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Mistresses who know how to crochet, you know that this small but sophisticated tool is able to create not only comfortable, but also very beautiful things. And work it is much easier and faster than knitting. That with mittens, the situation is exactly the same.

crochet mittens crochet

Why the hook?

Knitting mittens crochet – this is not only quickly and simply. The fact that created so gloves fit better in the palm, repeating its shape, warm and better. In addition, they are easy to try on while knitting, not afraid to spoil the work or pinprick. Variants of their creation and decoration, there is great variety so everyone will find something to your liking.

master class crochet mittens


Knitting mittens crochet requires very little yarn – about fifty grams of a selected color. And, in fact, the hooks No. 4 or 3.5. If you want something to decorate the finished product, you can take additional threads, but more on that later.

crochet children's mittens crochet

How to knit details

Gloves are composed of two main parts: external and internal. First do the external according to the following scheme. Need to score thirty-loops, add three of the same for lifting. This chain will be located in the middle of the palm (place on middle finger). Now its banded columns with nakida there and back, performing at the ends of the curvature for your fingers (add more columns in one loop). So are finished with four rows. Banded detail two strips of columns without nakida. If the mitten is now equal to the width of the palm, it will be enough to knit. If it is less, then add more a couple of rows. Defer detail to the side and take the inside. The first row is exactly the same. In the second dokazyvaet to the height of the big toe, make a chain of seven loops, make it in the next row column and move on to knit the rows. So knit until the end of the hand, leaving a hole that will need to dobesilate later. Similarly, columns without nakida banded.


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Knitting mittens crochet further carried out as follows: take the two sides, connect them crayfish step by the same thread that connected parts, or contrast if you wish. Now proceed to the cuff. Fit it in a circle, on both sides of the gloves of the future. First comes the number of columns without nakida, then the row with nakoda, and the third is performed by the band (a series of raised bars). Width depends on personal preference.


Now, when the work is finished, you need to dobesilate hole left in the course of work. Tally the rows of columns without nakida in a circle, at the height of the finger the number of loops is reduced, the detail zabyvaetsya, the thread is trimmed and fixed on the reverse side. All master class “crochet mittens” in General terms is presented.

Decoration works

Done knitting you can leave as is, and can decorate. I must say that this scheme is General for any species of the necessary items of clothing. Knitting baby mittens crochet is done the same. The decoration can be rhinestones, beads, made of more delicate crochet flowers, cars, stars, and everything, whatever you want. If it's baby clothes, the colors it is better to take bright, juicy. Adults more often fit the quiet tone, more classical and restrained. If desired, after knitting mittens crochet, you can sew the lining, but then they will be too warm and suitable only for the largest frosts.

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