Myopia: what is it and how to fight it


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The Eye is a special sensory organ, which helps almost everyone to navigate in space, to explore the world. He can give the most complete information about what surrounds us. That is why various disturbances bring not only discomfort, but also can disorient a person and deprive him some confidence.

The Common vision disorders are nearsightedness and farsightedness.


Nearsightedness (what you can learn from this article), or, in other words, myopia-a visual impairment in which a person quite good can see objects only at close range, and those who are away, he sees bad. While the focus of the image falls on the retina (which occurs with normal vision), and in front of her. This means that the rays are refracted stronger than necessary.

what is myopia

This disease occurs every third person on the planet.

The Main symptoms of violation

Nearsightedness (what is described above) is characterized by specific impairments. Besides the fact that a person ceases to see well objects away from themselves, myopia is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • The contours of objects are blurred;
  • The world that surrounds the patient, being brought together;
  • Near vision absolutely does not suffer.

Depending on what stage of myopia in humans, as images of distant subjects can vary from mild blurred contours to a complete blur in some cases - even several meters away from me.

myopia in children

In the case when a person has myopia combined with astigmatism, the accompanying symptoms may be:

  • Diplopia;
  • Distortion of the outlines of objects;
  • Straight lines may be perceived as bent.


Short-Sightedness in children and adults can be of various degrees:

  • Mild degree of impairment (less than 3 diopters) indicates the length of the eye approximately 1 mm more than the norm, while the outlines of objects are slightly blurred.
  • Moderate (less than 6 diopters) is characteristic of the eyes, which are much longer than normal. As a rule, such people have a shell and the vessels of the eye is strongly stretched, which leads to macular degeneration. Good vision is maintained at a distance of 20-30 centimeters.
  • High degree (more than 6 diopters) is the most severe stage of myopia development. Eyes when such violations are changes of the retina greatly thinned. This also applies to the choroid. The patient can distinguish fingers at arm's length, but reads only in the immediate vicinity of the eyes, no more than 10 cm.

human myopia


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The more severe the violation, the more thinned and elongated sheath of the eye.

Risk Factors leading to impairment of

The Main reasons for the development of myopia in children and adults, are:

  • Genetic predisposition;
  • Weakening of the tissue of the sclera;
  • Excessive eye strain (reading in bad light, in transport, a large amount of time spent in front of the TV or computer);
  • Mechanical trauma (during birth or brain damage);
  • The lack of certain trace elements, whose action is directed to the synthesis of the sclera (in particular, this requires zinc, copper and chromium).

Methods of struggle

Nearsightedness (what is described above) – a disease that responds very well to treatment and correction. There are several methods that help to get rid of the manifestations of the disease:

  1. Contact correction. This treatment involves the use of glasses or contact lenses depending on the severity of the violation. Points can be used as a permanent corrector, lens is still recommended to wear occasionally.
  2. Drug treatment. In this case, using medicines that are able to normalize the power of the eye tissues. However, it is understood that vitamins, antioxidants, various stimulators of regeneration will not be able to fully get rid of myopia. They only will prevent possible complications and will keep your eye muscles in good shape.
  3. Hardware treatment. This method includes various techniques aimed at improving the nutrition of the retina, and the elimination of spasm of accommodation. Myopia – the most popular eyesight in which shows this method of treatment. It's also used as a recovery tool after surgery.
  4. Surgical treatment. Generally used laser vision correction clinics.

exercises for myopia

Prevention of myopia

To Prevent disease is always easier than to treat it. This also applies to short-sightedness.

To prevent violations it is very important to follow the hygiene of vision, and the sooner you start doing it, the higher the probability to prevent the emergence of problems.

You Also need to follow the correct planting and light levels while working at a Desk, reading. Try not to overtax your eyes periodically and let them relax, you can even perform certainexercises for myopia. Press on certain points:

  • Fingers – on the hollow above the inner junction of the eyelids,
  • Fingers – 2 cm depression on the bone
  • The third phalanx of the index finger RUB the eye,
  • The little finger – a point between the end of the eyebrow and the outer spikes of the eye.

The Amount of pressure should be 36 times for each point.

In Addition, follow the diet: it should be enough of vitamins and minerals.

If you start to suspect that you have developed myopia (what you can see from the article), don't be afraid to consult a doctor. If you make it in time, it is possible to prevent the development of complications and continue to enjoy the world around you.

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