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In the life of almost every person - or family - sooner or later there is a moment when there is (and actively discussed the idea) about the appearance in the house of someone shaggy and four-legged. In the first place in popularity at all times remains the dog. And since the animal for many years becomes a family member and friend to the rest of the inhabitants of the house, usually the future owners carefully choose it and have a long debate about which dog is better to have in the apartment. Our article is for such conscientious people. It is designed to help them to determine the main parameters of the selection of a favorite.какую собаку лучше завести в квартире

Which breeds should be avoided?

Since the population now lives mainly in cities, before deciding which dog is better to have in the apartment, we will focus on those who are better not to bring in it. And not because the animals are something bad: they are simply the least adapted to live in such conditions. First of all, they are greyhounds. It should be remembered that, first of all, they are packs of dogs. That is, in proud solitude they do not feel very comfortable: the owners in a very small degree can replace their fellows by family. Secondly, they need not just movement - in running. For a day the greyhound must run at least 10 kilometers - and you can hardly provide it. There are cases when greyhound owners tied dogs to the door of the car and went in circles to walk them. Lack of movement makes dogs nervous and prone to run away: given that they develop a speed of up to 80-100 kilometers (albeit for a while), you have no chance to catch up with the pet.


जैक्वार्ड के ताने-बाने का विवरण। फैब्रिक जैक्वार्ड: संरचना, गुण

जैक्वार्ड के ताने-बाने का विवरण। फैब्रिक जैक्वार्ड: संरचना, गुण

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It is also not necessary to have too large dogs like Irish wolfhounds and Commodores in the city apartment. They're just going to be too crowded. In addition, the first are also quite mobile - your housing will be regularly trashed as a result of their activity.собака для квартиры и ребенка

Choice option: Destination

And this is the most important factor! Before you think which dog is best to have in the apartment, decide what you need it for. If you need a watchman, it is worth looking at such breeds as Rottweiler, Doberman, Staff Terrier, Shepherd (except Scottish). A black terrier and a risenschnauzer will also be suitable. If you just need a companion and companion - the choice is much wider. As it can act and hunting, and decorative breeds, and ordinary mongrees - that is, you move to the following parameters, which should be taken into account when buying a dog.маленькая собака для квартиры

Choice option: apartment size

Many people think that small dogs are more suitable for keeping in small apartments. That's not quite true. Too large really will be a little cramped in a one-room "slum," but such breeds are not so much. Other animals adapt well in a confined space, if it is not too overloaded with furniture. Do not forget that the main events with the dog take place on the street. In the apartment, the adult animal mostly sleeps. So if you are not lazy to walk with your pet, the size of the apartment should not affect the choice of breed. The only thing that limits you in the size of a dog - the size of the kitchen. A four-square-metre room is not suitable for feeding, say, St. Bernard. So the decision which dog is better to have in the apartment, if it is small, depends mainly on the size of the place of food.собаки средние для квартиры

Choice option: dog size

The preferred height and weight of the animal itself is determined mainly by the sympathies of future owners. However, it is best to note that a small dog is best for an apartment located in a high-rise - it can be taken in your arms, going down in the elevator. Few of the neighbors will agree to go into the elevator, which is a hefty dog. The same considerations apply when moving on public transport, especially in the subway: if you have, say, Newfoundland, you have to develop land routes to travel around the city. Purely from a pragmatic point, small dogs are comfortable in shopping. Even in large supermarkets often do not pay attention to the muzzle of a pincher, chihuahua or Chinese crest, sticking out of a bag or in the turn of jacket. The same Pekingese, spaniel or bulldog will have to be tied on the street.

Choice option: care

It is equally important to take into account the dog's contents in the apartment. If you are not ready to tinker with the animal's hair - combing, trimming, cutting - choose shorthair breeds: pug, French or English bulldog, sharpei, dachsa, dwarf pincher or basset-hound. If you are not afraid of this kind of care and you like hunting breeds, from small to the best breed of dogs for the apartment - Cocker Spaniel (or other varieties of spaniels). However, it is necessary to remember that hanging ears often have the habit of catching a cold and catching up. Treat them is quite difficult, so many owners of hunting dogs in winter put on them hats with sleeves for ears. Puswhe-eyed dogs - bulldogs, pugs, Pekingese - often have problems with the eyes. Choosing such breeds, be ready to buy eye drops and persuade the animal to suffer.лучшаяdog breed for the apartment

Choice option: character

Guess what kind of character will develop in the puppy you bought, almost impossible - it will depend on the atmosphere that reigns in your family. However, each breed has some common features that can help you navigate. So, dwarf pinchers are quite nervous dogs, scared even sharp sounds and bark a lot. The same claims can be made to the toy terrier. If you do not agree to put up with the bustle and constant sounds in the apartment, it is better to buy a quieter dog. Of the small breeds are quite balanced Shih Tzu, Scotch Terriers and Yagd Terriers - all need care for wool and long walks, but cheerful and temperament sanguine. In general, the smaller the size of the dog, the more it is frail. Therefore, in terms of saving the nerves of a medium-sized dog for an apartment are much more suitable - they bark only on the case. However, there may be other drawbacks. For example, a bulldog snores, and if he loves sleeping in your bedroom, you will have to get used to the night rudders. For many, the best breed of dog for the apartment - retriever, and Labrador, and golden. They are calm, patient, beautiful and affectionate. No wonder most guide dogs of this origin.

Choice option: walks

Without them, of course, nowhere. And if you have already decided to have a dog, it means that you are morally ready to take it out at least twice a day. However, different breeds walk in their own way. For those who do not like active movements and exercise, most suitable decorative dogs, which will seed next to a leash, or phlegmatic like the English bulldog or chow chow. Very lazy can get a Chinese crested - it can quite easily be accustomed to the cat tray, although it is not necessary to neglect walks. All hunting breeds, which, in particular, includes York (because of its cute appearance and size, many often forget that he is also a hunter), require long walks and games during them. The same goes for schnauzers - and risens, and mittels, and kids-zvergi during walks are very mobile and insist on your participation in their entertainment.собаки среднего размера для квартиры

Choice option: Nurturability

In this article, we do not consider the features of guard breeds, we are interested in what kind of dog is better to have in the apartment. So it's not about training. But any dog lives, so to speak, in society and must observe certain rules of the hostel. To cleanliness dogs get accustomed quickly, and they come to its idea, they just need to explain that you need to wait for going outside. However, even puppies, who have not learned to tolerate, do not all over the apartment, and try to do things in one place, usually next to the front door.

However, the dog must follow other rules you have established. And then her burrows begin to manifest. And even in small dogs it can be quite harmful. For example, if a dact disliked by a family member, it can nibble on his slippers, showing no interest in other people's shoes. Pinchers are very hard to get used to the silence; walk them should only be on a leash, because the teams, even the simplest, they do not listen. Some hunting dogs - bassets, spaniels and dachshunds - are also ignored by teams on the street because they are fascinated by smells. At the same time, setters, who are also hunters, can be trained in very disciplined behavior - even a street with a dense movement pass without a leash. It is easy to train Sharpei, terriers and chow chow. The most understanding and obedient retrievers and collies - but they are unlikely to be attributed to small dogs.содержание собаки в квартире

Choice option: child

Remains the most important factor that must be taken into account, choosing which dog is best to have in the apartment. Especially if the baby is still small. It is clear that responsible parents will not start any animal, if their offspring and year is not, but if he is already a year three, then a dog for the apartment and the child is selected. Choose a very large animal is not worth it - except St. Bernard, Newfoundland and Shepherd, they are very good-natured and friendly to children. However, they have a lot of wool, which is fraught with the allergy of the baby, and the first two breeds are also drooling, which is not too hygienic. Very small too are not very suitable - the unthinking can just inadvertently cripple the animal, just sitting on it. In addition, we remind, the "little thing" is frail and will violate the child's regime. It is better to stop on such breeds as Sharpei, zverg, pug, scotch terrier, dachrop. Terriers for young children will probably be ideal, because they will willingly take part in their romp.

If the child asks for a dog

A dog is chosen for the apartment and the child slightly differently if your son (daughter) wants to have his own pet. First, to trust the beast to a child under the age of six means to provide yourself with additional care. Your descendant just won't be able to do it yet. It is better to wait up to eight years: if the desire does not pass, it means that the intentions of the little man are the most serious. Since he still has little strength and character, he will have to choose from small breeds, inAs a last resort, the dogs will fit average. For the apartment, for the child and for you it will be better, if the dog will also be short-haired, so that your offspring could take care of him. Suitable dachshunds, the same Sharpei, bulldogs, pugs or a cute charming pooch.

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