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Kemer – a lovely Turkish resort. It is surrounded by pine forests, which are overgrown with grasses towering mountain peaks. The coastal zone in this part of the country are mainly pebbled. But there are sandy beaches. They are artificial. Are concrete platforms sunk into the sea. The surface is backfilled with clean, bright yellow sand.

Kemer is also a fun and memorable vacation. In the village centre, discotheques and night clubs. Closer to Uptown, which are family hotels, focused travel Agency, cheap canteens, playgrounds and supermarkets. Housing in the city for every taste and budget. There are luxurious hotel complexes and private hotels are available.

hotel Grounds

Travel in Kemer is best by taxi. The fare is cheap, about fifty roubles. If you want you can call a taxi. The night is a double fare. In the evening the machines are taken. They have to wait for about thirty minutes. Tickets for concerts and parties to buy in local offices and at the reception hotels.

The best choice

Residential housing

Hotel complex Sefikbey Hotel 3* is located in the heart of the resort village of Kemer. It is a small private hotel, which is focused on accommodation with children. Four-story residential buildings not equipped with elevators. The ascent is by ladders. The yard is small but cozy and tidy. From the international airport to Sefikbey Hotel 3* less than forty miles.

Working Conditions

The Hotel does not accept single men. Special rooms equipped for people with reduced mobility no. Travelers with Pets do not place. Multi-apartment no. Settle in rooms staff at the reception Sefikbey Hotel 3* starts after 14:00. Make room on the day of departure are recommended until 12:00.


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General information


The Hotel complex was built in 2004. Four years ago was the renovation of residential and public zones. The area occupied by the hotel, more than 3500 square meters. At the travellers ' disposal two four-storey residential buildings. The room Fund of the hotel Sefikbey Hotel (photo presented in the article) is sixty rooms of different levels.


Near the hotel is a major highway. The Boulevard of Ataturk connects Kemer with the Federal highway leading to the international airport. The hotel is on the second line. To sea about five hundred meters. To get to the beach, you must cross the highway.

Near Sefikbey Hotel 3* Kemer concentrated mass of eateries and cafes. Located opposite the shopping complex “Kemer Shopping Center”. It has a supermarket. Immediately store “Company of the Ataturk”. To the right pharmacy. Two steps away kebab shop and ice cream shop.

A five minute walk from the hotel to the farmer's market. His shelves are full of fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and dairy products. Sefikbey Hotel 3* (Turkey) is in an area with developed infrastructure.


Standard room

All the rooms in the hotel belong to the category of “Standard”. Their area is 20 square meters. Apartments have private balconies. They are equipped with air conditioning and television. The rooms have electronic safes. Their use is not included in the cost of living in Sefikbey Hotel 3* Kemer (Turkey). The price of services of storage in the safe is 70 rubles per day.

The bathroom has a Hairdryer. The maids regularly update the inventory of toiletries and change the towels. Fitted with a shower. The room has a telephone. It serves for communication with reception. Other calls are charged. Reviews of Sefikbey Hotel 3* States that the rooms do not have refrigerators. Internet connection is very slow.

The Windows of the apartments overlook the sea or the mountains. To specify the location of the room in advance is impossible. Provide the room on arrival. Of choice Suite need to pay. Fixed tariffs. In high season the price of services above.

On the floor of the standard rooms have ceramic tile. Judging by the reviews on Sefikbey Hotel 3* (in Turkey), clean rooms, not very thoroughly. The bedroom has one double or two single beds. As additional guest spots available clamshell. Bed linen is changed twice a week.


On the beach the residents of the hotel walk. If you want you can take the bus. The beach Shuttle surcharge. The bus runs four times a day. Coast covered with shingle. In some places there are sandy islets.

The beach towels are not provided. For sunbeds and umbrellas will have to pay. Standard rate – 100. Entrance in the sea smooth, but rocky. As stated in the reviews, Sefikbey Hotel 3* Kemer (Turkey) animation.



The food in the hotel is implemented according to the principle of «All inclusive”. The system begins to operate at 10:00 and ends at 22:00. In the price includes most meals and local beverages. At Breakfast guests are invited to 07:30. The meal ends at 09:30.

Dine at the hotel from 12:30 to 14:00. The dinner starts at 19:30 and lasts until 21:30. The restaurant's menu plenty of salads, vegetables, meats, side dishes, porridge and soups. Diet meals are not provided.


The reception Desk in the lobby is open around the clock. The hotel accepts payment by cash and banking card systems, Visa and MasterCard. Car Parking is available opposite the main entrance to the hotel. It is free. Place to be reserved in advance is not necessary.

In the bar and in the lobby operates a high-speed Internet connection. It is paid. Rate – 120 rubles a day.

Water sports


The Outdoor pool is in the courtyard of the hotel complex. His bowl has a standard rectangular shape with metal ladders at the sides. The basin area is 63 m². It operates between 08:30 to 19:00. Around it are sun loungers with mattresses, umbrellas and tables.

There is a children's Aqua zone. It is quite small and is located next to the adult pool. The hotel guests appreciated the opportunity to relax by the water while watching the playing children.

Tour Desk

Sightseeing tours in Kemer in the cost of hotel accommodation is not included. They must be purchased separately. The reception staff will help to make the right choice and give complete answers to all questions. Almost all tours start early in the morning.

A list of the most popular programs:

  • A trip to the water Park “land”;
  • Scuba diving
  • “Turkish night”;
  • Parasailing;
  • A trip to Pamukkale;
  • The descent on the mountain river;
  • Boat trip;
  • Hiking in the mountains Tahtali;
  • Visits to the aquarium of Antalya;
  • Quad bike safaris;
  • ‘Acquaintance with Istanbul”;
  • “the World, Kekova, Demre”;
  • “the Olympos, Cirali, Chimera, Ulupinar”;
  • Dolphinarium in Kemer;
  • Fishing in the open waters of the sea.

The Minimum duration of the tour is three hours. Arsenal travel there are two day options. Tours are conducted on comfortable air-conditioned coaches. It is possible to organize individual trips.


Dining room in the hotel

When tourists complain about non-working plumbing in the rooms. Flow taps, flush tanks are not working. The administration is reluctant to respond and address the issue. In high season, hygiene items are not issued in full. Usually in the bathroom, only liquid soap. Maids neglected their responsibilities. Cleaning produce once a week. Although linen was fresh and clean.

The Promised Russian-language channel no. TV shows only Turkish program. A lot of complaints for catering services. The meals monotonous and barren. Fruit on the menu at all. Afternoon tea and a second Breakfast is not provided. To go to the beach far away and difficult, given the extreme heat. You have to spend money on the bus.

When you check can provide floor...

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