The largest water Park in the world at the edge of the world


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On the Japanese island Kyushu in the Gulf Hitozuma, is located the largest water Park in the world, which stretches for ten kilometers from North to South. Most often, this place is called Ocean Dome because of its shape and design features. Sihaya is a huge domed roof, which is expanded due to the sliding mechanisms. It fully simulates the clear blue skies, tropical palm trees and turquoise water surface, which gradually turns into an artificial pond located in the Park. The atmosphere inside the building is very similar to the resort as any guest can swim in the artificial Bay, to lie on the sand and enjoy a real beach cocktail.the largest water Park in the world

In the daytime, when the sky has no clouds and the sun warms the air, the roof is diluted over the Park Sigia open the sky now. However, if the weather allows, what happens on this island is extremely rare, to replace the celestial canvas can legendary dome, which in 2000 was rightly included in the Guinness Book of records. The same thing happens at night, which is why the biggest water Park in the world – sun, sea and warm all day and all year round. It is worth noting that on the territory of the entertainment complex is also maintained at a constant temperature, which is equal to 28-30 degrees Celsius, so all the campers to feel comfortable and at ease.

The biggest water Park also has a very wide variety of live tropical plants, which include shrubs and even trees. Some of them are fruit, but most still just ornamental, grown for the interior. Along with palm trees and vines, the water Park has various slides, without whom all this fun would not have been so interesting and fun. Water attractions designed for both children and adult visitors, and their level of security no doubt will make even the most suspicious visitor.largest Waterpark


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To Say that Sihaya – is the largest water Park in the world, it to say quite a bit about this place. On the complex territory there are many small cafes for day snack, as well as a number of chic restaurants in which to spend a romantic evening. The complex also includes the hotel rooms of different categories, swimming pools, sauna and a Jacuzzi. Here you can relax, visiting the cinema, concerts, great shows, and chamber water Park in the world

The visitors Repeatedly said that Sihaya – the best water Park in the world. He differs from his fellows not only huge in size, but the recreation program, a number of different sites and institutions. Ordering the tour to the largest water Park in the world, you can pre-book the services which will be most acceptable, and to enjoy the experience without thinking about problems and troubles. After all, only warm and affectionate Japanese climate, combined with a huge number of various shows and SPA parlors make a vacation truly eventful.

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