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Itching is the first signal that the body is experiencing some discomfort and the impact of various negative factors. There are many varieties of this skin disease, however itching without external manifestations is one of the most dangerous of them, due to the lack of explicit locations of the borings and a long-term process of treatment.

Itchy Skin without external signs: concept and nature of occurrence

In order to start targeted treatment of pruritus, it is necessary to determine its and determine the nature of the occurrence. Itchy skin is one of the first signals the presence of stimuli (internal or external) that locally act on the nerve fibers deep layers of the skin, which ultimately is transmitted to the cortical centers of the brain. The nature of the disease ambiguous, because of the reasons and factors leading to its emergence, there are more than hundreds. However true and undeniable fact is that indifferent to the treatment of skin itching is the fastest and surest way to becoming a local protective reaction of the body to certain agents in the standard reaction of the body in the form of pathological phenomena.

itchy Skin without external manifestations

Scientists have proven that the disease is subjective, because very often patients are treatable by hypnosis without additional drugs. Repeatedly, absolutely healthy people were convinced that suffer from skin itching (placebo effect). Such cases require treatment by a dermatologist or an immunologist, a psychiatrist and a neurologist.

Types of skin itching without outward signs

This disease can occur due to many diseases, external stimuli and individual reactions to certain drugs and substances. There are two types of pruritus - physiological and pathological.


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The First type is characterized by short duration, locality, low pain, the possibility of rapid diagnosis and treatment. Physiological itching sometimes referred to as adequate, since his appearance is a normal reaction to the change of climate, insect bites, acid or alkali, etc.

Pathological itching has differentiated appearance, as occurs because of a violation of the somatic system of man or dermatoses. This kind of versatility notes (apply to entire skin), great intensity of itching, duration, atypical disorders of the nervous system, etc. still characterize Pathological itching as itching in the nervous system that is associated with stress and deep schizophrenic disorders, which often lead to his appearance.

Causes of itching without any signs

Itching without cutaneous manifestations is a disease that can arise from a variety of disturbances of the body on the nervous, endocrine, hormonal basis, the body's reaction to drugs and external stimuli. The doctors there are the following main causes of this disease:

  1. Dryness of the skin. The greatest risk people who have diabetes mellitus and vitamin deficiency, visit a Solarium, and sunbathing often, working on the computer or other electronic equipment.
  2. Skin Aging. Leather elderly loses its tone, looks dehydrated and lethargic. In women, this itching occurs after menopause and in men after 60 to 65 years. The danger of this disease in the elderly due to the low ability of skin to recover from the wounds that occur from scratching, it can turn into eczema.
  3. Pregnancy. Apparent is the fact that hormones in pregnant women almost changes completely, the internal organs begin to work actively, and the skin on some parts of the stretch. Due to the gradual growth of fetus (by 6-8 months pregnant) skin in the abdomen is stretched quickly, which leads to itching in this area (it is also called “stretch marks”). Also, such a phenomenon can be observed in connection with breast enlargement, and eventually the breast volume.
  4. Itchy Skin without external manifestations may occur as a side effect to medications. If you look at the hives, it occurs due to the introduction of medicinally penicillin or insulin drugs, some vitamins, ointments and tinctures. This form of itching is also accompanied by weakness, fever, blisters.

itch nerves

    Symptoms of pruritus

    It is Very difficult to self-diagnose and figure out the nature of such diseases as skin itching. The symptoms is the first thing people pay attention. They force him to take certain decisions to resolve the problem. Itching without external manifestations - a special kind of neuropsychiatric diseases, because on the body there is no rash, no redness, no lesions. To define it yourself impossible. However, qualified physician through examination of the body of the patient, studies the blood and the history of the disease can clearly determine the presence or absence of a disease such as itching. Photo painful areas and pre-medical certificate about previous similar problems are additional indicators of the likelihood of itching.

    itchy Skin Allergy

    The most obvious symptoms of this disease include: itching, pain when touching the affected area, spasms of blood vessels, swelling tissues, rashes, pimples and dry skin. However, the above symptoms of itching should be confirmed by a doctor, because they are inherent and other dermatological, psychiatric and endocrine diseases.

    Allergic dermatitis

    Itchy Skin without external manifestations may occur as the result of neuro-allergic response of the organism to various external stimuli. Usually allergic types of this disease have separate names because of the peculiarities of treatment, symptoms and consequences. These include: dermatitis, scabies, urticaria, idiopathic itching. For the successful treatment of skin itching, arising as a result of allergies, you need to eliminate the cause, not the symptoms. In most cases the allergens are not able to cause long-term and steady breakdown of the body, but very often the immune system is unable to cope with the irritating effect of external negative factors, which ultimately leads to dermatitis and urticaria.

    Allergic itching is universal or localized. The first cause may be intolerance of the organism to certain foods, pollen, feathers, chemicals, household agents, sudden changes in temperature, humidity or pressure. Often the cause is the aggravation of some serious diseases, such as diabetes, hepatitis, malignancy, etc.

    itchy Skin: the symptoms

    Localized itching can affect any area of the human body, but most often this is the anogenital area, where develop hemorrhoids, intestinal worms, candidiasis, seborrhea. Itching in this place is the first signal of the rapid development of the above diseases. In case of persistent treatment and urgent actions to get rid of such acute problems, as skin itching. Allergy (localized and universal) at this stage of the development of modern medicine is treated in a matter of days available and inexpensive drugs.

    The Hives

    Urticaria is considered the most common allergic disease. It highlights a number of features that makes it easy to diagnose among the other typical diseases. The skin rash manifests in the form of blisters and red lumps that are authentic with lesions from nettles. For advice on its treatment you need to consult an allergist and immunologist, is due to the dual nature of education, which has this itchy skin. Allergy in this case is not always amenable to easy treatment, because the rapid progression of the rash can cause eczema, bronchial asthma and even anaphylactic shock, which is fatal in nature.

    The Itch of urticaria is the first and most reliable symptom of the disease, however, to meet the need of quenching the pain by scratching the affected areas is strictly prohibited. Is the best medication to overcome the disease. For medications that quickly eliminate hives include: calcium gluconate and calcium chloride (used inside), solutions of salicylic acid and calendula (for rubbing the affected places).

    itchy Skin: photo

    Itching in various diseases

    The Occurrence of itching on the background of other diseases is a frequent phenomenon and therefore to eliminate this problem it is necessary to determine its cause and begin treatment. Doctors there are several diseases which in most cases cause itching.

    1. Atopic dermatitis. This disease is neuro-psychological nature and occurs due to stress, irascibility, choleric temperament, inadequate, irascible States. The main focus of treatment in this case are soothing treatments that reduce the activity of the nervous system.
    2. Xerosis. Excessive dryness of the skin with aggressive detergents or sunbathing is a common cause of such diseases as skin itching. The symptoms in this situation are obvious: chapped, dehydrated, lethargic and pale skin. Well-chosen moisturizing cosmetic products is able to quickly solve this problem.
    3. Diabetes. A blood sugar level higher than normal, indicates diabetes. This disease in a short time dehydrates the body, contributes to the emergence of fungal infections. This skin is very often affected by external stimuli and patients experience severe skin itching.
    4. Mange. This disease occurs due to parasitism in skin mites the patient. You can get them with a special salicylic ointments.

    Treatment of skin itching

    For the treatment of pruritus is most often used antihistamines. They are sold in the form of tablets in each pharmacy at an affordable price. It is also quite popular drugs are the medication vial calcium-based. Regardless of whether it is itching on the hands, face or in the groin area, the drugs extends to the entire human body.

    If the itching is associated with nervous disorders, it is advisable to also use sedative drugs tocalm the nervous system (bromine, tranquilizers, tinctures of medicinal plants, etc.).

    Ointments for treatment of skin itching

    The Ointment is the best drugs for the treatment of pruritus. For their selection should be guided by localized itching, intense itching, and strength pain. Ointment itching helps in most cases, but to appoint this drug can only a qualified dermatologist and immunologist. They are different species, but doctors distinguish some of the most effective: "Apilak", "Atarax", "Aurobin", "Belogent", "Belosalic".

    Ointment itching

    The Ointment itching may not always elected by the physician and experienced pharmacist. However, in no event it is impossible to choose such a drug, because the causes of this disease, there are more than thirty.

    Treatment of skin itching with the help of folk remedies

    Medications Not always bring effective results in such treatment, because very often the patient can be diagnosed chronic itching. Photos and other evidence of the presence of this disease can be attributed to the traditional healer, who quickly and easily select the appropriate herbal preparations.

    Skin itch with no external signs treated with aloe, root of Wheatgrass, vinegar, pine extract, chamomile, calendula, oak root, nettles regular, mint and eucalyptus.

    Itch for skin diseases

    Treatment of skin itching with no outward signs diabetes

    Itching in skin diseases - quite common, but diabetes can be considered the most common cause of its occurrence. As with diabetes in human body is insulin imbalance, hormonal changes drastically for the worse. The first such failure I think the onset of pruritus. Further it progresses and is complemented by purulent formations (fungal infection).

    First and foremost rule is to treat the disease is the observance of special rules of personal hygiene, as its quality can significantly affect itching in skin diseases. The treatment of diabetes shall designate that doctor, but at home, it is allowed the use of certain herbs such as chamomile, Linden flowers and succession, Valerian root, aloe, sage, etc.

    Itching with no outward signs is a disease that brings discomfort to a person's everyday life. However, targeted and the right treatment will help to get rid of it forever. If we are talking about itching in the nervous system, the treatment must not only experienced dermatologists and immunologists, and psychiatrists. Also has shown to be effective simple means of prevention, which allow to prevent its occurrence. The right approach and accurate implementation of the advice of a doctor to help cure even chronic itching complications, eliminate possible its progression and recurrence.

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