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Sharm El-Sheikh — one of the most popular cities which is visited every year by thousands of tourists. This Egyptian resort has to offer the traveler than just sandy beaches, warm sea and the magnificent coral reefs, but also the high-class hotels and excellent level of service. This is where the Three Corners Palmyra Resort. Many people during the planning of the trip looking for more information about a particular hotel. For example, where it is located, whether near the beach, shops, rest areas? Is it possible to relax here with a child? Recommend the hotel whether tourists who have already managed to spend some time?


Largest hotel complex of Three Corners Palmyra Resort is situated in the picturesque resort town of Sharm El-Sheikh, about the second line — the nearest beach is about 500 m.

three corners palmyra resort

One of the advantages of the hotel is its proximity to the airport — you can get there in 5 minutes, so guests don't have to spend hours on the road. To the city centre with all its attractions, shopping and entertainment outlets can be reached by car or bus in approximately 20 minutes.

Hotel Three Corners Palmyra 4* (Egypt): infrastructure and grounds

The Hotel complex is spacious enough — its area is of approximately 35 thousand square meters. The whole territory of the hotel is clean, well appointed, decorated with palm trees and exotic plants. Hotel consists of several two - and three-storey buildings built in a beautiful Oriental style. Patios are reserved for pools, terraces, playgrounds and recreation.


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By the Way, hotel Three Corners Palmyra Resort was built in 2002. In 2005 was held in almost complete reconstruction, and cosmetic repairs and improvements are organized here every year.

How to look like a hotel room?

In the hotel there is a 331 room:

  • 261 standard is designed for sharing accommodation for 2 people (+ child);
  • 68 spacious family apartments;
  • 2 rooms Suite with a high level of comfort;
  • There are connecting rooms which are suitable for a large family or company.

the three corners palmyra

Naturally, many guests interested in the conditions of residence on the territory of the hotel. As evidenced by the reviews, the room is bright, spacious and clean. Almost every room has access to a small terrace or balcony. The room has a full range of furniture and household appliances. For example, a telephone with direct dial function, a TV watching which you can pass the time, a radio, an alarm clock and a small safe (in some rooms it is available on request). Minibar filled at the request of the guests, and is billed separately.

The Bathroom will appreciate the cleanliness, convenience and constant availability of hot and cold water. You can enjoy a spacious shower cabin, a washbasin, a cosmetic mirror. Cleaning in the rooms there are every day, and it is confirmed that the premises contains almost perfect purity.

Food guests

Like almost all hotels in the territory of the Egyptian resorts, Three Corners Palmyra Resort offers its guests full meals. Meals are held in the main restaurant. In a spacious room you will be able to take a comfortable table and to choose their own food to their own taste. By the way, serves international, international, Egyptian cuisine. From time to time serves seafood, as well as themed evenings e.g. Italian or Chinese cuisine.

three corners palmyra amar

Of Course, on the territory of the hotel there are several bars, for example, in the lobby and by the pool. Here you can get light snacks and refreshing chilled beverages.

How far is the beach?

Most of the tourists visit Egypt with the purpose of a pleasant holiday by the sea. In this respect, can offer the hotel Three Corners Palmyra Amar el Zaman 4*? Immediately is to say that the beach is quite far — distance to the beach is about 9 miles. However, the hotel tried to solve this problem, ensuring guests a regular free Shuttle service to the beach and back. Of course, you will have to spend about 20 minutes on the road, but the buses run regularly.

three corners palmyra amar el zaman 4

The Beach here is pebbly and sandy. There is a convenient, cleared of corals and stones at the entrance to the sea, and the shallows where children can bathe in. But about appropriate beach sandals still should not be forgotten. On the shore there is a sufficient number of sun loungers and sun umbrellas. There is a bar, where guests can dine if you don't want to go back to the hotel. Of course, the beach is always a team of rescuers.

By the Way, there is a second beach that is more suitable for families with children, since the coastal area here is very small. And the distance to it is much smaller — about 1,000 meters.

Water sports and beach holidays

Naturally, many tourists embark on a journey in order to pleasantly and actively spend your vacation. Is there any chance the guests of the hotel Three Corners Palmyra 4*? Sharm El Sheikh is famous not only for its mild climate and warm sea, and beautiful coral reefs. What a rich underwater world and attracts fans of diving. By the way, there are several schools of diving, for a reasonable price you can rent costumes and equipment and also to acquire a tour to the most picturesque parts of the coast. Newcomers also have an opportunity to undergo a short training course.

three corners palmyra Sharm El Sheikh

Of Course, on the beach, boating, Canoeing, water scooters, water skiing, banana boat, etc. in a Word, each camper will be able to find a truly awesome experience.

Family fun with baby

It is natural that many tourists now prefer to relax with the whole family, with children. And for these travelers is extremely important questions about the availability of certain facilities. What offers the hotel The Three Corners Palmyra?

It is worth to report that the children feel comfortable at the hotel. Extra beds in the room, high chairs, large selection of food for children of different ages — this is what can guarantee guests of the hotel.

In terms of entertainment, this place also has some advantages. For example, for children equipped with a good Playground with a sandpit and swings. There is a small, shallow pool, where the water is constantly heated. Older kids can enjoy water slides in adult pool — this attraction will bring a lot of pleasant experiences for parents as well as young tourists. In addition, every day there is a mini club that accepts children from 4 to 11 years. Here they provide a huge number of toys. Regularly hosts dance classes and drawing. And funny animators organise daily various games, plays and performances, which give children a lot of fun.

4 three corners palmyra Sharm El Sheikh

Additional services at the hotel

Of Course, for its guests the hotel offers only the best conditions. It is to inform you that there is constantly a dry cleaning and Laundry, which cost quite inexpensive. You can access the Internet at any time. There is a spacious Parking with a constant guard. By the way, to rent a car in the city is not difficult at all — only need to have the necessary documents.

Here, in the hotel you will be able to use the exchange (by the way, the course here is pretty good). Guests can visit the local small shops where you can buy household stuff, things and, of course, unique Souvenirs. In case of deterioration of state of health you can always contact the clinic.

Hotel Three Corners Palmyra (Sharm El Sheikh): leisure activities

What to do to tourist who decided to stay on the premises? In fact, it's unlikely anyone will be bored. In the courtyard there are seven pools of different sizes (some of them heated). Here guests can swim, arrange various competitions and simply relax on the comfortable sun loungers.

three corners palmyra Egypt

There is two tennis courts, next to which you can rent balls and rackets. There are basketball and mini football. Travellers, who always and everywhere to stay in shape, offer a gym with modern equipment. Anyone can sign up for group classes at the gym, take some dance lessons. There is a possibility of horse riding, beginners are often written to a couple of lessons. In the evenings, GOST...

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