"Bogart": toilet water for men with character. Overview of the most popular perfume brand


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French perfume brand was founded in 1975. The latest flavour has been released in 2016. Between these dates a whole range of vivid, powerful and memorable fragrances for men, many of which reflected the history of the generations. Overall mark is associated with the classical idea about what should be fashion and perfume strong half of mankind.

Fans of the brand are held, confident in himself and his force of men who prefer classic and traditional style. “bogey” – toilet water to the image of a business person. In this context it is revealed most fully and effectively.

Toilet water Jacques Bogart (classic)

Fougere fragrance for men was released in 1975. “bogey” – toilet water with more than forty years experience. Despite her age, she's interested in men of different ages. The perfume is called “arrogant, cocky, powerful”. It is made in the best traditions of the classic fragrance for men.

Bogart eau de toilette

The Composition consists of top notes of flowers, lemon and rosemary. Heart halftone is represented by geranium, clove, nutmeg and juniper. Completes the composition base of leather, oakmoss and birch. Users characterize it as a strong, powerful flavor, which optimally reveals the fall and winter. In the summer it might seem harsh and a bit cloying because of the heavy composition.

Bogart Pour Homme (wood)

The Perfume was released in 2004 under the authorship of Maurice Roselia and Norbert Bijou. The aroma is complex and multifaceted, it sounds expensive and elegant. Is not suitable for everyone due to its density and some “gravity”, but has a lot of fans. It is called “smooth, comfortable, noble”. Is disclosed in the cool time of year and fits the “costume”.


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toilet water Bogart for men

Free water "Bogart" men – intrigue, shrouded in “sweet smoke, prunes and brandy" how revoked users. The composition blends top notes of lavender and bergamot, flowing into a heart of rose, orange blossom and Lily of the valley. Extensive and diverse base of musk mingles with patchouli, playing with beans slim, flirting with white cedar and oak moss. It is difficult to disintegrate at the first meeting, and this fragrance evokes a genuine interest.

Eau de toilette for men Arabian Nights from “bogey”

An Exotic fragrance for men, released in 2010. The fragrance belongs to Oriental-fougere. It's contradictory and extraordinary. Users describe it as “sweet, creamy, loud, musky” and even "dung". Despite this ambiguity of opinions, this is a classic perfume in the Oriental style. It is not recommended for winter, is well revealed in the summer.

toilet water Bogart reviews

Eau de toilette for men “bogey”, the price of which ranges from 17 to 30 dollars, definitely requires pre-testing due to such a variety of opposite opinions. The composition begins with notes of cumin, cardamom and petitgrain into the heart accents of patchouli and woody notes. Base of musk, vetiver, oak moss and cedar from Virginia appear to be busy and eventful. The fragrance is characterized as very strong and resistant, but not for everybody.

Toilet water One Man Show

Woody Aromatic fragrance 1980 issue under the authorship of Roger Pellegrino. Users describe it as “a velvety, persistent, voluminous”. It's a classic, which never get tired, and I want to inhale again and again. Discreet and multi-faceted One Man Show is characterized as “courageous and sensual".

Bogart eau de toilette

Top notes: Basil, cumin, bergamot, shaded Artemisia, galbanum and rosewood. They go to the heart mix, shimmering nutmeg, carnation, patchouli, Jasmine, vetiver, rose, geranium and pine. The composition is completed with a multi-faceted base that has sandalwood, leather, vanilla, coconut, Tonka beans absolute, oak moss and white cedar.

"Bogart" - perfume from "Letual", also sold in set with after shave balm. Smell like many and so good for gift.

Toilet water Silver Scent from “bogey”

Perfume release 2006. The fragrance belongs to the Oriental, woody and is characterized as very stable and strong. “Provocative and stylish scent, thick and rich, with a pronounced plume" of how to describe its users. In General, dominated by floral sweet notes.

Bogart eau de toilette letual

It is ideal for evening walks in the cool weather. The composition consists of the following elements: lemon and orange blossom at the start, a heart with accents of coriander, rosemary, nutmeg, lavender, geranium and cardamom. Completes the mix of base of Tonka bean, vetiver, lychee and teak.

Silver Scent from “bogey” – toilet water for those men who want to draw attention to themselves. They definitely will not go unnoticed in any setting.

Toilet water Riviera Nights from “bogey”

A Perfume adds to a group of woody spicy aromas. The song was introduced in 2010. Users describe the scent as strong and stable, which is characteristic of all fragrances from “bogey”. It is not boring and with time. Perfect for evening, romantic walks, fine and sensual atmosphere.

eau de toilette for men Bogart price

Free water “bogey”, which is mainly positive, enchants with its beautiful song. Top notes of grapefruit, neroli and bergamot flow into a heart-cardamom, nutmeg and dried fruit. Completes the composition base of Tonka bean, vetiver and cedar from Virginia. The perfume Riviera Nights – a worthy accessory for your active and confident men.

The 23 unique fragrance presented in a collections for men “bogey”. Toilet water from the famous French brand intended for those who are confident in their style, strength, masculinity, and wants to make a good impression from the very first meeting. A variety of compositions gives the opportunity to find your perfect flavor.


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