Weakness in the legs: causes and consequences


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Pain and weakness in the legs – perhaps the most familiar feelings for all of us. After a long hike in nature or go shopping a feel legs “lead”. And ladies, for the first time obuwie high heels, complaining more and pain in the calf muscles. But if this happens too often and even after a little exertion – is a serious reason to pass the examination and identify the cause of this unpleasant symptom.weakness in the legs causes

Weakness in the legs: causes. Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis can cause coronary artery disease of the legs. When her human blood vessels in the legs become narrow and clogged. Without treatment this disease can lead to gangrene – and, accordingly, the loss of limbs.

To avoid this, the treatment of ischemic diseases of the feet begin as early as possible. It is determined by such symptoms as increased chilliness of the extremities, even in warm weather, a sense of “creeping chills”, numbness, recurrent seizures. The patient usually begins to limp, and weakness in the legs progresses. The presence of at least several symptoms should alert you and get to see a specialist.

pain and weakness in the legs

Weakness in the legs: causes. Varicose veins

Varices – a disease that makes itself known by swelling, chronic leg fatigue, the appearance of spider veins and swollen veins in the lower extremities.

Sometimes, in order to cure this disease, it is necessary to resort to surgical intervention. But in modern medicine, there are many other ways to get rid of this problem and return the foot health and strength.


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Weakness in the legs: causes. Flat feet

The disease is caused by a deformity of the foot and is accompanied by a feeling of heaviness, weakness and constant fatigue. Often the pain is felt even in the moment when a person is sitting. To determine the level of flat feet and to find ways to get rid of it will help the podiatrist.

Weakness in the legs: causes. Various health disorders

But there are a lot of diseases can be behind such symptoms as weakness or pain in the legs. It's brain damage of various etymology, Lou Gehrig's disease, muscular dystrophy, low level of potassium or calcium in the blood, anemia, etc., Even banal wearing mismatched shoes may cause this unpleasant symptom.

severe weakness in the legs

Severe weakness in the legs: how to fight it

Whatever the reason may caused this problem, it must be fought. To begin with, not to be in a Mature age the owner of a whole bunch of diseases, drop in youth with everyday wear too high heels and replace them with a more sustainable and low. At work, be sure to do a little workout for the legs.

Don't forget, after returning home, lie down with feet raised up, it will take the swelling down and relieve of the vein. Do contrast perfusion of the lower extremities – this will strengthen blood vessels.

But the elderly need every day to give a small load your legs, otherwise the weakness will only improve (it is enough to slowly walk in the fresh air).

And, of course, need at any age in a timely manner to pay attention to the sores and get rid of them – then your feet will long to serve you faithfully.

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