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The Black sea Coast of Bulgaria stretches for nearly 400 kilometers. It is an ongoing series of pristine Golden sand beaches, resorts and hotels, the whole resort town, known around the world.

Many of the beach areas of this country marked with “Blue flag” granted by European Union for environmental cleanliness and increased comfort.

In Bulgaria, with its temperate continental climate, very beautiful nature. The lush greenery, wild mountains, blue lakes, quiet or violent rivers, picturesque gorges, fertile valleys – this is what attracts tourists of all ages.

Beach holidays in Bulgaria today is sufficiently developed. It goes well with health, and the world-famous mineral springs and balneological is almost all resort cities of the country.

Reigning everywhere, the friendly atmosphere, cozy hotel complexes designed for different categories of holidaymakers, and most importantly, very reasonable prices for a accommodation – all this makes a beach holiday in Bulgaria is particularly popular.

This country has an ancient history and interesting folklore, there is excellent sea and Spa resort, many of the cities museums. For example, included in the UNESCO list of Nessebar, Sozopol, with their unique ancient beauty, the city-port of Bourgas, Varna – the Northern capital.

The Best resorts in Bulgaria offer not only swimming, but also excellent conditions for lovers of sailing, surfing, water skiing.

Here, many tourists come with their family, because a beach holiday in Bulgaria is perfect for young children: for them there is an ideal climate, plenty to see and do and, most importantly, comfortable for bathing sea with shallow water.


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Many children Especially resting in Albena and Sunny beach. No less popular and children's camp in Kranevo, Obzor.

For the youth of Bulgaria, which is among this category of tourists is very supportive, offers fun on the Golden Sands. Here are many night clubs, bars and discos.

The largest resort in Bulgaria is Sunny beach, located on the eight-kilometer sandy beach that is lined with many hotels, restaurants, night clubs and discos. Here is the annual contest "Golden Orpheus”.

Another resort – al – is located in green Bay, surrounded by gardens and natural groves and low hills. All 43 of the hotel, among whom are four-star, located right by the sea and are renowned for excellent service. There are a lot of cozy corners among the shady avenues, where the hospitable tavern. Fame Albens bring the annual festivals.

The largest industrial property center, which is both a key hub connecting Europe with almost all the cities of Sunny beach is the Burgas. It is here that land many international flights.

The Third-largest city Varna, located in the same Bay-the sea capital of the country. The resort offers an unforgettable beach holiday in Bulgaria on the coast, next to the calm, safe sea.

There is also a small established in 1878, seaside Park. It features a Dolphin Park and a giant aquarium, a variety of marine life, including tropical flora and fauna.

Beach holidays in Bulgaria – renovated hotels with rooms corresponding to European standards, infrastructure, clean beaches, where not charged for entrance. All of this enables the country to develop tourism, which is considered one of the priorities of national policy.

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