Printer error Canon B200: possible causes and solutions


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If not all users, which use in daily work MFP from Canon, many of them often see the occurrence of printer error B200 Canon. This code, of course, can testify about the problems of the physical plane (which, in fact, usually associated crashes of this type). However, this is not always the case. The software part is also from the accounts reset is not necessary. Printer error Canon B200 may appear due to incorrectly installed drivers and accompanying software. This problem can be corrected in several ways, including physical intervention, and software solutions. The first option should be applied only in the case when their own software tools installed when installing drivers, do not work.

What does the error B200 on Canon printer?

As a rule, all who are faced with this failure, see on the computer screen a message indicating that a failure has occurred and printing is not possible.

printer error canon b200

The Message printer (error code is B200) can issue either in Russian or in English. Most often this is due to physical damage to the printhead or ink cartridges nezapravlenny.

Main error

Some owners of machinery of this type believe that the failure of the Canon MP550 printer (error B200) provides only for the reason that it has a physical fault, and deeply mistaken. The software is also from the accounts reset is not necessary. At least the drivers exactly.

The First remedy problems

In the simplest case, all devices of the manufacturer use standard and universal solution to the problem.

Assume that you attempt to print failed with code B200 (error occurred printer Canon MG5340). Standard means of correcting this situation, by the way, for all printer devices, can be called clearing the print queue.


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b200 error canon printer

It is quite simple, if you go to the file section of the printer after calling up the menu from the system tray. Then you can use a string cleaning of the print queue. However, this method is not always help. It may be a situation that the error B200 (printer Canon MG5340 it sometimes produces) is observed even then. In this case, even if the device is networked you can simply restart a computer terminal. When you restart printing starts automatically (provided the computer to which the device is connected directly).

Replacement cartridges

The Main problem with cartridges, when a printer error Canon B200 may be related to the fact that you are using the original cartridge and Chinese.

error b200 printer canon mg5340

As a result, may overheat the print head. It simply can burn (or melt). So to replace the cartridge, care should be taken in advance.


If after that notifies you that there was a failure B200 (an error occurred Canon printer), you should think about flushing.

printer canon mp550 error b200

This is Done quite elementary, even without the use of specialized tools (you can use the software management tools that were installed during the driver installation).

How to save the scanner?

The Fact that in the first place when such failures plagued the printer - not so bad. In fact, most of the devices represent Canon MFPs with additional features.

As a rule, the second largest is the scanner. But it is something just you can use, even if printing is not working. Only need to stick some contacts on the Board with tape. To use a transparent or semitransparent adhesive tape is not recommended as a diagnostic tool will identify the system as non-working (according to the response from the contacts).

b200 error printer canon mg5340

You need to Isolate all contacts with the label 2k and 5k. In the second case, you can use the scheme to 4k/5k. At least the user feedback in the Network suggests that such actions help in almost 99 percent of cases out of 100. But to perform such operations have, that is, on your own risk, because it is the wrong action can result in failure of the IFIs. And then, as they say, sin is not oversize.

Canon Printer: error code B200. Setup drivers

The device Drivers also play a role. If you receive error printer Canon B200, sometimes the problem may be broken, missing, or outdated device drivers.

what is b200 error on canon printer

The simplest method is thought to be the update of the printer software from the standard “device Manager” by selecting the appropriate item in menu or the RMB from the section properties.

However, the driver installation will be made from its own database of Windows that is not always conducive to proper operation of devices of this manufacturer. Therefore, when you installappropriate FOR better use of alternative sources: the CD that came when purchasing the printer, or downloaded drivers from manufacturer website via search specifying the DEV and VEN IDs. In the properties hardware ID, you need to choose the longest line.

canon printer error code b200

On the official site of the manufacturer of this equipment, you can find the latest version of control software and drivers. If you don't want to search manually, you can use utilities automatic driver updates. It is better to use a program like Driver Booster, Slim Drivers, DriverPack Solution or something in this spirit. Such applications can install updates for the drivers without much participation of the user (only required to confirm installation at the end of the search for updates). However, the programs themselves with their Updater, will always be on at startup, but disable them (will have to update manually).

On Windows systems below the tenth version used to access a menu “Run”, which prescribes the msconfig, but Windows 10 elements avtozapravka you can disable directly in the "task Manager" (Win + R + taskmgr). You can also use the standard 3-finger combination (Ctrl + Alt + Del), which is certainly known to anyone who has been affected by the forced shutdown hung applications and programs. In any case, the access can produce very simple.

Is it Possible to get rid of the error B200 at all?

In principle, believed to be from this type of error it can be removed at the stage of its occurrence.

A Very common opinion to remedy the situation is the fact that the normal installation of the uninterruptible power supply unit. Faults codes B200 or 400 may appear banal due to lack of tension, not to mention the excess baggage (which, unfortunately, are not uncommon). When choosing a UPS, you need to start from the stated characteristics, because our 220 volts AC is totally incompatible with the accepted in America or Europe, 110 volt DC as standard for Western countries.

In addition, as a variant it is possible to use not only UPS. As one of the most efficient means of suitable setting of the voltage regulator. Race and differences in our electrical network is not uncommon. And quite often the failure code in the message B200 (“an error occurred Canon printer") may occur for this reason.

Some insights

As a result, we can say that the problem of Canon printers is quite common, and not always it is associated exclusively with the physical damage of the devices. Software components also play an important role. The same drivers or additional software to ensure the correct operation of the device are an integral part in the functioning of any type of equipment.

In General, if you Canon printers error of this kind, is very bad. In fact, will have to ponder the question of replacement. In the best case, you can try to contact the nearest service center (so it is possible to get rid of a little blood). On the other hand, if this is not possible, you can apply and the above Troubleshooting methods, however, have to act on your own risk.

But for sure it's better not to risk it and immediately contact any support center. Considered to be manual intervention in device operation can aggravate an already unpleasant situation. It is not excluded that then the printer can be simply disposed of in a landfill. But the equipment itself is quite expensive. So, before you make a decision on the implementation of certain actions, think a hundred times, so that manual intervention, or any other inappropriate actions did not lead to even more devastating effect (and it could happen, but then you will have to reap the fruits of their own promiscuity in the selected methods).

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