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A couple of decades ago people all over the world managed perfectly well without computers, laptops and tablets, not to mention the world wide web called the Internet. But technology does not stand still, and today people in all parts of the world can enjoy web surfing, watching movies or TV shows online through different popular social networks, such as «Vkontakte», «Facebook», «Twitter», and many others. notes for classmatesToday we will talk about the "Classmates", but rather about how to create notes on the page in the "Classmates" to once again raise the mood of yourself and your friends in the network.

Popular topics notes

 notes for classmates funnyMost users add to their so-called “wall” the material that seemed funny and useful, thus wanting to share it with others. This could be an interesting picture, video, song, joke and much more. In such cases, they create special notes for "Classmates" to be displayed on the page status. As the notes carry a meaning about the user. Can be notes for "Classmates" funny, entertaining, written in comic form. Some people prefer recording with a precise meaning that has to a greater extent instructive. This may be the phrase of the great writers, quotes, text books and more. Notes are also a great way to decorate your page in your favorite genre: story, author verse, funny picture or video. In General, the note to social networks – it's a small world where you can Express your feelings and emotions, and share them with friends and acquaintances.


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Interesting notes about life

how to add a note to classmatesA Sufficient amount of time to spend online and very creative people who write such notes in a special group called "Classmates", thereby obtaining a large number of visitors and often – earnings. Many of them admit that the funniest notes are most often everyday character.

The Essence of this record in that in a few lines to tell to your friends and family about themselves, their work and pastime. Over time, this developed into recording with a full and in-depth meaning or amusing anecdotes. For many years the most popular network notes for "Classmates" - write about friendship, love, and stories with humor. Less and less users update their statuses, describing the mood and the current position.

Story of life

Returning to the main topic, I want to say that funny note for classmates to be quite simple. Visualize what you want to convey to the reader, and tell this story. If the head is hard to do, you can use Notepad, because for many centuries the most brilliant and popular stories, is born on a sheet of paper. It is very simple, as it can easily anything to erase, or, conversely, to add. notes on the page in Facebook

On your page on the site "Classmates" next to your name, you will find active links to “photo”, “friends”, “group” and so on. Among all this you should select the category “notes”. You will see an empty box to write. This is the place for the future notes, you can unleash your imagination and write anything you want. If you decide to write something funny, you only have to follow some rules given below.

How to make the note readable?

Decorate your colorful tape recording is very simple so as to add a note in the "Classmates", borrowing it from another website or from another person. Such a record will not be original, but it can be done not less conspicuous than its unique. There is nothing to worry, because the main essence of the notes for "Classmates" - transfer "from mouth to mouth, page to page”. On the Internet you can find a limitless number of services, which is specially write and update their statuses and notes, adding fresh and interesting material almost every day.

First steps writing

1. If the user decided to write myself a funny note, it is worth remembering interesting cases from your life or the lives of friends. Try to describe the history of the most “easy” and informal form. Such texts typically evoke positive emotions and the desire to share them with your friends.

2. Write from myself as the first person. People are much more interesting to read if they can “head” to plunge into history and to hear it from a direct participant.

3. When writing use as few words as possible parasites, such as “short”, “type”, “etc”, “etc”. When notes for "Classmates" written in good language, they become much clearer to readers and easier perceived. Do not use too heavy and unknown words how can a man depart from the General meaning of the notes,losing the essence and, of course, a touch of humor.

how to make a note to classmates

4. To enliven the simple text record, the user can add some funny picture, video or music. Agree, because the notes are perceived much better accompanied by “bullseye” chosen media. To find these files, use the services of a search engine and additions to records. Believe me, this entry will make the reader extra emotions, so do not neglect this rule.

5. If your note is appreciated-you are on the right track! She already liked the people, and therefore more dispersed in feeds of users. Do not stop there – write, write, write! In fact, fun and funny record will never be overlooked. We wish you creativity and success!

Parting words

I Hope that now you know how to make a note in the "Classmates" literally “infect" others in a good mood. Create, create, and then it will be very simple to do this more and more often, so that through time it was possible to read their records and you smile and give this smile to your friends.

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