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If you learn to sew baby pillow with their hands, original and distinctive, it will allow you not just to decorate your interior, but also to avoid spending time and money to buy them. And using a variety of buttons, lace, ribbons and other inexpensive means you can give them the exclusivity. Besides, it is possible to surprise your loved ones by giving them one of his masterpieces.

If you are keen on crafts, you could start a pillow using a simple pattern. In any case, you will be pleased with the result and you will see what a fascinating process. Gradually gaining skill, you can surprise any of his works.

Where to begin?

To begin sewing the pillows, you need to prepare everything you need. This will allow you not to be distracted in the process. The most important thing is to have a pattern of pillows. On the basis of their need to choose the fabric, filler and accessories.

kids pillows with their hands

Option 1

The Fabric is better to choose durable. And the color and texture depend only on your taste or interior. Importantly, pillowcases on the pillows can be removed and washed.

The Filler is better to choose the one that keeps elasticity and softness. Best suited down or feather. Such pillows are able to serve for decades. If you have an old feather pillows that you do not use, you can use a feather from them. But you have to be extremely careful, so you do not pick up the Pooh.

Option 2

If you do not like that option, you can purchase synthetic or hollofayber. Synthetic is a polyester fiber, rolled up in little furry balls. And hollofayber, in turn, is the same polyester, but in the form of a thick sheet. These fillers are sufficiently resilient and 5-7 years for sure will last.


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cushion 60 children 60

Option 3

Another type of filler-silicone granules. They are convenient because they are easy to fill in ready-made cushions, using a small hole. Besides, if necessary, they can it's easy to remove and wash, and pillowcases on the pillows to be washed separately. Importantly, in no case do not wash these granules in the washing machine! Only manually!

patterns of pillows

A Simple version of the children's pillows

For beginners will show you how easy it is to make kids pillows with their hands.


  • Fabric is thick solid (length 64 cm, width 122 cm);
  • Stuff;
  • Fabric color, cars or flowers (length 65 cm, width 145 cm);
  • Thread;
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape;
  • Pins;
  • Chalks.

Start with the “pillow”

Let's Start from the beginning:

  1. To do this, take a plain fabric and fold it in half. The length and width of the pillow-case in the final version must be 60 by 60 cm. Everything else comes as a seam allowance. It turns out that the width of the piece of fabric is 62 cm and 64 cm.
  2. Sew the side of the fabric. On one of the sides leaving a hole for the filler. Wrenched the pillow-case on the front side. Carefully ironed. Stuff the pillow filler. The amount of filler depends on the density of the pillow you want. For young children it is not recommended to do high models.
  3. Now carefully sew up the hole.
  4. Proceed to a pillowcase.
  5. We are going to sew with valve, for easy removal. For starters, filed edges. Outlive. Then fold the piece of fabric wrong side out, to make a smooth square 60 cm by 60 cm, and another piece of 22 cm on the valve should lie on top of one of the parties.
  6. Stitch the sides of the pillow case given the fact that 1.5 cm is a seam, and 2 cm below the pillow had a pillowcase.
  7. To turn out a pillowcase on the front side, insert the pillow, refillable valve. All! We got pillow 60-60 children.

Important! Before you start sewing kids pillows with their hands, we recommend you wash the fabric. Because the material for sewing pillows used are natural, it can shrink.

Pillow with heart

Here is another diagram of pillow made with your own hands. Take:

  • Fabric velour;
  • Volok;
  • Nozhnicy;
  • Sintepuh;
  • Thermokey;
  • Acrylic paint;
  • The needle and thread.


  1. Take a soft pink velour fabric. To cut out a piece 1 m 50 cm. Fold a piece in half and sew the sides together wrong side. One direction leave free.
  2. Proceed to decorating. From felt cut out the face of a Bunny, heart, or any other figure. We have a heart. On the edge of the heart with acrylic paint, draw the strokes, they have to mimic the seam.
  3. When our heart is dry, we use hot-melt glue it to the pillowcase. If you have no glue you can use glue "Moment classic" or thread.
  4. Stuff the pillow filler. Carefully sew the remaining edge.

Now let's talk about how to make a custom baby pillow with your hands.


Cushion-flower patchwork

Almost all of us are at home pieces of different fabrics. It may be old clothes, curtains, etc. All these things can be found worthy application. For example, to sew a baby pillow with their hands. Such you will not find in the store.

Today wewill show you how to sew a pillow-flower patchwork.

For her, we will need:

  • 5 different pieces of cloth;
  • Yellow cloth;
  • Polyester;
  • Button closure.

To make the petals:

  1. Made of patches cut out 6 squares. Fold them into triangles wrong side up. One side is sewn up. Then wrenched on the front side, fill with wadding and sew up. All the petals are sewed to each other to make the inflorescence.
  2. Do the middle. Take the yellow fabric and to cut out of her circle with a diameter of 60 cm.
  3. On edge of fabric and thread make stitches, and then tighten. Stuffed with synthetic padding and sew up.
  4. Inserted into the Middle of the inflorescence and sew together.
  5. Next, take scraps of fabric, preferably green in color, and cut of them leaves with a size of 35 by 14 cm of foam rubber cut the same leaves. Now sew the leaves of the flaps with one hand, then put the foam inside and stitch with the other hand. And so do the rest of the tiles. Stitched leaves along the middle in one line.
  6. From the same fabric cut out two circles with a diameter of 24 cm Stitch them from the wrong side, leaving a hole to turn out, insert inside the foam. Close to the end.
  7. Sew leaves to flower. Sew the bottom round base.

You Can still decorate our pillow-flower, sew along the yellow parts red buttons.

pillowcases on the pillows


And another view - this is a children's pillow for newborns, are made. It will be the original doll is warmer. For it will need:

  • A ball of thread;
  • Polyester;
  • Light fabric, fit and tights for girls;
  • Weave Nude or pink color, you can take the sleeve off of her blouse;
  • A piece of thick cloth;
  • A piece of soft cloth;
  • Cherry bones (they need to pre-boil, with vinegar and then bake in the oven);
  • Thread;
  • Needle;
  • Scissors.

kids pillows with their hands the original


  1. Sew a doll-warmer. The body of our doll should have a height of 24 cm, width 28 cm, diagonally 33 cm head Circumference 22 cm
  2. To cut out of thick fabric cover that will fill the pits.
  3. Sew the edges inside out, leaving a hole. Wrenched on the front side and fill with cherry pits. It is sewn up.
  4. Make a Onesie for the doll made of soft fabric. But making it a little more, so it was easy to insert back cover with cherry pits.
  5. Sew from the inside and wrenched through a hole cut in the neck.
  6. Jumpsuit cut from the neck down a bit before reaching the edge so you can put a pouch with cherry pits. To jumpsuit closed, you can sew a zipper or buttons. All edges are processed.
  7. All 4 edges of the overalls filled with synthetic padding. Much stuff is not necessary. Should get 4 bubonica. They must be tied with string.
  8. Proceed to the head.
  9. To do this, take a ball of yarn and wrap it with polyester wadding.
  10. If the head is turned to the desired size, then tied it down with string.
  11. Take light fabric, better than tights, and worn on the head the doll, tighten the string at the base.
  12. Once cut, leaving a small neck and it is sewn up. A person to be raised, tie a thread in the middle of the head.
  13. Now pull on the head of a Nude or pink knitted fabric, to avoid creases. Thread tied between the head and the neck.
  14. Cut off the excess and sew up.
  15. Now select washable marker features. At this stage you can cut out and sew cap. Try it on your head and mark the spot on the head where the edge of the cap.
  16. From the same fabric as the Romper, sew doll triangular cap. On the edge, where it will be attached to the head, you can sew the edge.
  17. Face embroider thread, hiding the stitches at the place where you will be wearing a cap.
  18. Sew the hood to the head, as close to the edge.
  19. Rananim cheeks doll.
  20. Next inserted into the neck of the neck of the doll and sew.
  21. The Final stage is inserted inside the case with stones and fastened the buttons.

To the doll-pillow became warmer, cover with seeds can be put on the battery or in the microwave for 2-3 minutes and heat. This warmer can be used for colic in the stomach or in the winter just put in the stroller to the child and to explore.


Patterns of pillows there are a variety. Finally, I will show you how to sew a baby pillow with their hands in the form of letters.

For example, take the letter “R”. We will need:

  • Fabric color;
  • Fabric solid;
  • Stuff;
  • Thread a needle;
  • Line;
  • Scissors.

diagram of the pillow


  • Cut out a large letter “R” on paper. Then transfer it to the fabric. To cut out the letter.

kids pillows with their hands

  • Tonal fabric cut out stripes. This strip sewn on the reverse side of the letter. The second edge of the strip sewn to a different letter, leaving unbound a place through which you fill the pillow. With a round hole in the letter “R” will have some trouble. The second part of the letter it is possible to sew through the place left for filler.

patterns of pillows

  • Gut-wrenching.


  • Stuff the pillow filler.
  • Sew up the remaining edge. Pillow ready.

pillowcases on the pillows

  • On the side of it, you can do embroidery with the full name of the child.

Now, these pillows are gaining popularity and many make them to order.

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