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Every parent is aware of and understands the importance of fitting shoes for a small child. At this age, the musculoskeletal system is at an early stage of development, and bone fragility are generally a separate issue, because the tight shoes will cause deformation of the foot.

When Choosing winter boots, you need to consider the mobility of the baby. Therefore, they should not cause discomfort, freeze and freedom of movement.


Watching how quickly the kids grow up, parents are wondering "What shoes is better?", "How to choose?". And in the cold seasons such problems are especially relevant, since the street is slippery, cold and slushy.

winter bootsTraditional children's winter shoes — is shoes or boots. They are durable, fashionable, beautiful. If boots or shoes are made from leather and get wet, then they are treated with sprays with water-repellent effect.

Boots on the membrane current in season from November to March. The quality and usability of this varieties of shoes justify the high cost. It is worth noting that for kids who can not walk, it is better to choose another option, as membrane shoes are designed for active kids.

Snoubutss (thermobody) represent the two-layer winter boots: upper is often made of polypropylene, and the lower felt. They do not get wet and provide children's feet warm during long walks. Some firms create thermobody, temperature socks which reaches -400C.

Ugg boots —boots designed for walking in dry weather. Despite the convenience due to the lack of a heel, podiatrists urge not to wear them often.


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What to choose

Criteria for buying shoes during the cold weather quite a lot, but pay attention to the most important. So, children's shoes should be:

1. Comfortable. If you do not take this factor into account, the child will be hard to move around, he quickly tires and starts to act up. Therefore, the Shoe size must be 1–1.5 cm longer, the area of the sock needs to be wider than the heel. Make sure that the rise is not squeezed the leg, but not too free.

kids winter shoes2. Easy. In winter, due to the large number of clothes are hard to move and heavy shoes and not impede the process. So before buying, estimate the weight of several pairs and let them hold the baby. If he keeps them without strain, then you can safely buy it.

3. Flexible. Children's foot need to repeat the same movement as when walking barefoot.

4. Water resistant. Shoes made of natural materials is recommended to treat water repellent for shoes.

5. Non-slip. Most often in the ice fall so to avoid injury, you need to choose boots with corrugated soles of rubber or PVC.

6. Wear-resistant. This parameter mainly affects the soles, laces, buckles, zippers and seams.


Purchasing children shoes for winter, you need to consider:

- She have to like kid. Today, the boots produced a variety of colors. Therefore, let the child himself will choose your favorite model and you will forget about daily regards to the meeting and the whims of his child.

- Quality shoes does not have traces of glue and sloppy seams.

- it is Desirable that the insole was removable.

- Keep receipts for branded shoes as they are warranted.

Very good

In 1935 at the factory in Yegoryevsk brought machines for production of shoes. Then began the annual training. Gain experience, they become professionals and have become a strong backbone of the company.

At the end of 1936 released the first children's shoes kotofey. In the early 90-ies production exceeded 3 000 000 pairs. But unfortunately, the economic turmoil of the period caused a decline in production.

In 1996, the Egorievsk Shoe factory started to work with the Italian company IGI. Under the terms of the contract children's shoes kotofey was to be made of Italian materials and under the supervision of experts of the foreign company.

Through this collaboration, the firm improved technology, and production began to meet modern requirements. For some time the brand took orders, constituting 10 % of the total production, but with the increasing demand and popularity had to completely abandon the idea.


Brand kotofey for its production uses only high-quality and natural materials. Special attention is paid to the scientific part, shoes fully complies with the requirements of orthopaedic surgeons.

Together with the Moscow state University of design and technologies, the factory has developed a convenient and correct orthopedic Shoe, which is now produced each pair of shoes.

Particularly successful are snoubutss very good. Consumer reviews confirm the fact that the model is really comfortable and ergonomic.

snoubutss kotofey reviewsThe success of the company is considered to be constant movement and development. This is the motivation for many decades helps to create high-quality and comfortable shoes.

A Wide range of models and improvement of each collection has made the brand a leader among other manufacturers. Annually, the factory creates more than 1000 models of shoes,40 % of which is new — snoubutss very good.

Size chart

The Range is quite wide and occupies 12 positions. To determine size, measure the foot of the baby and find the index in the table. Given that the child grows quickly, you need to choose shoes 1.5 cm bigger. So, size chart brand:

snoubutss kotofey size chartM - metric size specifies the length of the foot in centimeters;

W - the size of bar of mass.

Temperature mode socks

For several years Now the European territory of Russia the winter is not kind to strong frosts. Often to January, no snow, the air temperature is +1, and there is slush. What to wear to a child on foot in this weather? Is rubber over boots galoshes? Egorievsk factory knows the answer: snoubutss very good. Temperature regime of socks this Shoe from +5 to -5.

Boots on the membrane for the kids in a stroller can be worn when on the street to -7°C. Given the immobility of the baby, you should put on thermal socks. For active kids at a temperature under membrane shoes you can wear synthetic socks.

Cost and reviews

Reason has gained such popularity snoubutss very good. The reviews about this Shoe just confirms compliance with high quality and reasonable prices.

Baby snoubutss cost about 1000 rubles.

For students, they can be purchased at a cost from 1300 to 1800 rubles.

What is the cost for teen and adult snoubutss "kotofey"? Price for one pair is approximately 2500 roubles.

As shown, any brand name has only positive feedback from buyers. Consumers ' opinions about products Shoe factory was divided. But it is worth noting the absence of drastic negative comments: some noted advantages, others pointed to some drawbacks.

Carefully analyzing every opinion, you can understand the result: snoubutss very good reviews received more positive than negative. The advantages of the shoes:

- the use of natural materials;

- convenience to every pair of shoes;

- non-slip soles;

- high level of quality, comfort and reliability;

- wide range of models;

- the strength of the Shoe;

- the presence of arch support and adherence to all orthopedic requirements.

Winter boots kotofey received minor remarks:

- some items are too bulky in appearance.

- individual selection model.

Overall, the above views we can say so, snoubutss for children "kotofey" is worthy of attention and high marks from consumers.

The secrets of the new Shoe market

Membrane winter boots kotofey have the versatility. The same shoes you can wear in the summer heat, in mud and even in severe frosts. This novelty quickly reduced the demand for seasonal shoes. But let's order...

The Membrane is a multilayer fabric with pores of microscopic size. The number of layers starts from 3. The principle of the protection from moisture is that the liquid is able to pass through the micropores due to their small size, but the air penetrates inside without problems.

children's shoes kotofeyWhile wearing the air inside the membrane of the Shoe under the action of body temperature heats up and becomes humid. But thanks to the vapor permeable quality of the fabric the moisture is expelled. Here everything happens according to simple law of equilibrium.

The result is that inside the membrane the Shoe has its own microclimate. It protects children's feet from cold and moisture and does not allow them to sweat during long walks. This property and savings on seasonal several pairs of boots made shoes on the membrane so popular.


Snoubutss considered comfortable and practical Shoe. They are not afraid of drying on the battery salts and corrosion, easy to wash. They consist of three-layer thermal protection boots. For extra warmth and convenience, there is a frothy foam gasket. The surface is made of a durable synthetic material, sole made of thermoplastic rubber, which prevents getting wet. Also the bottom is characterized by its flexibility and mobility even at zero temperature.

winter boots kotofeySnoubutss "kotofey" (reviews moms this is confirmed) can wear, even the kids, thus are the best option for kindergarten.

Collection "First steps"

In the first place the specialists of the factory took care of their smallest customers. For them, they released a collection of shoes under the touching name of "First steps". As for the children trying to move independently, it is impossible to find shoes in size only. Material for its production must be flexible and well fitting the shape of children's feet. Therefore, the model new collections for the youngest from the "kotofey" is made exclusively of genuine leather.

children's shoes kotofey

Special attention was paid to the design of the Shoe. Available sure there is a broad nasal area (does not restrict the fingers), rigid heel counter (heel locks) and a 5 mm heel, forming a right walking.

Stylish boots for women

The Choice of shoes for girls— the question of special importance. After all, every little fashionista trying on shoes mom or older sister.

First of all, a new pair of shoes should appeal to the girl. But do not forget about quality, convenience, durability and the fact that the purchase should not have a negative impact on the family budget. All these factors make child shopping in a real problem.

Shoes for girls must meet many requirements. The convenience here is in the first place, because the discomfort will interfere with the proper growth of feet. Children-the people restless and active, and therefore, the shoes should be designed for the increased load.

 snoubutss for girls kotofey The winter shoes demands even more. It should be heat resistant and not. Because little girls are future mothers, and wet, and cold feet — one of the common causes for the start of serious diseases.

Snoubutss for girls "kotofey" meet all the above standards and preferences of the parents. They are not only comfortable and qualitative, but also stylish.

As the insulation used three-layer lining from the wool of sheep. Care for them very convenient — just wipe them with a cloth. The advantages of snowboots of this brand can be attributed to the model for girls with a high instep. Ease of use is guaranteed by the lace-up, zipper or elastic. Also the designers of the brand very good care of style of their products. Each model looks bright, and the drawings in the form of animals doing snoubutss fun and interesting.

So after looking at the demand for the products of the company "kotofey", it can be concluded that each model meets all the standards of correct and quality footwear.

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