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Every person has his own style. And whatever it is, it is necessary that it looks complete, and things are combined with the rest of the wardrobe. To do this come to the aid of accessories.

What is this?

To begin with, you need to know that additional wardrobe items are not only used in everyday life. Accessories can be called and things that help to complete the image in the acting. For example, the main character before going on stage simply has to have a fully disclosed stage image.аксессуары - это

Accessories are an addition that gives the clothes completeness. These include scarves, gloves, bags, ties, belts and many other things. Jewelry also fits the concept.

All wardrobe items should be harmoniously combined. They approach each other in shape, material, color and even season. Accessories are things that not only complete the image, but also for a short period of time it is radically changed.

They may not match in color with each other or other things. But it is the contrast that allows us to emphasize every detail. Here you need to pay attention to the shades. For example, the bright green color does not look along with dark blue.

They may also not be the same size. Some dresses do not fit voluminous jewelry, and beads or buttons will be just in its place.

Women's accessories

Consider the most popular wardrobe items. It's a handbag or a clutch.стильные аксессуары

If a woman prefers business style, then a suit or dress requires a medium-sized handbag. In addition, it should be made of solid material that retains its volume.

Soft shapes are ideal for sports style or "hippie". They are performed in a bright color with the presence of ornament.

If the girl likes jeans, sports shirts, windbreakers or knitted sweaters, then she will fit a large and roomy bag of one tone. Artificial fur or deputyly can be used as a material. Wearing such accessories - it is not only fashionable, but also convenient. It is much easier to put all things in one bag than to carry a large number of packages.


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Small and elegant handbags should also be in every woman's wardrobe. They perfectly complement a festive outfit or business dress.

If you need to wear an evening or cocktail version, here will help clutches. They can be of different sizes and colors. The right clutch will perfectly complete any image.

In the classic version, it should merge with the color of shoes. This explains why handbags have such a large selection of neutral shades.

The clutch looks good with the same color sandals. If the outfit is complemented by a belt, the handbag should be in harmony with it. If there are gemstones, the clutch must stand out in contrast.

Accessories for men

Speaking of wardrobe items and extra clothes, most people are referring to the female version of their performance. However, for men there is also a rich selection of accessories. These include all sorts of belts, purses, scarves, cufflinks, bags, wallets, watches and more. Consider the most popular men's accessory - a belt.аксессуары для мужчин

First of all, it is designed to support trousers. But at the same time the belt gives individuality and style, and also serves as a clear boundary between the top and the bottom of the torso.

Criteria for choosing a belt:

  • Size. It is the length from the buckle to the middle hole, measured in centimeters.
  • Purpose. Accessories for men have a wide variety and can be used in different situations.

Belts for celebrations are usually sewn to order and are not worn in everyday life. Their width ranges from 2.5 to 3.5 cm.

For everyday life, belts are chosen any width. They come in flesh-colored jeans, braided for the summer season or from unusual material that will stand out from the crowd.

Children's accessories

In every family one day there is a long-awaited and beloved child. Over time, he grows and begins to adopt experience and behavior from the people around him. Children love it when they have everything like adults. Therefore, do not forget about such small things as stylish accessories for children. These are special bags, gloves, umbrellas, glasses. Girls will be especially appreciated and will be happy if parents give them children's jewelry and hair accessories.детские аксессуары

Thanks to such small but important things, individuality and style are created in the younger generation. Thus, accessories are a way to quickly change the appearance, emphasize their merits and show people around you their excellent taste.

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