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In anticipation of the summer holidays, every parent starts to think, than to occupy the child at this time. The best option would be a children's camp, away from the city hustle and bustle. Such places in Russia an incredible amount. Of course, before you buy a ticket you should read the reviews. According to a large number of people, including schoolchildren, one of the most worthy institutions is the camp “Operator”.

camp Svyazist

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Last year, the complex turned 59 years old. Simultaneously, it houses 420 young guests from the age of six. It should be noted that the institution receives not only the cheers from the guests, but also diplomas from the trade Union Federation for professional and high quality performance of their duties. Now about the location: the property is located an hour away from St. Petersburg, in a picturesque and quiet village of Petrovskoe, near the lake. A similar camp "Communicator" (Sergeyevka) is located in Belgorod.

The Abundance of mixed forest has a positive impact on health. The entire grounds lined with flowering shrubs, garden trees, fragrant flowers, which creates a sense of harmony. In nature, you can fully take a break from the stressful everyday life and a series of unpleasant events!

children's camp Svyazist

The facility employs experienced teachers and friendly counselors. For children developed interesting programs aimed to develop the talents and abilities of each child. Numerous classes and courses will help the student to understand that he is attracted to and takes. In addition, children hold sports relay races, contests, active contests. No child will be left without attention.


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The Number of rooms

The camp “Operator” in the Leningrad region for children up to 15 years. The guys are divided into 14 groups and placed in rooms. In a protected area erected a two-story building of brick, in which are concentrated the cosy rooms, suitable for six people. The room connected to the communications center in the winter time is heating.

camp Communicator Sergeyevka

The rooms are standard conditions for living: beds, bedside tables, wardrobe. Shared bathroom, placed on the floor. In the lobby there is a TV with sofas. During the warmer months the children can be accommodated in wooden cabins for 10 people (WC and shower on the street). Also on site are five-storey building with comfortable rooms for 4 people with private bathroom. The choice is up to the parents!


Any adequate parent is always worried about the quality of the nutrition of his child. Many people think that in institutions of this type, feed the poor and tasteless. I hasten to dispel all doubts and disputes as a children's camp “Operator”, like no other, strictly monitors the freshness and quality of products. The chefs prepare in accordance with the norms SanPiN.

camp Communicator reviews

A dining room divided into two zones: the senior has his own room. Eating five times a day, starts 9 am. After NAP time, afternoon tea time, consisting of dairy drink, and bakery products. Make of dining room products is prohibited. Those who want to eat, you can look for the stall that is next to the dining room. For the implementation of come juices, chips, cookies, chocolate and so on.

Complex activities

The camp “Operator” you can come with a tour operator, offering trips to this complex. Your child goes to a counselor with a private entertainment. Also in the camp developed interesting methods and recreational activities to help children to develop. Each unit has its own program.

Someone has a theme of leisure is aimed at the study of Viking life. Children go Hiking, shoot a real bow. Others emphasize sports, and others – in art, the fourth – in science. All the themes are interesting and entertaining, broaden horizons and improve existing skills.

camp operator in the Leningrad oblast

Holidays spent in this spirit, will give the child a lot of fun and good vibes. Depending on the interests of the student he will be offered a list of sports: yoga, gymnastics, wrestling, dancing. Counselors organize competitions between teams in order to develop the spirit of competition, to teach teamwork and cohesion.

Internal infrastructure

In summer, open the beach season. The cistern is 70 metres away from residential buildings. Punctually the beach is cleaned. The shore is strewn with fine sand for the comfort of children. Order and safety was closely monitored by counselors and lifeguards. Children's camp “Operator” are medical center and treatment rooms.

For guys there is a library and lounge with computers. Daily scroll cinema animation, organized theatrical performances with participation of young talents. In the evening there is music and disco. During the day the children who attend the clubs to choose from: fine arts, dance, decoupage, acting, etc.

camp Svyazist

For active and sporty children, there is a Wellness centre with a swimming pool, gym and even a ski trail. Available billiard room, table tennis, intellectual games (checkers, backgammon, chess). The outdoor area is refined Biking trails, gazebos and benches. For younger students built a Playground.

Children's camp "Signalman": parents and children

The Children enthusiastically, with smiles of happiness on the face tell about summer vacation at this establishment. Comfortable and clean rooms, no one has caused discontent. Indisputable advantage is the presence of a pool where the kids can frolic freely and bathe. Has to spend the accumulated energy. Adults and children were pleased with the food, wherein the freshness, variety and calorie content. In conclusion, we can summarize that the camp “Operator” helps students spend vacation fun, active and entertaining.


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