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The Tattoo was never just drawings. And certainly not the desire to stand out among the tribesmen took the hand of one of the first masters of wearable art. Behind each line was a sign that could multiply the strength, stamina and provide protection from all afflictions, ranging from attacking enemies and ending banal evil eye. A glance at the intricate pattern, understanding man already knew what kind of tribe he met on a narrow path acquaintance how old he is, actually, what to expect from him. Next is decided based on the situation – or acquaintance lasted quite peaceful, either the track was getting too narrow.

Current fans to decorate their bodies with drawings also picky about tattoos. Wings, dragons, Celtic pattern, Gothic script – it is our unconscious, a way to Express the inner “I”, hidden under the accretions of civilization. The image demonstrates to the world a message: see what I really am!

tattoo wingsAnd if we're talking about a tattoo of "wings", then let's see where “grow legs” of this highly popular symbol. The first thing that comes to mind – the analogy with the angels. Beautiful heavenly creature represent innocence, wisdom, purity and greatness. They are celestial warriors with the strength and power, but they are our spiritual guardians that protect and invisible the next. And why not mark their presence more visibly, stuffed his shoulder tattoo, wings which like a seal angelic protection.


Body decoration - a tattoo on her back

Body decoration - a tattoo on her back

Tattoo, or as they are briefly called – tattoo designs – the application is very stable picture on any part of the body through the lung local injury to the skin sections to be entered under it coloring pigment. Refers to the adornments o...

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925 silver gold: description, cost, and interesting facts

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the importance tattoo wingsBut it all comes down to just one explanation. The second interpretation is connected with birds, or their gift to get off the ground. Freedom from limits, independence in judgment and actions. No wonder the broad, straight wings in combination with a flaming heart is a common symbol among rockers - life flight, there is no place for borders and narrow-minded boredom.

The Value of a tattoo "butterfly wings" is much more complicated. Fragile gentle creatures surprisingly accurately convey the fleeting beauty of human life. Yet, perhaps, it is worth remembering that in some civilizations of the butterfly symbolized the soul, which is much stronger than the mortal body. No wonder weak moth with a wave of his wing is able to bring down a tsunami.

tattoo sketches of wingsBut, perhaps, is to distract from lofty matters and to reflect on the practical side tattoo. The wings are usually stuffed on the shoulder. Of course, the strict canons nobody has created – you can put a picture on his stomach, and ankles, and wrist. But more harmoniously such an image will look on the back. This part of the body an almost perfect canvas to create a volumetric figure. In addition, the skin on your shoulder blades rather rude, under her no closely located vessels, and therefore the pain will be less sharp. Again, this part of the body is not as prone to age changes, therefore, the pattern over time is not deformed too much.

Deciding on the tattoo wings, sketches of which stagger the imagination, always ask the master how many sessions he will need to fully complete the work. It is clear that large and detailed picture will require more than an hour of painstaking work. And don't worry if your "wings" will appear gradually, step by step. Patience will be rewarded in full when you finally will be able to see them in all their glory.

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