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The Assembly of jigsaw puzzles – one of the most harmless and low-budget hobby. Psychologists say that the classes with mosaics perfectly relax, soothe, as well as train the hand and mind. Purchase the kit today, very easy, can only choose the most attractive plot and the number of elements. And it looks like the world's largest puzzle and how many parts does it consist of?

At the Waterhole (Ravensburger)

world's largest puzzle

Most fans of mosaic chooses to build standard sets, consisting of 1000-5000 elements. How about to collect image, consisting of 18000 details? Precisely because so many elements going to the world's largest puzzle, the first awarded this honorary title. Giant has released the game company Ravensburger – one of the world giants among manufacturers of mosaic. The puzzle is called At the Waterhole - “water”. The painting depicts African animals came to the pond to quench their thirst. This elephants, giraffes, zebras, rhinoceros and many other animals and birds. Assembled mosaic has dimensions 276х192 see the Image is quite colorful and attractive. What is especially nice, buy giant puzzle and try to collect today everyone can. Its average value – about $ 266.

Life (Educa)

The biggest jigsaw puzzle in the world how many parts

The Record of the puzzle At the Waterhole was beaten by kit category which was developed by Educa under the name Life (“Life”). This mosaic is composed of 24,000 elements, and the size of the picture in the collection is 428х157 see the picture of the puzzle can be considered infinitely long. This is the ocean, various animals, boats with bright sails, balloons, planets. Picture painted by artist Royce McClure. The master admits that he just combined several of his own paintings to create such a large canvas. Once the world's largest jigsaw puzzle has received a certificate from the "Guinness world records" and went on sale, many fans of the mosaic Assembly began its own competition. The minimum amount of time needed to build this giant – 150 hours. But as even the most avid fans of jigsaw puzzles devote to his hobby on average from 1 to 4 hours daily, many of them to complete the puzzle Life it took weeks and months. Today, anyone can buy this giant puzzle for only $ 300.


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Double Retrospect (Ravensburger)

What is the puzzle world's largest

Mosaic Double Retrospect (“Double retrospective”) – it is not only the world's largest puzzle, but the avant-garde. The author Kate Haring told me that he was inspired by street graffiti in new York. As a result of his work the company Ravensburger has chosen for the serial production of a new puzzle-giant. Correctly connected 32,000 items, you can admire the 32 avant-garde paintings in separate squares, unrelated. It is worth noting that only in the mosaic used 6 colors, and it only complicates the Assembly process. The size of the collected patterns: Free 544х192 see the whole room before starting to collect! The cost of this game is only 270 dollars.

Wild Life (Educa)

Records in the world of puzzles

What is the largest puzzle in the world today? All records of the size of mosaics can safely assume that the competition of the competitors Ravensburger and Educa. While wins Educa, the latest innovation which has become a jigsaw puzzle Wild Life - "wild nature”. Mosaic consists of 33600 items. A large collection of paintings – 570х157 see Picture charms – in the greenery of the jungle, we can observe a variety of animals. There is also Regal lions and majestic elephants, mischievous monkeys, and whole flocks of bright tropical birds and butterflies. This is the case, when assembled, the puzzle can become a real decoration of any interior. The cost of the kit was a little more than $ 300.

Unofficial world records in the world of puzzles

Manufacturers giant mosaics argue that the creation of kits for Assembly, consisting of tens of thousands of items, they are pushing themselves fans of puzzles. People from different parts of the globe regularly share their own achievements on the Assembly of the giants. The secret is to assemble a giant mosaic from several standard. Most likely success in the case if you buy a few puzzles the same manufacturer of equal size from the same series. Separate people just prefer to mix together a few sets of 1000-3000 elements and only then to start the Assembly of individual paintings. Often the results of their mental and manual labor fans of the mosaics are glued and hung on the wall. It is for these people created the biggest puzzles in the world. How many parts to choose from: 18000 33000 or not so important. As a result, the collector should have a complete work of art, perfect for decorating your own home.

Is it Difficult to collect puzzles-Champions?

The big picture of the puzzle

To Get started with the world's largest jigsaw puzzle makes sense if you are confident collect sets of 3000-5000 elements. For a beginner in the world of mosaics assembling pattern, consisting of tens of thousands of parts, it may be an impossible task. Mostthere are two method of assembling puzzles. In the first case, we must start with the frame, gradually moving to the center of the picture. The second variant-to disassemble the parts in the basic colors and gradually collect fragments of each color. Be prepared for the fact that the big picture of the puzzle will be collected over several weeks, if not months. It is also important to prepare the right size surface to build. Pay attention to the size of the finished painting, it is usually indicated on the package. To build a giant mosaic you will have to release the floor of the room, and then you can proceed to the puzzle.

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