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What is the most desired gift for a fashionista? Of course, cosmetic set. For girls the resulting gift will be the first step into the world of beauty. And moms don't have to be nervous of accidentally left lipstick, powder and other makeup products.

What to look for when selecting a set

The First thing you need to find out from the seller – the certificate of quality of the selected product. In fact falsified any goods, and children's cosmetic sets for girls is no exception. Most importantly, remember: the bright color of the packaging does not mean quality.

The Second – composition. It is not recommended to buy sets with fragrances and other harmful additives. You should pay attention to age restrictions. Usually manufacturers indicate information on the side or rear of the box.

The Third parameter is the expiration date. If he comes to the end, it is better not to focus on the set. For children very dangerous to use expired products.

The integrity of the packaging - the fourth paragraph. If the plastic wrapper is torn or cut, it means that the seller is trying to sell a set of bad quality.

To Protect the child from allergies and subsequent complications possible when buying a gift in a specialty store.

cosmetic set for girls

Brands cosmetic sets

Safe high quality products offer proven producers. These include:

  • Markwins;
  • Monster High;
  • ...

Lipsticks, eye shadows, blush, varnishes and other components in the set manufacturers hypoallergenic. The attributes of the kits contain the composition of water, glycerin, vegetable oils and natural dyes. Funds quickly wash off and are not addictive young skin to the components.


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Sets Markwins

The Company Markwins offers a choice of several sets. The easiest is called “the Charm of beauty”. This cosmetic set for girls, the suitcase which contains the glosses of different colors of lipstick and nail Polish.

It Should highlight the “Suitcase splendor”. This bright pink case with a transparent lid, through which you can see perfectly the content of the set:

  • Glitter in a box-the stars;
  • Varnishes;
  • Lipstick various shades;
  • Pencils;
  • Thin brush.

In a cosmetic set for girls Barbie comes with a little more beauty product. In addition to the glosses, varnishes, lipsticks, a set of augmented cream shadows, brushes and separators for fingers. And the upper cover of the suitcase is equipped with a mirror.

Beautician Beauty Secrets Angel, the biggest line from Markwins. Inside the briefcase are the lip glosses, lipstick pencils, face powder flicker, varnishes, brushes and accessories. The manufacturer produces kits in two colors: pink and blue.

cosmetic set for girls suitcase

Sets the “monster”

Manufacturers of kits Monster High surprise not only dolls, but also the design of miniature handbags. For example, a cosmetic set for girls Killer Style looks like a clutch bag. However, the briefcase is made in the shape of a coffin, inside which is conveniently located amenities. The case features a mirror on one side and compartments to store makeup product on the other. The kit includes dry and oily shadows, pencils, lipsticks, lip glosses and other accessories.

Cosmetic set for girls “Dual style” has more than 30 items and similar in design to the previous one. There is one difference – manufacturers have combined the two gruzopodyomnih clutch with makeup. The set also has a mirror and two times more beauty.

children's cosmetic sets for girls

Sets the “Princess”

Sets the line contain a whole Arsenal of supplies to restore beauty for your little fashionista. One of these is the cosmetic set for girls Princess. Miracle suitcase accommodates earrings, combs, palettes with blusher and eye shadow, varnishes, and many additional resources. In the inner side of the cover case built-in mirror.

Set Make-Up line from "the Princess" has a rather interesting design. It is made in the form of a flower, sostoyaschego of the two folding halves. The kit includes different glitter colors, shadows, blushes and applicators.

Interesting design idea in gift set ‘Magic locker”, made in the form of a pink dressing table. It has an oval mirror and drawers with makeup. In addition to the attractive appearance, the components in the kit are not scarce: glitter, paints, applicators for applying makeup, gel glitter, a few eyeshadows and blush.

A Similar, but much more expensive set is “Table stylist”. The main differences in design and color. In addition to nail lacquers, lip glosses, eye shadows and blush, there are gels with decorative sequins.

Cosmetic sets for girls "Princess" are a great budget option for a gift. Prices on kits of this line are much lower than those of other manufacturers.

cosmetic sets for girls-Princess

Anyway, stopping the choice on any cosmetic set, you should first take into account the wishes little fashionista.

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