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Among the many places to stay one of the most popular is the resort suburb of Yalta-Zaozernoye (Crimea). Reviews about this village confirm that this is a great place suitable for family holidays and for young companies. Here you can not only relax on the sea, but also to combine rest with treatment of various diseases, including musculoskeletal. In addition, you can use the total Wellness program the entire body, because in the resorts the resort village, all the procedures are carried out using mud from the lake Moinaki.Zaozerne Crimea reviews

Formed this village in 1861. This happened in connection with necessity of adjustment of the Light beacon that can be seen at the present time. It rises in the South-Western part of Yalta. This resort town is located just a few kilometers from the village Zaozerne (Crimea). Reviews show that to reach it is not difficult, as the village with the city is connected by regular transport.

The village Itself is a pretty cozy town. On the beachfront there are pensions, children's camps and sanatoria of the village Zaozerne (Crimea). Reviews shows that it is possible to combine rest with treatment. All the resorts have a powerful therapeutic base of qualified professionals. In the next lane with its multitude of shops and cafes that gives you the ability to eat independently. In the grocery stores quite a lot of choice, able to satisfy the wishes of every tourist. Further there are private mini-holiday, and then the private sector. Small hotels – it is the modern facilities for a comfortable stay, offering a range of additional services. And the private sector of the village is ideal for those who prefer a more economical and self-planned in Zaozerne Crimea reviews


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A significant role when choosing a place for recreation play beaches. The coastal strip of the Gulf Kalamitsky strewn with a layer of clean and fine sand. That is why the beaches of the village Zaozerne (Crimea) reviews are extremely positive. The sand is warming up quite quickly and by midday very often heated up to 50 degrees. The beach has a gentle descent to the sea. Due to the shallow water of the coastal strip the water here is very warm. The tides are practically not observed. The choice of beach areas in Zaozernoye is large enough. There are as equipped and beautiful beaches, and desert, which attracts lovers of remote travelers.the Crimea, Zaozerne reviews

The Guests in Zaozerne (Crimea) - reviews confirm this is not just a pastime on the beach or taking medical procedures. On the outskirts of the village is the entertainment center "Photon", which hosts various concerts, festivals and various shows.

The village also has several Nightclubs where you can enjoy different show programs, disco. Those who rest will be here in August, if you want to get to the international festival of rock music. In half an hour from the village there is a beautiful water Park “Banana Republic Akvaparkos”. For fans of electronic music in the village of Popovka, which is located at a distance of 25 kilometers from Zaozerny, provided the project “Republic Kazantip”, where the best DJs of the world.

Lovers of kite surfing and wind surfing will also receive a great  vacation, going to the Crimea. Zaozernoe, which reviews describe all the attractive side of the village, is located near lake Donuzlav. Here are the fans of sports entertainment.

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