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Modern medicine offers many tools that can help get rid of diseases, strengthen, and even to rejuvenate the body. One of them is the vibro-acoustic device called “Vitafon”. Reviews of physicians and patients indicate that this unit really cope with a number of problems and improves health. So many people are probably interested in information about this equipment, its varieties, the effect on the body. So what is the “Vitafon”?

What is a device?

Vitafon negative reviews

“Vitafon” is a special unique equipment designed for physiotherapy. By the way, the device can be used both in medical institutions and home. Of course, today, many people are interested in what results can be obtained using the device “Vitafon”. Reviews, instruction and professional studies show that these equipped allows you to influence the body, establishing the functioning of various organ systems.

“Vitafon” — vibro-acoustic device, developed in 1994. Of course, in recent decades, the camera has been improved. Affecting the body in different frequencies, this device significantly improves blood circulation and increases the lymph flow, thereby normalizing the power of the tissues in the affected area, increasing the amount of oxygen received by the cells, improving metabolism. Sound frequency continuously automatically replaced, thanks to the program. By the way, the frequency of the first range to be in the range of 20 Hz-4.5 kHz, and the frequency of the second band varies in the range of 200 Hz – 18 kHz.


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Camera “Vitafon”: treatment and prevention. The main indications to application

This technique is widely used in sanatorium-and-prophylactic practice of cosmetology, and often at home. In some cases, it is advisable to use the device “Vitafon”? Reviews doctors suggest that the main indication for the operation vibroacoustic therapy are such violations, KEK:

  • Radikulit;
  • Poliartrita;
  • Osteohondroz;
  • Scoliosi:
  • Vivai;
  • Hematoma, injuries, sprains;
  • Flaccid paralysis;
  • Technique is effective in the treatment of furunculosis, carbunculosis, skin burns, acne, stretch marks;
  • Equipment used and the presence of diseases of the respiratory system, including sore throat, tonsillitis, bronchitis, sinusitis, rhinitis;
  • Sometimes the instrument is used for the treatment of ear infections;
  • Technique can help restore torn voice;
  • Indication for therapy is gastritis, periodontal disease;
  • The device can help in the treatment of withdrawal symptoms and insomnia;
  • Indications for use are such violations of the sexual sphere as impotence, adenoma of the prostate;
  • Technique can help with hemorrhoids, enuresis, pyelonephritis, cystitis;
  • Sometimes vibroacoustic therapy helps new mothers to deal with the lactose.

In fact, equipment is often used to prevent the development of diseases, because vibroacoustic influence helps to normalize the body, improve metabolic processes in tissues and in some measure to rejuvenate the body.

Application Features for women

Vitafon treatment and prevention

For the beautiful half of humanity vibroacoustic therapy is also useful. First, let's say that this method is widely used for prevention of diseases and to eliminate menstrual disorders. It is believed that by stimulating the adrenal glands to normal levels of female hormones in the blood, which, consequently, helps to regulate the cycle, relieve pain during menstruation, to speed up the process of medical treatment of different gynecological diseases.

In Addition, “Vitafon” widely used in cosmetics, as it helps to improve the nutrition of skin tissues, remove edema, accelerate skin regeneration and start the process of rejuvenation. Moreover, the device increases the effectiveness of the various creams, ointments and other cosmetic products.

Men's health and “Vitafon”

device Vitafon

As is known, prostatitis is in most cases associated with blood stagnation in the pelvic organs. Of course, there are other reasons, including sexually transmitted infections. In any case, the correct use of the device “Vitafon” speeds up the healing process of the inflammatory process. On the other hand, the treatment of this disease must be conducted under the supervision of a physician. By the way, this technique can be applied not only for treatment but also to prevent the development of prostatitis and other diseases of the sexual sphere.

Many men are interested in the question, can I use this equipment to improve potency. Yes, but only if impotence is associated with stagnation of blood in the vessels of the small pelvis or some other physiological reasons. Problems with potency, arising on a background of trauma, stress, alas, with vibroacustic not treated.

Can I use device new mothers?

If the pregnancy is a relative contraindication to performing procedures inpostpartum period treatment ‘Vitafon" very useful, as it helps to cope with many problems, arising on a background of pregnancy and childbirth.

For Example, this therapy helps to accelerate the healing process of injuries sustained during birth, including perineal tears. Vitafonoterapiya in the sacrum and lower back helps to restore the pelvic and abdominal cavity, to normalize the menstrual cycle.

In Addition, using the device you can get rid of digestive problems, constipation, aggravation of hemorrhoids. The technique will be useful for nursing mothers, because when properly carried out the procedure you can increase lactation, reduce the risk of mastitis.

Treatment of children by means of the device

Quite often parents of young children to buy ‘Vitafon”. The doctors indicate that the device can actually solve a lot of problems. Some clinics even have such equipment.

This technique is effective in the treatment of enuresis, incontinence of feces. The device is even used as part of therapy for encephalopathy. At home equipment will also be useful because of the various bruises, sprains, and other injuries — not uncommon in children.

What other cases can help the equipment?

Vitafon t

In fact, the above-described a few situations in which you might help therapy with “Vitafona”. For example, experts often recommend that you have at hand this device to elderly people suffering from chronic hypertension, as is known, high blood pressure can lead to many complications.

“Vitafon” are often purchased by professional athletes, because increased physical activity and regular training sessions are often accompanied by contusions, hematomas, sprains, dislocations, etc. Due to the effect of infrared rays and vibrations from the process of recovering from injuries much faster.

The Equipment used for the prevention of diseases associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Because quite often the consequences of sedentary work are various violations of posture, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, problems with vision, disorders of cerebral circulation and, consequently, chronic fatigue and chronic headaches. “Vitafon” can help to prevent the appearance of disorders and to get rid of already existing diseases.

Description of equipment

Vitafon 5

Of Course, over the last few years several models have been developed such instruments, each of which has a number of features.

  • The simplest is the first model of “Vitafon" of the license which was extended in 2010. This unit is great for home use, improves blood circulation and lymph flow, helps reduce swelling.
  • Model “Vitafon IR” — a device that affects the body not only vibration, but also infrared radiation. Naturally, the frequency and amplitude of this model is different, it is used in the home, and specialized medical centers. Such therapy provides trophic, decongestant, regenerative, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.
  • Model “Vitafon T” appeared on the market in 2003. This unit combines heat radiation and micro-vibrations. By the way, package it more challenging, because the instrument is powerful and the battery. “Vitafon T” can be used in home, medical institutions and even in the car. By the way, this model is today considered to be one of the most popular.
  • Pretty popular model and is considered to be “Vitafon-2”, which again makes vibration and infrared impact. Moreover, the instrument is programmed for automatic correction of the mechanisms of action by altering the amplitude, frequency, and other parameters depending on the height and weight of the patient. By the way, that this device is often used to treat adenomas, herniated disc, PI injuries and fractures.
  • “Vitafon-5” — new model, the design of which took into account all patient feedback, address the deficiencies of previous devices. This instrument is equipped with Autonomous battery, convenient and simple control system, the ability to save specifications from the previous session, as well as a wider range of exposure. “Vitafon-5” is the most advanced version fibroakusticheskie equipment.

How much?

Of Course, one of the highlights is the price of the device “Vitafon”. Negative reviews, by the way, as a rule, are connected with the price. After afford this method of healing is not affordable for everyone.

So how much will the device “Vitafon”? The price depends on models and functions of purchased equipment, of course. The cost of the device ranges from 10 to 25 thousand rubles. Of course, a considerable sum of money, but according to reviews, the device is working properly and can serve for many years.

Are There any contraindications?

Vitafon another hoax

Of Course, buyers primarily asked questions about whether all categories of patients can use the device “Vitafon" price because it does so little. Naturally, asalmost any other equipment or preparation, this technique has a number of contraindications. In particular, such treatment is not recommended for people diagnosed with the following disorders:

  • Fever;
  • The presence of malignant tumors (in particular, experts do not recommend to use the device “Vitafon” in the place of localization of the tumors);
  • Distinct forms of atherosclerosis;
  • Do not use the equipment in thrombophlebitis, especially if we are talking about the areas affected vessels;
  • Acute infectious diseases are also a limitation (you will first need to wait for full recovery);
  • Vibration are contraindicated in the area of implanted stimulators;
  • Contraindications include pregnancy. By the way, some experts believe that this method, on the contrary, can improve the blood circulation in the placenta and the nutrition of the fetus. However, research among this group of patients was not performed, and therefore the use of equipment is not recommended.

Camera “Vitafon” — another deception? Reviews of patients and professionals

Vitafon reviews of physicians

Of Course, before buying the people are interested in not only information about the properties and use of the equipment, but also experts, people who already tested the technique. What they say about the device “Vitafon”? Reviews of physicians are positive. With proper use, the instrument really helps to improve the health status, establish the work of the body. On the other hand, you should not take this technique as a panacea, as the device is not in every case is effective. Therefore, before using be sure to consult a specialist and be tested for the presence of contraindications. It is understood that the use of this equipment is not an indication for refusal of medical treatment.

What do patients themselves think about the device “Vitafon”? Negative reviews, usually associated with noise, which produces instrument. On the other hand, more modern models are quieter. This technique, as noted by the patients themselves, really helps to cope with a number of violations. Moreover, at first, many people noted significant improvement of health and disappearance of pain and discomfort, the tide of cheerfulness. The disadvantage is that the cost of the equipment, it is “Vitafon” quite a lot. But it can work for many years, and the range of indications is very wide — often the unit is used for the rehabilitation of all family members.

Are There people who this device did not help? Of course, Yes. However, statistics confirm that more patients satisfied with the purchased equipment and the results of therapy.

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