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Animal Advocates can protest all you want, but women all over the world will not cease to wear fur. And our compatriot can't imagine how you can look like a real lady, if in the winter the closet no coat.

The Price of these products is sometimes quite high, especially if you choose a thing made of sable or chinchilla. But you can stay on the more affordable models made from rabbit fur or Fox.

In this article we will talk about what are fur from foxes and how to buy expensive things.Fox fur coats


Coat – especially the fur. Skins can be divided into fur free Fox obtained the hunting trade, and the product obtained from animals on fur farms. It should be noted that the latter are valued a little higher: skins bigger, well-crafted, obtained during the right time, not when the Fox is too old, sick or molting.

Even fur foxes are distinguished by geographical location, for example, allocate canadian, Russian or Scandinavian. But well this issue sorted out only by a specialist, and regular folk should know the following: climate affects skin thickness and density of fur in the Northern regions, the fur of the animals are lush and silky, in a warm and moist regions – rude and not so thick.coat of Fox reviews

Next, the skins are distinguished by the color of a specific Fox, and all the options it is simply impossible to enumerate. For example, among fishing wild foxes is called "moth”, “crimson”, “Bright”, “white” is all the red Fox; Fox, khrestivka, Prairie, silver, polar, etc. Among animals from fur farms there are species with an unusual, artificially bred color-silver-black, platinum, marble, Golden platinum.


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But there were dyed fur from Fox, they complement a variety of colors those colors which exist in nature.

But the main fur – quality!

What defects may have fur coats of Fox fur?

  1. Poor fur-skin obtained from the patient, or molting of the old beast.
  2. Incorrect dressing of skins. The most common problem – dry base coat becomes zauberei and “ringing” if it is to shake.
  3. The Wrong dressing skins. Fur from a Fox or any other fur-bearing animals are expensive, so the material is stretched in multiple ways – a perforation, dissolution or Rossion. Each of these technologies allows to increase the skin 2-3 times, but it may spoil.
  4. Damage to the already finished products – rusty fur and insect infestation. Even in stores that specialized exclusively in the sale of furs, there may be defects, so you need to be very careful.

Fox fur coats Fox fur

How to choose a fur coat in the shop: useful tips

  1. A Wallet and credit card, you need to leave the house. Coat – it is an expensive buy, so don't throw a bunch of money under the influence of the second impulse. And sellers in fur salons, as a rule, have to play on the feelings of the buyer in their favor.
  2. About the markets and questionable benches it is better to forget immediately. A good coat is only sold in a specialty store.
  3. For any product you need to require a quality certificate and compare the information in the document data on the label.
  4. Check the quality: the skin should be soft, thin and elastic, and it should not crackle. Correctly tanned fur smells nice and has a sharp “animal” darling. Seams – thin and smooth. When carrying out a damp hand through the fur on it does not leave hairs. Dyed coat you need to check the wet cloth on the paint quality. A sheared – no insects in the pile, since the haircut sometimes mask the bald spots.

Coat of Fox: customer reviews

Let's See now what say the owner of such products. The coat of a Fox will last at least 5 years, regardless of the type of colors and skins. We are talking about high quality stuff, for products of dubious origin warranties nobody gives. And all the negative reviews about the coats of foxes about these things that I bought at the market and at a huge discount.

But sometimes complain about the quality of the product from the fur salon. Though mostly that fur from foxes mutilated figure. In fact, you need to choose the right style: for low girls – jackets and coats, thin and tall-coats to the floor. But in General, you need to remember that Fox fur is very extensive, so all models with lots of details to look bulky. Also, you should choose simple silhouettes.

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