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The Belt has always been one of fashion accessories. It can be used to accentuate the perfect proportions of the figure or, conversely, hide flaws. In the wardrobe of each woman always has several different color, shape and material of beautiful pieces. Mistresses, of course, make yourself easily knit waist crochet or knitting. Of the items of clothing made by your own hands, always very appreciated. Moreover, you will be able to create exactly what you need: narrow openwork knitted belt hook for air dresses and blouses or wide, dense pattern associated spokes, belt for jeans and sport skirts. Everything depends on your imagination and skills. We offer you to make yourself original and trendy belt, crochet or knitting needles - your choice.

crochet belt crochet

Lilac-pink belt, made a hook

This model is versatile and very simple in execution. The belt looks great with summer skirts and sports things. The colors can be any but best suited multicolored melange yarn.

Materials needed:knitted belt

yarn - 100 grams;

- the hook number 3.

Designation of knitting:

С1Н - column with nakida, VP - air loop, ** - repeat (repeating pattern).

Description of the pattern:

1-row - chain of VP;

2, the number - 3ВП to lift, skip three stitches on the base* three С1Н, three EP, noise on the basis of three loops*, then repeat ** to end of row, С1Н a last loop of chain;

3 row - 3ВП for lifting *three С1Н in the arch of 3ВП preceding row, three trip*, repeat **, С1Н in the last loop of the Foundation;

4 row repeat 3 and subsequent series.


  1. Dial a chain of 24 VI.
  2. Complete knitted belt hook according to the description of the pattern. The length of the belt shown in the photo, 150-160 centimeters. Optionally, you can make the item longer or shorter.
  3. Decorate the finished belt tassels forming a fringe.

Knitted knitting belt


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The Proposed zone can make even a beginner inexperienced knitter. The finished product, you get a double and looks like a belt, as a relatively short. More suited to trousers and skirts sports style, this tutu is passed in to the garment belt loops.

Materials needed:

belt crochet

- yarn - 70-80 grams;

- knitting needles number 2,5;

- the hook number 2.

Designation of knitting:

KP - edge loop, lip - front hinge, LCC - purl loop, SP - nepovezane beveled loop ** - repeat (repeating pattern).

Description of the pattern:

1-row - KP, *lip, LCC*, lip;

Number 2 - KP, *lip, SP*, lip;

3 row and subsequent repeat 2nd row.


  1. 80-90 Type hinges (number depends on the desired length of belt which will fit waist girth).
  2. Knit in the pattern from 8 to 15 rows to obtain the desired belt width. The right size - 4-5 inches.
  3. In the last row all the loops are closed by the hook.
  4. Belt will be tied by using multiple chains of loops, crocheted and fastened on both sides of the belt.

As you can see, it is quite easy to make knitted belt by a hook and spokes. You can also decorate the product beads involving them in the process and evenly positioning the ornament, or use multiple matching shades of yarn. Use your imagination and create unique fashion accessories for yourself and your loved ones!

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