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Telangiectasia or spider veins – the so-called clusters of small veins dark, such as red or purple in color. They may appear laser removal of blood vessels on the faceOn different parts of the body, including the face. To many the question arises whether it is possible to carry out laser removal of blood vessels on the face? Because this method is so popular in recent years.

The shape of these vessels may resemble a spiderweb, tree roots or directly to the sprocket. Before you sign up for laser removal of spider veins, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis. Only an experienced specialist can determine the degree of damage and correct diagnosis. In our time, this science vessels, such as phlebology, has reached its maximum height, which allows for effective treatment of any degree of varicose veins. At this stage of development of medicine the most effective is laser removal of spider veins. Moreover, there are several types of the laser used: diode, dye, copper vapor, neodima vanadium. The procedure is that the laser beam processes the affected areas. The vessel generates heat energy, by which he seems to be “stick together”. As a result, in a vessel stops blood supply for the skin to regain normal color, it does not leave any traces.

How does heat in the vessel? The thing is that the laser beam penetrates directly to the blood vessel, absorb the haemoglobin, thus releasing thermal energy and blood clotting. Clots formed laser removal of spider veinsClog the capillary, stopping the blood. Subsequently, the clots are absorbed, and spider veins disappear without a trace.

What is a good laser removal of spider veins? The fact that this method of treatment targets only on the affected vessels, without affecting the rest of the fabric. That is, the laser is very selective, besides the procedure itself does not take much time, and almost immediately the patient can go home. After the treatment may experience residual effects such as slight swelling and redness, but they disappear within weeks. If vessels is small, it is usually removed in one session. It should be noted that laser removal of blood vessels on the face – to do laser removal of vesselsCheap. However, it provides for a virtually perfect result.


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Not very popular laser removal of spider veins on the legs. This procedure is virtually painless, it does not require the use of anesthesia, the patient may feel only a slight tingle. After the procedure is recommended to put on the treated areas anti-drugs, but is absolutely contraindicated the use of all kinds of acids and conduct of massage.

To perform this procedure in specialized clinics or beauty salons. However, before you sign up for the removal of veins, talk with your doctor, make sure he is competent, discuss all your individual characteristics and the mode in which treatment is performed.

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