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Very soon will come summer, and the soul will ask for the sea. Then everyone will be thinking about where he wanted to rest, because I want to get as comfortable as possible, so as to warm the sea was as close as possible. As a good option resort town can be considered Gagra in Abkhazia. This city is especially popular complex "Cottages in Gagra" (Abkhazia), which is located at the address: street Avidzba, 8.cottages in Gagra reviews


First of all, tourists are attracted by the proximity of the complex to the sea (a little less than a mile), because nothing can be worse than the wearisome campaigns in the far distance on a hot day. One kilometer from the complex "Cottages in Gagra" is a large urban Park, which love to entertain guests.

Not Far from the cottages is a large urban market where you can buy Souvenirs or delicious and fresh food: loose tea, honey from the home apiary, unusual spices. Sold on every corner famous churchkhela. Fans of alcohol are urged to buy for yourself a bottle of chacha, or homemade liqueurs.

Nearby train station (a little less than two kilometers), and not too long to go to the airport - about an hour (the nearest is in Sochi, about 44 miles from the hotel).

Complex unit

"Cottages in Gagra" is a hotel in which anyone can take for themselves a room in the holiday period, only to be booked preferably in advance, as the flow of tourists is very great, and the rooms few, only six, and they all fit in one two-story building.


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The territory has a five small houses made of wood. They also have rooms for guests.

There is a separate area for eating, located in the fresh air. Also provides barbecue facilities where guests can prepare meat or vegetables. In the yard there are many places for relaxation: benches, chairs and armchairs.cottages in Gagra hotel

Device numbers

Rooms and private houses do not differ from each other a degree of comfort. Each has a good conditioner that regulates the temperature of the air in the room, there is a TV with limited channels. A personal shower room for each room, which offers a standard set of bathroom accessories: towels, shower gel, soap, shampoo. The bathroom is also individual.

There is a separate kitchen which has a full set of utensils required for cooking. It also has a fridge and an electric kettle.

In General that works very well, provides comfort for those who have decided to come to rest in "Cottages in Gagra". Reviews, thanks to the attention to the guests, the complex gets better.cottages in Gagra


On the territory of the complex, of course, entertainment and show programs there, but you can find them very close, because the complex "Cottages in Gagra" is located in walking distance to all entertainment places of the city.

One of the main favorite activities of the tourists tours. In Gagra you have the option to enjoy an unforgettable trip by jeep is a very exciting journey that won't seem standard and monotonous! You can also visit the trout farm, take a horse ride, go sea fishing or book a flight on the airplane.

The town has many restaurants and cafes, in particular, "Mill", "gagripsh", "Mojito", "sycamore", cocktail bar "Cockatoo".

Connoisseurs of cultural recreation will be thrilled at the city's Museum "Abaata" or a trip with a guided tour to the nearby cities of Abkhazia, for example, Sukhumi, Pitsunda, or the village of Lykhny, where there is a lot of interest.

At night guests can head to the night club Lime.

Check in complex "Cottages in Gagra"

The hotel Room it is advisable to book in advance. This can be done by phone or on the Internet, on the website by filling the online form. During the day you will call the administrator and, after all the moments, you will be asked to pay in advance for accommodation. If within 24 hours the payment is not received, the reservation is removed.cottages in Gagra Abkhazia

Just before arrival, the housekeeping staff prepares a room, makes a it cleaning and down the room temperature to a comfortable level.

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