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Saint Petersburg is a relatively young city, but thanks to the efforts of the Russian emperors he is only 300 years from the deserted swamps turned into a European capital. Developing it now. Residential complex «Baltic pearl” - a direct proof of these words.

Cooperation of States

This company is one of the best building groups of St. Petersburg. She is working on this project for more than ten years. Directs this organization, Shanghai's largest holding company, which became famous in the international market as a successful and reliable team of professionals. He also acts as the project sponsor.

Baltic pearl

Trying to comply with the basic principles of its Chinese partner and domestic Builder. It should be noted that the construction of a residential complex is made with the assistance of the two countries. Thanks “the Baltic pearl” established itself as a serious and responsible team of masters.

And the main principles of the firm. When working professionals are trying not to harm nature. The facilities designed by professionals, is the combination of beauty and comfort. Another law of the company - modernity.

Start project

The User tries to follow the latest trends of the time, so apartment complexes are converted into real small town where you can find all the necessities of life.

In 2005, the administration of Peter gave to the team of professionals welcome to the start of construction. In the southwestern part of the cultural capital of allocate area. According to the plans, the property size should be 1.6 million km². The entire residential complex «Baltic pearl” will house 30 to thousands of people. More than 10,000 apartments planned to take the firm. The total area provided by the administration for building, 205 ha. a New quarter was built in the Krasnoselsky district. It is located between the Gulf of Finland and the Peterhof highway.


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LCD Baltic pearl

Projections of power

Originally planned to complete the project in 2010. Subsequently, the date of the last work was constantly postponed. Work was partially suspended due to the unstable economic condition and crisis. The financial situation has not prevented to bring matters to the end. Now the authorities claim that all high-rise buildings will be completed in the latter months of 2016. Still, the lack of funds in the Treasury has resulted in the development of transport infrastructure was postponed until 2020. Although it is likely that these dates will also be postponed for several years.

Large-Scale project actually consists of three absolutely different parts. Planning each of them deals with a separate group of specialists. These are all areas included in the residential complex «Baltic pearl”. However, between them there is a significant difference.

Business center

The First part is called Duderhof Club. This modern mini-block is created and designed specifically for people involved in the business. Here is a low-rise housing. Made Parking. It should be noted that this area is protected. Shopping and entertainment centre is just a short walk away.

Apartments in the area will appeal to those who love luxury and space. The developer proposes to install and redesign the house to your taste. The inhabitants of this town liked big kitchens and rooms, spacious walk-in closets, outdoor terraces or glazed loggia. On the Gulf coast out of 16 duplexes, each in two families.

Another advantage that can offer this part of the quarter “the Baltic pearl" - excellent soundproofing in the apartments, modern system of ventilation and elevators. Still the free area, waiting for their owners.

Baltic pearl cinema

Comfort as a priority

The Second residential area is called "Frigate". The principle of this part of the city - in the city. To live here, you can almost not to travel to the centre of Saint-Petersburg. In these buildings you can find an apartment for every taste. There are studios, and the homes four spacious halls. Ceilings can have a height of from 2.85 to 3.1 meters. Convenient kitchen and comfortable bathrooms will appeal to all. There are passenger and freight elevators. For residents with cars running two-level Parking.

The First floors are leased and refurnished in pharmacies, shops, salons and offices. In every yard there is a Playground and sports area.

Made Sure that life there was pleasant, complex “the Baltic pearl”. Most of the apartments in this part of the quarter already found their owners. Now comes the construction of the latest buildings in the area.

Family area

The Third residential block managed to almost completely settle. But remained a custom of the house, waiting for their creative owners. The area got a beautiful and romantic name "Pearl Symphony”. In this part of the connected high-rise buildings and low houses. The highlight of the area - large yards, where fun for children. There is a small field for sports games and unique recreational areas. There are little gardens and parks.

Petersburg Baltic pearl

The First floor is shops and other businesses. Each apartment already has all the counters.There are freight and passenger elevators. Especially the ornately decorated halls. You can buy a house with one or more rooms. There is a spacious kitchen and niche for the wardrobe.

This is the most secure area. “the Baltic pearl” care about the lives of their clients. Apartment buildings come with intercoms, fire alarms and cameras.

The Incomparable landscapes

People who have already settled in new apartments, particularly like the location. The complex stands on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland. Along channels paved alleys and sidewalks. This trip, say residents of the area, gives strength and energy.

Every day you can watch the magical and unique landscapes created by nature. Also in this part of a kind of small town there are dozens of cafes and restaurants with outdoor Seating. The service sector focuses on romantic and family friendly. The inhabitants of the town leave a positive feedback on the work of these institutions. From the comments you can see that the prices here are reasonable, and the service is excellent.

This part of St. Petersburg is located away from industrial zones. Therefore, those who bought apartments in “the Baltic pearl”, you can be sure that their housing is safe. Raises the price on the house and the fact that the next few years this territory will not be built factories, which pollute the air and environment. But very close to the quarter are objects that purify nature. In addition, around the area there are several large parks and gardens. Many positive reviews left by young parents. They like that their children grow in a clean environment.


First, he cared about the developers - the comfort of the inhabitants of the quarter. Everything you need should be at hand.

The most developed infrastructure in the new complex «Baltic pearl”. Cinema, gyms, banking facilities - everything is here. There are also fitness clubs, hair salons and banks. People who use these services say that the service here is top notch.

In the yards set the gazebo and benches. Each high-rise building has an underground or semi-underground Parking which is guarded around the clock. It should be noted that these facilities are heated, so owners of cars can not be afraid of frost. This fact especially pleases motorists.

About the smallest inhabitants of the neighborhood as well taken care of. All yards are equipped playgrounds with fields for games, sandboxes, a variety of roundabouts and corners for sport.

Every school in “the Baltic pearl" and they planned to open 4, will specialize in the separate Sciences. Also earn 7 kindergartens.

Baltic pearl prices

Housing Prices

Some institutions will be equipped with swimming pool, gym and games rooms. All rooms have floor heating. Schools will be modern sports halls and fields for games.

The project includes adult and children's polyclinics. Also soon should earn the police station.

You can Buy an apartment in installments (1% per month). Anyone who would pay for housing the entire amount at once, the company offers a discount of 5%. For those who buy a property in the area of the Duderhof Club, saving up to 10%. It should be noted that the meter in this part of the city estimate about 100 thousand rubles. “Symphony” - the second part of the complex, has different figures.

The Cost of a meter in this area - 85 thousand. "Frigate" is the cheapest district. The price here is about 70 thousand rubles. “the Baltic pearl” is a quarter in which everyone can find a place to pocket. The population of the town States that the price of the apartments justified, because in addition to a new home they got a whole list of useful things: from Parking lot to beautiful landscapes.

apartments in the Baltic pearl

Drawback No. 1

Residents of the area complain that transport is one of the main problems. The center of St. Petersburg need to get on the Peterhof highway, which is characterized by constant traffic jams. Nearest metro station - “Leninsky Prospekt”, is 6 km from the residential area. Taxis and buses a lot. However, residents of the town claim that to deliver passengers quickly and without problems again hampered by the congestion of cars on the roads.

Now, when the transport connection is not established, people complain that to get to the city centre is expensive and inconvenient.

The Quarter has its own shopping Mall, called “the Baltic pearl”. The prices there are, as noted by residents, the same as in other similar structures of the city. Variety of fun are not inferior counterparts. In General, enterprises involved in servicing the residents of the neighborhood enough. There are gorgeous bars, restaurants, which can host a Banquet for a hundred guests, family cafe. In the area there are auto repair shops, beauty salons and gyms.

school in Baltic pearl

New city

Today is actively developing and growing Petersburg. “the Baltic pearl” - complex, which has already managed to prove that progress does not stand still. For anyone who only plans to buy an apartment in this area, there is an opportunity to learn more about the town. The company organizes monthly excursions topotential buyers. Customers gather in the lobby of the main office in the Mall. In the modern area of people takes comfortable minibus.

However, all is not well. Not satisfied with the inhabitants of the quarter that schools, kindergartens and the hospital, while only in the project. The population of the complex says that the company only partially complied with the promised plan, so you have to wait for the new institution. Not people like that on such a large area is not a normal clinic and the police.

A Fresh page in the history of Saint-Petersburg - “the Baltic pearl”. A cinema, shopping centre - this is available for residents of the area. A kind of small city is ready to welcome its new residents.

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