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Unknown to many vacationers the farm «Russia» – a Paradise on the Black sea coast. It is famous for its picturesque scenery, pristine coastline and clear water. There are many proposals for housing, characterized by a democratic price and excellent living conditions. sovkhoz Rossiya the convenient location of the settlement distinguishes it from other coastal towns. Characterized by picturesque greenery and mountain landscape in a quiet Bay.

Geographical position

On the Black sea coast, ten kilometers from the city of Adler, lies a quiet and clean place to stay - the farm «Russia». This resort is a picturesque village located in the Adler district of Sochi, located just one kilometer from the famous nizhneimeretinskoy Bay and close to the Abkhazian border. Recently there was built a new quay with objects in the same style and with the bike path.

Infrastructure, entertainment, beautiful landscapes

The village has many points of public catering with varied cuisine, among which it is easy to choose a suitable institution on any income and taste. In the daytime you can eat in the canteens and private eateries and in the evening to sit in a cafe or bar. Entertainment cheap amusement Park is perfect for children of all ages. In the house of culture hosts weekly children's shows. In the village there are shops, supermarket “Magnet”, pharmacies, Sberbank Russia (cash machine), and mail. Along the new paved beach bike path. There is a point bike rental. Sochi sovkhoz Rossiya the Farm «Russia» has many scenic places with views of the sea and the mountains. Here the rich flora. For family walks planted with cypress alley, furnished with comfortable benches. For vacationers who love to see the sights and interesting places there is the opportunity to go on trips to Adler and Sochi, which are in close proximity.


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A Large number of tourists, unfortunately, affects the cleanliness of beaches and water in the sea. Such problems arise in the major resorts, for example, Adler, Sochi. Sovkhoz Russia is famous for its free beaches, clear waters off the coast of the sea. state farm reviews Russian Small, like sand, pebbles covers the entire coast. Due to this, the water is clear. In some places you can find huge boulders. The beach is flat and wide, without breakwaters. On its territory there are comfortable locker rooms, hire of pedalos and sunbeds. Water lovers can take a ride on the "bun", a scooter or a banana. On the beach masseurs offer their services in therapeutic massage. Any beach area free.


Options for accommodation in the village ranges from cheap and modest rooms to comfortable rooms in mini-hotels for a very reasonable price. The most common type of housing in the village – it is the private sector. Sentences a lot. You can find an option for every budget. There are many private hotels of different rooms offers its guests the farm Russia. Photo of tourists engraved in the memory not only of the beauty of the local scenery, but well-appointed and comfortable rooms in mini-hotels. They are clean, in good repair and everything necessary for a comfortable stay. farm photo Russian In the village there are no resorts, but there are recreation and tourist center, known since the Soviet times. The main advantage of housing at the farm «Russia» — it is the democratic price in comparison with similar offers in other parts of the coast. The room with the same housing conditions in Sochi and Adler will cost the tourists much more expensive. And the state farm "Russia" is a bonus – clean sea and fresh air. This, unfortunately, cannot be said about the more famous cities-resorts. To rent accommodation at the farm is directly from the owners, saving on intermediaries. In the selection of vacation village in the fall needs to be mindful of seasonality. Many, but not all, residential properties take visitors round the year.

Popular among tourists ulitsa Tsimlyanskaya

The Perfect place for a relaxing holiday on the Black sea coast in Russia – state farm «Russia». Tsimlyanskaya, old school, Uritsky and Caroluna – the names of the four streets, which are almost all infrastructure and residential buildings of the village. Its advantage is that any accommodation is located near the beach. Uritskogo street — Central in the village, 5 minutes walking distance to the sea. It grow cypress trees. The most popular among tourists is the street of cimlyanskaya, as it is the closest to the sea. All the houses are on it and have an equipped descent to the sea. The sea view is not at all housing ulitsa Tsimlyanskaya. The coast can be observed from the Windows of private property (address house No. 1) or residential buildings after No. 38, which is also removed from the centre with its vibrant night life that ensures peace. The other houses of the street of cimlyanskaya, though have no view of the coast, but are far from the road with minibuses and patch with night cafes. The bus route passes through the streets Uritsky and lower Imereti. Convenience of accommodation Tsimlyanskaya that the beach is close, to entertainment to go far-about 7 minutes, and restful sleep is assured. farm Russia Tsimlyanskaya in addition, many homes have great living conditions. Their advantage in comparison with the hotel – the presence of a cozy courtyard surrounded by greenery. In the shade of the trees, you can dine or just sit in the fresh air. The campers understood the benefits street of cimlyanskaya, therefore, many coming a second time or on the advice of friends, choose an accommodation that is on it.


Clean sea, fresh air, beach, beautiful new waterfront – this is a huge advantages of the resort, according to the unanimous opinion of tourists who visited the farm «Russia». Guest reviews of the village, usually enthusiastic. Some tourists who love active rest, note that the number of events is small. But still all the other advantages compensate for this small disadvantage. Vacationers are surprised by the warmth and hospitality of the villagers. Most guests of the farm like a clear sea and an excellent beach of small pebbles. Some have even seen the diving Dolphin, which indicates the purity of the sea at this coast. stay at the farm the Russian and, of course, can not fail to please the tourist affordable accommodation with good conditions. Most of the rest sure that I will return again to this lovely clean place.


Holidays at the farm «Russia» perfect for families with children, retirees, a relaxed couples who love quiet and cleanliness. Of course, the number of objects does not compare with the city of Adler, but it has all the necessary infrastructure for entertainment. The sea pure, beaches uncrowded area, there are no crowds. People don't feel “the herring in the barrel”. Around colorful landscapes. Housing prices are relatively low. The farm «Russia» – this is one of the best recreational areas among the Sunny black sea resorts of Russia.


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