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Fur silver Fox is not losing positions in the fashion world and is widely used by designers to create warm and beautiful winter clothing. Thanks to its amazing appearance, the silver Fox is considered the epitome of elegance and good taste, so many women are trying to save money for the winter to indulge in a luxurious upgrade.

coat with Fox

Advantages of the fur

Among the popular clothes for the harsh Russian winter apply a coat with a Fox. The fluffy fur of this Fox is not only beautiful but also very warm in any frosts are not terrible. Used as decoration or for the manufacture of entire products. Fox has an excellent heat-saving properties, so the product of such a mechanism, you can walk down the street even at -35°C. Also the benefits include the remarkable durability, the product will delight its owner for at least the past 10 seasons.

Description fur

Coat with silver Fox at the peak of popularity among women of all ages. This beautiful fur is the same quality, will be worn for years without losing the original grandeur, perfectly protects from the cold and wind. The coat is soft to the touch, not prone to pilling, does not get out. This files most often for stylish outerwear used unpainted fur.

coat with Fox winter

Most Popular models

Among the abundance of models and styles that offer modern manufacturers coat with silver Fox, every woman can choose for herself. Very nice, fitted styles with a small delicate belt and a lush fur collar. Not always, the fur is used in its pure form, some models require a combination of textures, for example, Fox and leather. Such clothing looks luxurious, ideal for young girls and older ladies, perfectly accentuate femininity and, of course, save from the cold.


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If necessary, you can buy a model with Fox trim on hood, cuffs, chest. This option will cost much cheaper, perfect for everyday wear. Stylish and nice looking coat with silver Fox, decorated with fur at the hem.

For the harsh winters there's nothing better quilted models under a warmer climate, you can purchase stylish thing to the knee, which will be a wonderful completion of the business image. Luxurious coat with silver Fox in which the fur adorned the entire front side of the product. But the cost of this product is already much higher.

coat with Fox fur


When you buy a coat of Fox do not hurry, it is very important to carefully inspect the product. Despite the name, the fur is painted in silver gray and black are only tips, so natural product is distinguishable from a fake even color. The next option – weight, coat will be quite heavy. Finally, it is important to understand that a quality product can not cost cheap, that's why, if the cost of clothing seductively low, it is worth considering and buying.

When choosing a winter coat with silver Fox should pay attention to the analysis of the quality of the fur, it must be shiny, delicate and soft to the touch, the same length. Patting him “against the grain", you notice that the pile will automatically return to its original position, by pressing with a hand he quickly straightened up. A good indicator of the products – thick and dense undercoat which is visible, extending villi. If after these manipulations on the palms remained at least one thread, the thing quality is no different.

If the seller at the point of sale does not give to visit the product, on the grounds that the unwary buyer can ruin expensive fur, from purchasing the coat should also refrain. Experienced and conscientious sellers understand that the purchase of expensive, purchased for many years to come, so the client has the right to doubt and quite natural desire to resolve them.

fur coats from silver Fox


Fur coats of Fox – the thing is quite expensive, so you should prepare yourself for impressive costs. However, this will last outerwear many years, maintaining a flawless appearance and thermal properties. The product of domestic producers will manage in the sum from 23 to 80 thousand rubles, exquisite designer clothes are worth even more. Many sellers, realizing that such an expensive thing on the pocket is not all, offer a credit or installments.

Coat with fur silver Fox – great opportunity to not only comfortably survive the harsh time of the year, but also stylish and attractive look.

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