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What tablets “Rotated" prescribed by the doctor? We'll cover that in this article. You will also learn whether this drug analogues, which include in their composition and how much they cost.what pill rutacid

Composition of the drug, its form of production, packaging, description

The Drug “Rotated”, the price of which is presented below, is available in the form of chewable tablets. Their main substance is hydrotalcite. Also in the composition of the drug includes such ancillary ingredients as mannitol, carboximetilkrahmal sodium, sodium saccharin, magnesium stearate, talc and mint flavoring.

In some package sold by the drug “Rotated”? Reviews indicate that this product is packaged in contour packaging, which are placed in bundles of paper.

Mechanism of action drug

What tablets “Rotated” should be used patients? According to the instructions, the tool provides a long-lasting neutralization of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, and maintains the pH close to normal levels.

It should Also be said that this drug reduces the activity of pepsin, binds bile acids and exerts gastroprotective action. In addition, it improves the healing of ulcers and erosions in the mucosa of the digestive tract.

Experts say that the active ingredient of this drug (hydrotalcite) has a small content of magnesium and aluminum, but it has a fairly high buffer capacity.

The pharmacokinetic Indicators

The Drug “Rotated”, which was presented above, in the doctor recommended dosage are practically not absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. The exit of magnesium ions and aluminum is carried out gradually, therefore the risk of absorption and systemic exposure is very low.


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According to the instructions, hydrotalcite is not metabolizmu. After taking the medicine inside the aluminum ions are converted to aluminium chloride. The last in a small amount is absorbed into the bloodstream, and then excreted along with the urine. The penetration of the drug into the nerve and bone tissue occurs.

rutacid price

Part of the Unabsorbed active substance of the medication in the intestine are converted into insoluble carbonates and phosphates, and is then excreted together with feces. Changes in the concentrations of phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and aluminium in a patient's blood is not observed. In normal operation, the kidney accumulation of these components in the human body does not occur.

Indications for taking drug

What tablets “Rotated” can be used patients? According to the instruction, the tool shown for use with:

  • Reflux esophagitis;
  • Gastroesophageal reflux;
  • Gastritis, duodenitis;
  • Peptic ulcer disease;
  • Peptic ulcers;
  • Giperatidnosti juice of the stomach.

What tablets “Rotated” are recommended by doctors? Quite often the tool is used for pain and discomfort in the stomach, regurgitation of acidic content and heartburn, from time to time arising from errors in diet.

Bans the use of medicine

rutacid reviews

Consider the drug cannot be used with:

  • Hypophosphatemia;
  • Hypersensitivity to the drug;
  • At the age of six years;
  • Kidney failure chronic nature.

Instructions for use of the drug “Rotated”

Analogues of this medicine will be listed below.

According to the instructions, the tool is only accepted inside. The tablet should be thoroughly chewed and then swallowed.

Adults and children 12 years the drug is prescribed 1-2 pills. Take them after a meal, after 60 minutes (four times a day).

Treatment of the above-mentioned tool should last for four weeks.

Kids 6 to 12 years the drug is prescribed in the amount of one tablet twice a day. Child up to 6 years, the tool is contraindicated.

Instructions for use "of Rotated" contains information about the fact that in the presence of renal failure chronic character, this medicine is prescribed to patients with caution.

The time between this drug and other drugs should be 60-130 minutes. It should also be noted that mannitol may cause severe diarrhea.

rotated analogues

Effects side

Adverse effects on a background of reception of this tool are very rare. In some cases, the drug causes constipation, allergic reactions and diarrhea. In such reactions, the drug overturned.

Overdose and drug interactions

The symptoms of intoxication from an overdose with this drug so far not been reported.

As with other antacids, medication “Rotated” can reduce the absorption of quinolones, tetracycline, antibiotics, as well as of coumarins and iron preparations.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Data on adverse impact gidrotalzita on the fetus and newborn baby at the moment no.

Use of drugs ‘Rotated”in the period of pregnancy is allowed according to the testimony, in that case, if the benefit to the expectant mother outweighs the risk to the child.

In question is not a medicine gets into breast milk. In this regard, its use in breastfeeding it is possible.

Special considerations

It is undesirable to take the drug “Rotated” together with acidic beverages (such as wine, juices and other).rutacid composition

This medicine does not contain sucrose. In this regard, it can be used even patients with diabetes.

Cost and replacement tools

How much are tablets “Rotated”? The price of this medication is about 120 rubles. In some cases the drug is replaced by such equivalents as “Hydrotalcite”, “Tisacid”, “Talcid” and “Gastal”.

Feedback about the cure

As mentioned above, tablets “Rotated” help to neutralize the hydrochloric acid. In addition, they have absorbent and astringent. Many people take this tool "on demand” under such unpleasant symptoms as heartburn, regurgitation of acidic, and as a therapy of uncomplicated peptic ulcer disease.

According to consumer reviews, the tool very quickly eliminates heartburn and pain in the epigastrium. All patients reported long-term action (within 2.5 hours). After the abolition of drug syndrome impact is not shown.

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