Oxytocin: the hormone of love and understanding?


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Emotions and actions of a person that is often driven by hormones. Among them is to release oxytocin-the hormone of happiness and love. It controls many functions in the body, and provides a sense of attachment to the partner and child. In addition, it ensures fidelity. A surprisingly wide Oxytocin hormoneThe range of exposure for a single substance. What is the secret?

Development of oxytocin and its physiological function

Like many others, the hormone oxytocin is produced by the hypothalamus - the part of the brain that controls the sex and endocrine glands, the interaction of hormones and nerves. This Department – the real centre of the regulation of metabolic processes of the body. From the hypothalamus, the hormone oxytocin is sent to the pituitary gland, which regulates the entire hormonal system. The next stage of distribution – blood. The effects of oxytocin reduces smooth muscles of internal organs, its effect on the psyche is also very wide. But women and men it affects differently, so it is better to consider the process details for each floor separately.

ormon oxytocinFemale body and oxytocin

Hormone, reducing the smooth muscles, effect on the uterus. Thanks to the oxytocin to go into labor. In addition, the effect of the hormone on the mammary gland promotes the secretion of milk. Of course, its production provides another substance, prolactin, oxytocin but its removal from the breast. To stop bleeding after gynecological surgery, also use oxytocin. Its effects are counteracted by progesterone. If progesterone is insufficient, the contractile effect of oxytocin on the uterus will result in miscarriage. The impact on the psyche associated with an increase in benevolence, propensity to trust the source. Postpartum relationship between the mother and baby regulates the oxytocin. The hormone allows the mother's attachment to the baby, helps to understand his mood and reduces the feeling of fear and anxiety.


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The Male body and oxytocin

According to some, this hormone controls the erection. Its impact on the psyche manifests itself by the appearance of benevolence towards others, the desire to listen to the interlocutor. The ability to successfully communicate provides exactly oxytocin. The hormone ensures the confidence the Hormone oxytocin is producedThe relationship between friends or as a couple. It provides development of children and sexual partners. Scientists have conducted experiment confirmed that men with high levels of oxytocin are more inclined to monogamous relationships without cheating his beloved.

How to increase the level of oxytocin?

What if the body produces enough oxytocin? The hormone can increase the medical route, if the problem is associated with generic activities, and for the comfort of family relationships in other methods. For example, a relaxing massage, touching, stroking - all this will provide your body with the additional oxytocin. The hormone is also produced during orgasm so that regular sexual life also promotes harmony in other spheres of family communication.

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