Cervicitis. Signs of the disease


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Affecting the mucous membrane of the cervix inflammation is called cervicitis. Signs are scarce: nagging or dull pain that occurs in the lower part of the belly, white, cloudy or yellowish leucorrhoea. This pathological process is often asymptomatic. Cervicitis in a protracted shape, it is able to cause hypertrophy (thickening), cervical erosion, can cause the spread of infection to other parts of the sexual organ of a woman.

Cervicitis symptomsAs an independent disease cervicitis is rare. Often it is a part of other pathologies, and develops as a consequence of inflammatory conditions of the vagina, uterus, hormonal disorders, mechanical damage (tears during childbirth, abortion). Also cervicitis can be caused by weakening of the immune system, vaginal dysbacteriosis, non-specific (strep, staph, fungal, protozoa, E. coli) and specific infections (gonorrhea, chlamydia, Trichomonas and other STIs). To provoke cervicitis can also benign neoplasms of the cervix.

the Diagnosis of cervicitis

Usually, the disease is asymptomatic and accidentally detected by the gynecologist during routine inspections. Often vulvitis, vaginitis, bartholinitis, and other diseases accompany the cervicitis. Signs it may be a little bent. In the acute form the characteristic copious mucous, and sometimes purulent discharge, swelling, bulging, hyperemia of the external orifice of the cervical canal. Can experience pain during urination or sexual intercourse. Detailing of pathological modifications in tissue of the cervix (edema, vascular loops, hyperemia, erosion) help colposcopy, laboratory tests (smear microscopy, cultures, cytomorphological studies). These methods are needed to confirm the diagnosis. Cervicitis Can be combined with the HPV oncogenic type, which will require additional investigations to exclude probability of formation of malignant cells in the uterus and the vagina.


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Cervicitis with mucopurulent copious secretions caused by inflammation affecting the submucosal layer and the columnar epithelium of the cervical canal, sections of the vaginal part. Disease consider “the silent companion” of urethritis in sexual partner women. It is known that both of these disease are quite common and are caused by the same pathogens, only cervicitis is diagnosed much more difficult.

Bacterial infectionQuite common bacterial infection, the reasons for which are mycoplasmosis, HPV, Ureaplasma, cytomegalovirus, adenovirus and other infections. Genitourinary tuberculosis is also often provokes exogenous cervicitis. Signs - nagging pain, dysuria, discharge of various consistencies. When viewed through the colposcope severe tissue swelling, redness. The cervix is when herpetic cervicitis has a bright red color, ulcerated, friable surface. Trihomonadnyh cervicitis characterize petechial hemorrhages. The type of pathogen helps to identify PCR method.

Setting the correct diagnosis will determine subsequent effective treatment. It depends on the course of the disease (chronic or acute forms), degree of mucosal lesions, in which there are focal and diffuse cervicitis. Signs of disease may have different manifestations. The difference between them also depends on immune status of women and the nature of the pathogen. Identified late the infection becomes chronic protracted form. Appear dull mucus, the epithelium (this is the so-called pseudo-erosion) in the vaginal area the cervical canal. The process of inflammation encompasses the surrounding tissues and glands, there is a significant compaction of the cervix.

Prevention of the disease includes prevention of abortion proper management of labor, timely treatment in case of ruptures of the cervix, the correct selection of contraceptives, the observance of basic hygiene.

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