Sagging skin after weight loss - what to do? Exercise, nutrition for the skin, massage


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In recent years it has become fashionable to integrate the concept of “the maintenance of the figure in order” and “slimming”. All lose weight. However, there are really cases that require weight loss. If a person significantly exceeded the weight due to overeating or other reasons, then it certainly requires weight loss.

Problem that concerns everyone quickly to lose weight

If the weight reduction was too large, it is often at the end of the process have a nasty picture of the sagging. How can that be?

Saggy skin after weight loss – the number one problem. Because put in order of a figure is very difficult to call.

Today, nearly each lady has knowledge of how to lose weight, what is right and what is not. Therefore, those who really need to reduce weight, with zeal to work. And here is the long awaited result. The scales showed the correct number. But trouble came the next, more complicated first – sagging skin after weight loss.

saggy skin after weight lossWhat to do? Turning to friends for advice, you can try different ways to tighten saggy skin. But if the result is not pleasing, the body was covered with ugly looseness, you should think about the correct methods of lifting.

Causes of excess skin

How can that be, if loose skin after weight loss? What to do? These questions are asked all who are faced with such a problem.

Of Course, if a woman is young, excess weight is not critical, then after a reset, 5-10 pounds, the skin will not be saggy. She will quickly acquire the necessary tone and to come into compliance figure. Young people exchange processes occur very quickly, so the pounds will go soon and quickly, and the consequences for the health and appearance of the body will not. And women of Mature age, of forty and above, the challenge of reducing the weight given very easy. Metabolism slows, fat is deposited in the problem areas, and kick them out of there is extremely difficult.


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This is why many to speed up this process, which in the normal course can not give negative results for appearance and health, trying to force the issue and resort to power measures weight loss. The result usually is that there is excess skin. There are folds on the body. As often on a diet is the dehydration of tissues and disappearance of the subcutaneous fat layer.

The fact that when losing weight, especially on their own elaborate, the body loses a lot of necessary for its normal activities substances. Among them there are those that just help to maintain the skin the necessary elasticity. Also affected disproportionately and improperly organized physical activity. The result of these hasty methods and will be excess skin.

She often appears in these cases on the abdomen, thighs and forearms. Human skin is quite soft and, if necessary, perfectly stretched. But, unfortunately, the reverse process is very difficult, and sometimes impossible without the use of special measures.


If the resulting saggy skin after weight loss, you should take corrective action. Although, of course, it is best to prevent sagging during the process of weight reduction. Because we all know that any problem, including health, it is much easier to prevent than to cure consequences.

saggy skinTo the skin does not become saggy after weight loss, you need to follow a few simple rules:

1. It is not necessary to lose weight quickly and immediately to a lot of pounds. This health is extremely harmful, and will become flabby skin. Normal weight loss is allowed no more than three pounds a week.underwater massage2. During the process of weight loss, adherence to diet should take vitamin-mineral complexes, diet to choose with the most balanced content of nutrients. And be sure to drink plenty of water or other liquid, up to two liters a day. Women over forty fluid intake should be concentrated in the first third of the day. At night you can't do it. Otherwise there will be swelling, which does not contribute to the elasticity of the cover instead, it will appear flabby skin.
3. You should also use the additional funds to nourish the skin. Wraps, saunas, use nourishing masks. All this will help to maintain the balance in the skin and subcutaneous fat.
4. And be sure to pick a reasonable age and strength exercise. Very good swimming, walking, ball games, morning and afternoon workout.

But if the time of prevention of loss and there was loose skin after weight loss, you will have to get rid of the consequences by special methods. How to act? We'll see.

Sagging skin after weight loss. What to do?

If in the process of weight loss weight down not on a large number of pounds, it is possible to use massage body wraps. Very good underwater massage. When submerged in water to do massage movements not only in body but also in the inner layer of water. This will help safely and gently to make the skin more elastic and pliable.

Beauty Salons offer mesotherapy. That isinjection to enter under the skin firming substances that will help to saturate the skin smoothing elements. These sessions usually require a little, around five or six. But some ladies do not accept the discomfort of injections and the subsequent small bruises. But if you have sagging skin on the arms, mostly the forearms on the inner side, it is possible that this temporary defect is ignored.


Also can help vacuum massage. The skin is retracted under the influence of vacuum massage in this state, it quickly becomes supple and taut. The only place where it is problematic to do – sagging skin on the face. Here is to apply Tri Lipo Body, that is, the effect of radio frequencies, which affect muscle contraction and tighten and even the skin. This procedure is painless and leaves no marks on the body, which is very important for a face.


It is Also necessary to resort to infra-red sauna. It will help in the aftermath of weight loss, as a preventive measure during the process of weight reduction. It is used by those who are desperately struggling with cellulite. Of course, it is not necessary to abandon regular saunas.


Bath is generally useful for skin, saturation of its composition in pairs and correct the water balance. In addition, in the steam from the body produces a large amount of sweat, without causing dehydration of the body, which also contributes to the weight loss. But there are restrictions for health reasons. Diseases of the heart, blood vessels, this method should be used very cautiously. Also banned from visiting baths and saunas in the period of menstruation and in the treatment of inflammatory gynecological diseases.


You can Also perform self-wraps. They can be made with honey, mustard, chocolate and pepper – hot wraps. To a cold can be attributed to the treatments with algae, mud, mud, oils.

how to tighten sagging skinYou just Need to put on body composition, wrap these places in plastic wrap and wrap yourself up in a warm blanket. So hold for a few minutes (30-40), and then all wash with warm water. These procedures are clearly not suitable for women who have sagging skin after childbirth. To take such measures is soon after a problem is detected, a first time young mother feeds the baby's chest, and she is still quite weak. Therefore, in this case, it is highly recommended underwater massage. It is quite possible to spend in the bath or while visiting a pool that is not forbidden for lactating mothers.


Also do not forget about good nutrition even though on the diet. Be sure to take food, rich in vitamins and minerals. It should not prevent the weight reduction, and help to supply the body the necessary nutrients for a speedy recovery and the lack of effects of weight loss.

saggy skin after weight loss what to doCitrus and berries rich in vitamin C In vegetables containing potassium will make the skin supple, increase immunity, which also affects the restoration of water-lipid balance. Oatmeal, dishes of the liver is also rich in b vitamins, which are important for the nervous system. In fact it regulates the condition of the body and improves its tone.

Meat, fish, legumes contain a lot of protein. And this is “building material" to cells of the body.
loose skinDairy products will saturate the cells with vitamin e which is very important for the skin, its composition and tone. It's milk, cheeses, and dairy products. Also it contains vitamin E, the so-called "vitamin of youth". It is used for the manufacture of cosmetic anti-aging remedies.


And, of course, you should never forget about the benefits of exercise. Perfectly help tone the skin, strengthening of muscles. Abdominal exercises will be required if the problem with the skin on my stomach. Not necessarily to the point of exhaustion to download the press. You can just do a deep trunk bending in different directions.

excess skinThe Muscles around the entire circumference of the torso will tighten and tighten the skin. You can also do tilts in the sitting position. For tightening of the skin on legs and arms a good exercise “scissors”. They can also be done in different directions to activate different muscle groups in these areas. In the formation of double chin will fit deep circular rotation of the head and neck. Squats, walking and small Jogging will help tone the entire body, saturating it with oxygen, which is very useful for muscle tone, but they strengthen the skin.

Facial Exercise

There are exercises for the face, if it is visible traces of sagging and sagging. The most effective – it is a massage. But not quite in the usual sense of the word. Massage with facial expressions. You can build the most horrible and unimaginable faces, the facial muscles will strengthen and tighten the skin. Facial expressions should be reinforced in the mouth area and eyes. Intense twink, zamurovannye and maximum eye opening. Mouth can do a similar movement. And you can take a pencil in her mouth and actively move the lips in different directions. So will train the muscles of the cheeks and around the mouth and nose. The skin will smooth out, and hence become more young.Well, straight face massage can also be carried out with a slap, stroking the entire surface. To mitigate this procedure good to use a cream, rich in vitamins C and E.

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