Papilloma in the breast: causes, treatment


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Papilloma on the chest is a build-up that causes the discomfort from an aesthetic point of view, and indicates that the organism is a virus. Without attention, these tumors do not leave, as they require expert and careful treatment.


papilloma of the breast

Factors that lead to changes in hormonal levels in the blood, there are:
of abortion;
- obesity;
- menopausal;
- at the time of puberty;
- when chorionepithelioma and fibroids;
- after stress;
- at the time of pregnancy;
- with dysfunction and polycystic ovary.

The Beginning of the disease is nodular or diffuse mastopathy. The body is the extension ducts, which begins to develop the outgrowth of the epithelium.

Types of warts

There are two options for this disease, as well as related state for him.
1. Single – characterized by the presence of one seal near the nipple. At the time of the course of illness are present selection, most often they are active.
2. Multiple – there is a large number of seals, which is no longer maintained. To papilloma on the teat was discovered, must undergo a special examination.
3. Intraductal papillomatosis – it is the accumulation of a certain number of cells that are collected inside the ducts of the breast.

For the most often used diagnostic mammogram or a biopsy. In the case of fluid flow from the glands is necessary to take a swab for analysis.


papilloma nipple

Papilloma nipple is easily injured, resulting in irritate. The main symptom of the occurrence of tumours are of the selection. They can be minimal, moderate or strong. They have transparent, milky white, yellowish, greenish or brown hue.


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By palpation of the problem is easily detected when the growth is of considerable size and going in the main duct of the gland. If the tumor has been damaged, it is likely that the temperature will rise, which will lead to weakness. You can also see the local changes that are in the seal and redness of the breast, may feel sick and may appear purulent discharge.

In case of detection of intraductal seals must immediately consult a doctor, as this is a precancerous condition. The sooner the patient will help, the more chances of a positive outcome to his problem.


warts and papillomas

In some cases, a papilloma of the breast may deform, grow and swell. It all happens under the influence of the factors:
- the use of hormones;
- severe stress;
- nervous shock;
- genetic diseases.

Most Often this problem is formed after the injury. Accidentally touching or scratching the tumor, the patient can injure the epidermis. Through cracks in the skin very often penetrate the bacteria, which cause inflammation. After that, the papilloma in the breast can change shape and color. Sometimes there is itching, odor, burning, and purulent discharge. Such seals must be removed as there is increased risk of malignancy.


treatment of papilloma of the breast

In order to detect the presence of the disease, often the only external clinical picture. To detect the possible violation on the inspection dermatologists or gynecologists. To confirm the presence of the virus enough to take the test called "polymerase chain reaction". It helps to determine the presence of harmful particles in the scrapings and smears from the mucous membranes of the cervix. If papilloma breast is still there, you additionally performed a target biopsy. In the case of at least one of tumors it is necessary to remove.


The Main measure in maintaining your health is the caring attitude of women to themselves.

- regular examination by a gynecologist;
- after 35 years every six months to do a mammogram;
- in a timely manner to treat inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, and hormonal diseases;
- regular screenings of the breast, for early detection of various tumors;
- give up bad habits.

Noted that warts and papillomas in breast and other tumors, markedly reduced in women who gave birth and was breast-fed.


papilloma of breast what to do

The Emergence of such problems before becoming a mother women most often occurs due to hormonal changes and stretching skin. Most often it is associated with a decrease in the activity of the immune system. Therefore, these seals may appear in the third trimester as the weight of women becomes more. At this point, often warts and papillomas begin to act on the neck, face, axilla, inguinal folds and the chest.

Sometimes these growths disappear after the woman gives birth. So if you don't feel uncomfortable and growths are not injured, it is best to wait until the light will be a child, and afterto raise the question of their removal. In case of inflammation you need to go to any dermatologist as it can have a detrimental appear on the child.


types of warts

Treatment of papilloma of the breast in most cases is operational. Such seals are seldom disappear on their own. They are quite dangerous in the time of inflammation, because it can lead to cancer. Medical intervention is only possible under intravenous General anesthesia. In the case of finding the tumor in the Central region of the gland nipple is preserved. In peripheral areas mostly sectoral resection.

When the induration is located in the peripapillary area, a small cut is made around the edge of the areola for exploring the milky moves. When detected by the extended and modified the duct, it is cut with all the blood clots and tumors. If a papilloma grows on the nipple, it is carefully removed.

Most Often, this uses a laser or electrocoagulation.
Today during resection surgeons strive to maintain the maximum aesthetic appearance. On a wound impose solely cosmetic seams. At the end of 7 days after the operation they are removed. Owing to such procedures in place intervention is almost no visible traces.

At the end of treatment histological study to confirm the quality of the process and to make sure that completely disappeared papilloma of the breast. What if it's not, and all completed the intervention did not help? In this case, connects chemo-and radiation therapy.

It is Very important if you experience such problems do not self-medicate. Most often, patients use folk remedies. With early removal can be avoided its malignant transformation.

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