Bursa (Turkey) – a treasure trove of cultural and architectural heritage of the Ottoman Empire


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This Treasury of artistic, architectural, cultural and historical heritage is the city of Bursa. Turkey has many wonderful cities among them are Ankara or Istanbul, called “diamond”. Bursa is often compared to the emerald because the city is buried in verdure. Travelers here can see all of the seasons. Eternal summer is observed in Mudanya located 15 minutes from the centre of Bursa is the most beautiful place on the coast of the sea of Marmara. Winter can be seen in the snowy mountains of Uludag. In parks and gardens there are all shades of green, reminiscent of springtime. And in the çekirge, where located the world-famous springs, is “autumn Paradise”.

Bursa TurkeyNatural and architectural landmarks, attractive Turkey. Bursa on the map located on the northwestern slopes of mount uludağ in the winter here is one of the most famous ski resorts, but the city is lovely in summer. This is the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, it is completely immersed in the forests, orchards, parks and gardens. The city was founded by Hannibal of Carthage and is named CIT. In my time here rested many Byzantine aristocrats who come to thermal sources. By order of the Emperor Justinian the city was built public baths and built the Palace.

Good location and natural wealth Prusa haunted the Seljuks, so they captured the city in the XIV century and in 1326 has become the capital of the state of Bursa. Turkey then reached an unprecedented peak. In Bursa minted the first silver Ottoman coin. Though soon the city lost its capital status, but the sultans never left him unattended, strongly supported, building complexes, consisting of charitable, religious and commercial establishments.


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Turkey Bursa on the mapToday one of the fastest growing cities is because of the Bursa. Turkey has always considered this city special, it is here for many centuries have been producing “buskiy” silk, shot with silver. The most famous monuments in Bursa are the Green mausoleum and the Green mosque, the name they received because of the color of interior decoration. This is a very beautiful architecture, amazing great art finish marble. Also worth a visit is the mosque of Murad II, Emir Sultan, Bayezid, Orhan. In addition, many interesting structures has a Bursa.

Turkey is known for its bathing rituals. In Bursa during the reign of Justinian was built the Old Bath, and ordered the construction of a New Rustem Pasha, son-in-law of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent and Grand vizier. In the area Chekeres are the best places, here all visitors wash, rubbing gloves from camel hair and do massage with oil.

hotels Bursa TurkeyThe city has everything for comfortable rest of tourists and offers a wide choice of accommodation. Travelers can stay at “Tugcu Hotel Select”, “Bursa City Hotel”, “Hotel Çelik Palas Thermal Spa». The highest requirements are met absolutely all city hotels. Bursa (Turkey) will leave only positive impressions. Even stopping at other resorts, it is necessary to allocate at least a day to exploring this wonderful city.

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