possibility of laying a railway to connect the message "gap" on the Siberian railway. And with the Eastern area was not a problem. Here the road passed through the plains and the southern shore of lake Baikal, which is characterized by the pitch. But the gap to connect Irkutsk and Kultuk caused considerable difficulties. Circum-Baikal railway history


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Create W/d fabric

As a result of the works (which passed under the control of Professor I. V. Mushketov) has developed four possible options for drawing the rail strip. Namely:

  1. 1. From Irkutsk to Kultuk settlement through the left Bank of the river through Zirkozunskoye range.
  2. River valleys Steep Lip and a Large Olkha with further paving the road along the shore of lake Baikal.
  3. From the village of Kultuk to Selectui through Tunkinsky ridge.
  4. Platform-Baikal to the end point along the shore of the lake.

The Adoption of the final

The result of the research (which conducted the mining engineering batch) from the proposed versions, we selected only two. And in 1899 the Committee on construction of the Siberian railway has approved the first and third splice variant of the "gap" of the highway. Throughout the year under the direction of B. W. Samenovich on the selected routes were final detailed survey. This gave the opportunity to irrevocably give preference to the message along the shores of lake Baikal. Doubts about the suitability of this option was related to the fact that the coast was a rocky area with steep slopes. However, according to the calculations, it was found that this plan has economic efficiency. Final approval of the selected route was made in 1901. To supervise the construction work entrusted to the B. U. Savrimovich, who at that time held the position of engineer of ways of communication. Note, estimates for this railway construction amounted to more than 52 million rubles. Circum-Baikal railway in 2014

Circum-Baikal railway. History

When designing the Siberian land (which became known as the TRANS-Siberian railway) consisted of 7 segments. Among them was Krugobaikalskaya railway, the construction of which was carried out along the Eastern shore of the lake from Irkutsk to the town Grandma's (formerly pier Mysovaya). Between 1896 and 1900 were foughtthe construction of the W/d fabric from the initial point of departure to the Cape Ust (which had the original name of the Small RAM). In addition, by 1900, was completed construction work on the Circum-Baikal railway on the East Bank, initially all efforts were directed for the construction of the stretch between station hill and Tangoa. In the subsequent works (to the platform Slyudyanka) was mainly the work of the convicts and prisoners.

Final work

Laying the most difficult cut (to stop the Baikal) began in the spring of 1902. And it is worth noting that the deadline was scheduled for the end of the summer of 1905. The shore of the lake at that time was a rocky cliff with the height up to 400 m. Initially it was assumed that this site will include 33 of the tunnel. Moreover, due to the negative impact of the waters of lake Baikal the height of the railway Foundation was supposed to be at least 533 see Also in the construction of the road was factored moment capacity. He was at least 14 pairs of trains during the day. Circum-Baikal railway timetable and price

Circum-Baikal railway. The schedule and price

In the 80-ies started to develop the tourism sector. It should be noted that since the commissioning of the Circum-Baikal road is already used as a recreation area, although in a very limited range. What is today the Circum-Baikal railway? 2014 is rich in different sightseeing. Trips are provided weekly. In June on Saturday and Sunday in July from Wednesday to Sunday. Throughout the site launched "Circum-Baikal Express". The train departure is in the morning. The cost of excursions - a little more than 2000 rubles. Duration – one day.


Nowadays, there are several lodges, and also demand unusual kind of tourism - "wild". The company "Russian Railways" at the moment intensively engaged in the development of tourism opportunities, which has Circum-Baikal railway. Reviews of tourists who have already visited these places, very positive. In the first place many people go there to look at "engineering" sights. In addition to them, according to the Circum-Baikal railway route there are many natural monuments, which are not less interest. It is a rocky outcrop, a number of wooden buildings made in art Nouveau style (built in the early twentieth century), stone outcrops, and so on.

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