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The Village of Novomikhailovsky has already won a reputation among vacationers along with Tuapse and Gelendzhik. Location – near the river Nachasha, which flows directly into the Black sea. Also, nearby is the famous Cape Bloodless. What Tuapse, Gelendzhik is located in the vicinity of the village, namely 40 and 50 kilometers respectively. Bored vacationers do not have, as at their disposal as a beach vacation on the beautiful sandy shores of the village of Novomikhailovsky (the beach here is considered one of the best in the Tuapse district), and active holiday with exciting excursions, the price of which, incidentally, is quite acceptable. In addition, tourists are offered a great variety of entertainment centers.

Climate conditions of the resort

Novomikhailovsky beach

Located between two major cities, the village of Novomikhailovsky combines subtropical and warm climate similar to the conditions in the Mediterranean sea. Good weather is almost year round, starting from the end of April, and ending with the end of October. Rain falls very rarely, and their duration does not exceed several minutes. Novomikhaylovskiy offers a huge number of places to accommodate tourists, however, as the whole area of Tuapse. Another point worth mentioning: the village is situated between two hills, which cover it from the wind, so there are never storms. As many as 240 days a year, you can enjoy the warm sun. This is an unprecedented influx of tourists wishing to improve their health and enjoy the rustle of the waves and sea breeze. There is another trump card of the village of Novomikhailovsky. The beach here is one of the cleanest.


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Novomikhaylovskiy is very well developed resort with a high level of service to guests. On the seafront there are a huge number of cafes and restaurants with all world cuisines, bars, shops, Nightclubs and other entertainment venues. Around the coast of the leisure available various recreation centres and resorts where you can sit very comfortable. At any hotel, regardless of class, have access to a Wi-Fi network that allows you to always stay in touch with family and friends.

Beaches of Novomikhaylovskiy

village of Novomikhailovsky

The biggest reason of pride for the indigenous population of the resort Novomikhailovsky-beach. Sandy beaches here are clean and the comfort level is not inferior to even the famous Turkish Golden sand. The Central beach of the village has a width of 35 metres and a length of 800 meters, respectively. Beach area located in the place where the river empties into the Black sea. In this place the sea has a very smooth bottom that allows you to swim there even for small children (of course, under the supervision of the parents!) The beach has two types of cover – pebble and sand, like many travelers. Here is everything you need for recreation: boats, water skiing, water scooters, catamarans, motor boats and other water transport, where you can ride and get a lot of positive emotions. On the promenade adjacent to the beach is a huge number of attractions for children, restaurants, cafes, night clubs and other establishments.

wild beach in novomikhaylovskiy
the Picturesqueness of the coastal zone is amazing! Between the cliffs is a cable car and funicular ride which you can enjoy the panorama from the height of bird flight. Nearby is a yacht club where you can rent a boat and organize a romantic boat ride. For lovers of nudism a little further from the waterfront is a wild beach in Novomikhaylovskiy, where you can sunbathe Topless, sitting on a comfortable chaise lounge and covering the head of a special umbrella.

The Best sandy beach

Novomikhailovsky sandy beach

The Main purpose of the visit of many tourists in novomikhaylovskiy – a rest. Beach for a comfortable stay on the coast plays an important role. Amazing place, strewn with quartz sand with very convenient access to the water, which can overcome even the children, is a beach area, children's camp “eagle”. On this beach, as on all others in the area, developed water activities. There are catamarans, motor boats, and bananas, and water skiing, and even scuba diving, which will not leave indifferent any fan of dives. There is also a chute which refers to extreme entertainment and will make “thrill”. For such a bright experience definitely worth it to come in novomikhaylovskiy. Sandy beach is not always available to visitors, the entrance to it is paid.

Beach “Seaside” tourist base

Novomikhailovsky a paid beach

The complex is located in a private Cove and has a private beach, equipped security, rescue service, a Luggage storage and shower stalls. In short, we have everything a person needs for a comfortable relaxation. Children can enjoy the inflatable slide, there are all the water rides, hosts interesting sightseeing trips at the place where in Soviet times was filmed great movie“the diamond arm”. Not everyone knows that the shooting took place in novomikhaylovskiy. Paid beach is available for a small fee – only about 150 rubles per person. After payment you can swim all you want, access to the beach shall require a special permit. In case of a storm, the base offers a pool filled with fresh water and under the open sky.

Beach “Tornado”

novomikhaylovskiy vacation beach

This wonderful beach protected by high marinoi, close to where vacationers can take a swim in the spacious pool, filled with sky-blue water. Infrastructure this beach at the height: have the necessary chairs, inflatable slides and rides for children, water transport, locker rooms, showers. In General, it is easier to list what is not there!

Beach "Gold coast»

Golden beach Novomikhailovsky

In order to describe this place, the use of luxuriant vocabulary is inappropriate, as it speaks for itself. Golden beach (Novomikhailovsky) is equipped with everything necessary for a friendship or family and for a romantic getaway. Has all the necessary attributes, sunbeds, sports equipment, catamarans, etc. The beach stretches for as much as 10 kilometers, which allows to find a corner of privacy for everyone.

Stay in novomikhaylovskiy has a special magnetism, and all because here there is a place for all, including families with children, elderly couples, and young people, and middle aged people. Being in the resort village of Novomikhailovsky, you can visit the following interesting tours:

  • National children's Wellness centre “eagle”.
  • Trips to the 33 waterfalls, waterfall Ashe.
  • Cape "Kadosh".
  • Rock of Kiselyov.
  • Dolmen Nebug.

The thrill-seekers are offered the following types of recreation:

  • Safari on a Quad.
  • Walk on the yacht.
  • The Descent with a parachute.
  • Motorcycle Racing "Enduro".
  • Exciting activities in the Park.
  • Scuba diving Lessons with experienced instructors “Odyssey”.
  • Bowling in the specially equipped club “Olympus”.

How to reach

To get to this wonderful place can be 3 ways: by bus with transfers by taxi, by plane to Krasnodar, then by taxi and train.

Arriving in the village of Novomikhailovsky – beach – the first thing that catches the eye.

After living here for a few days at least, no one will remain indifferent, or even want to visit this place again! Gorgeous landscaping of the resort, beautiful beaches, diverse forms of leisure, suitable for both adults and children of all ages – the formula for the best vacation! As for cash costs, the resort is quite economical when compared with the same Anapa or Sochi. Payment for services is made by either cash or credit card of any Bank. Motels coast have 5 meals a day, and some hotels offer mode «all inclusive», which is popular with visiting Turkish and Egyptian resorts. All rooms are carefully cleaned daily, provides food delivery service directly to your room (if the person cannot or does not want to go to the dining room). Many hotels have a playroom, where parents will be able for some time to leave your children under qualified supervision. Also, each hotel has its own medical station where you can get timely medical care of any complexity. Arriving in novomikhaylovskiy, people will remember your holiday forever.

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