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Various injuries of the skin are called wounds. Most often they are benign and are treated at home. But sometimes even a small skin damage leads to inflammation. Suppuration often occurs in the hands or feet, especially in the warm season. Inflamed different skin damage because of lack of hygiene, lowered immunity or the presence of chronic diseases. In some cases, self-treatment of purulent wounds on the legs is not helping, and you have to spend it in the hospital. It is important to notice the appearance of pus, and use is necessary for removal of drugs. If this is not done, the inflammation may lead to development of various complications.

What is a purulent wound?

This is a skin damage accompanied by the development in it of pathogenic microorganisms. The wound begins to form pus around it there is swelling and redness. Tissue painful and often hot to the touch. There is a dull throbbing pain, often severe. In severe cases, local General symptoms include: fever, intoxication, headache.the healing of purulent wounds

Causes of septic wounds

The Inflammatory process can develop because of infection injuries. This is due to falling into the wound infection. Very often this happens in the summer, particularly if damaged skin on the feet. The appearance of a purulent process, it may also occur after surgery. It is therefore recommended that the operation be done in the cold season and to comply with sterility in patient care. Such sores are called secondary. But there are also primary of the wound. They are characterized by the abscess breaking through the internal without external damage to the skin. It can be an abscess, phlegmon or normal boil. open soresThese wounds are treated mainly by surgical dissection and antibiotics. On the appearance of the suppurative process affects the age and the immune status of the patient, presence of chronic diseases,especially diabetes, in which very often develops abscess. Most often in elderly people and weakened by the disease appear purulent wounds. Treatment at home will be difficult.


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Development Phase of wound healing

Features of purulent wounds treatment depend on the stage of healing. Most often there are two phases of wound process:

- the first step is to eliminate the swelling, remove dead tissue and to eliminate the bleeding and inflammation.

- the second step is the regeneration of tissues and scar formation. The healing of purulent wounds at this time can be accelerated by the use of special drugs. Modern medicines help to regenerate tissue without formation of a noticeable scar.

Wound infection – treatment

Ointments for quick healing now available to everyone. Therefore treatment may take place in the home. But if time does not deal with the inflammation, there may be serious complications. The correct treatment of purulent wounds on the feet involves several areas:

- treatment of the wound-the removal of pus, dirt and dead skin;

- the removal of inflammation, swelling and pain of the skin;

- anti-bacteria;a purulent wound treatment ointment

acceleration of wound healing and stimulation of scarring tissues;

- the General treatment aimed at increasing immunity and the fight against intoxication. It consists in the reception of immunomodulatory and vitamin preparations.

In severe cases, the treatment of purulent wounds on the legs may require surgical intervention: opening and cleansing of the inflammation, and sometimes amputation.

How to treat the wound?

For more rapid healing and to prevent complications is very important proper care of the affected area of skin. In mild cases, it is possible to do yourself. Treatment of purulent wounds is performed 1-2 times per day and includes:

- a Thorough disinfection of hands and tools used for this, most often it is done with alcohol.antibiotics for purulent wounds

- removing the old bandage. And this must be done very carefully, and when priyanie bandage should soak “Chlorhexidine” or peroxide of hydrogen.

- the Careful removal of pus inside the wounds, the treatment of its edges with an antiseptic in the direction from it to the edges and drying with a sterile swab. Some people recommend lubricating the edges of the wound zelenkoj or iodine.

- the Application of a medicinal product or tissue paper, wetted them. If the wound is very deep, it is administered swabs or drain for better drainage of pus.

- close the wound with sterile gauze in several layers and securing it with adhesive tape or bandage. We need to make sure to the wound was the access of air, or may develop anaerobic infection.

When the patient's condition open festering wounds treated 3-4 times a day, each time leaving them to air for 20-30 minutes.

Physical treatments

Previously practiced open way of healing of purulent wounds. It was believed that under the action of air and sunlight microorganisms are killed. In recent years, refused it, and necessarily the wound, apply a bandage. Of the physical treatments used nowkvartsevanie, ultrasonic cavitation, UHF and laser irradiation.

Antibiotics for septic wounds

In severe cases to prevent the development of a common blood infection and a more rapid release of the wound from infection used antibiotics. If you want to use them on the first stage, when the pathogen is still unknown, is assigned broad-spectrum antibiotics. They can be used in the form of tablets, injections, and local solutions or ointments. To assign an antibacterial drug should only doctor after tests of the pathogen. Because the inflammatory process can cause not only common staphylococci or streptococci, but cibelli, Proteus, Escherichia coli and Shigella, and even Salmonella. Most commonly used sulfa antibiotics for purulent wounds, externally imposed emulsion of soap and sulfiding. The most well-known antibacterial drug – penicillin.

External funds to relieve inflammation

In the first phase of development of a purulent process, it is recommended to use means and ointments based on water-soluble, it is better if they contain antibiotics. Most commonly used ‘the Throat”, “Levsin” and others. treatment of purulent wounds on feetThe Treatment of purulent wounds on the feet may be complicated by the fact that the inflammation is caused by many organisms, often joins even fungus. It is therefore advisable the use of complex means, for example, “Iruxol”. For wound treatment commonly used antiseptic solutions. The most famous of them – the ‘Furatsilina”, hydrogen peroxide and potassium permanganate are sometimes ineffective due to the emergence of resistant to their action of microorganisms. Now available new drugs: “Dioxidine”, “Yodopiron”, “the Hydrochloride sodium” and others.

Folk remedies for the treatment

The Healing of purulent wounds in stage of regeneration can be speeded up by various herbs and other home remedies. They are used for treatment of the affected surface and to strengthen the immune system. The most common frivolous festering wounds. Treatment at home is possible if inflammation is small and not of intoxication. Often traditional remedies are used in medical institutions, because many bacteria have developed resistance to lekarstvennymi drugs, plus they are more secure. But their use is permissible only in mild cases, with a small area affected. What can you do to treat the wound?

- Often used alcohol tincture of Sophora japonica or marigold.

- clean the wound with a fresh aloe, leaves of plantain or burdock.sores treatment at home

- For lotions, you can use a paste of grated carrots, radish, beets or sliced onion.

- recommended Wash wounds with infusion of periwinkle, calamus root, eucalyptus leaves or decoction of calendula.

- you Can prepare an ointment for healing of purulent wounds: powder of the herb Sedum mix with jelly or honey with pork fat and xeroform. Cleans the wound of pus from a mixture of goat fat, salt and grated onion.

To improve tissue regeneration in the wound healing process is used fish oil and sea buckthorn oil.

Complications of septic wounds

If you do not start timely treatment, or improperly treating the affected area, can develop complications or suppurative process becomes chronic. What is dangerous festering wounds?

- you May develop lymphangitis or lymphadenitis, is an inflammation of the lymph nodes.

- Sometimes paaseda thrombophlebitis, especially in festering wounds on his feet.

- Pus may spread and cause periostitis, osteomielit, abscess or phlegmon.treatment of purulent wounds

- In the most severe cases develop sepsis, which can lead to death.

Prevention of inflammation

To prevent the appearance of purulent wounds, we must carefully observe good personal hygiene, especially when skin damage. If the time to handle minor scrapes and scratches, you can protect them from infection. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the immune system so the body could samostojatelno to fight trapped under the skin by bacteria.

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