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Bochum (Germany) considered to be one of the Central cities of the Ruhr area. This town has an ancient history. Sometimes Bochum can be called the heart of the Ruhr, because it is located in the Central part of the area, which is world famous for coal industry. So, what to see tourist in Bochum, and what places are worth a visit? Read about it below.

Climate conditions

Weather conditions in Bochum as a whole are stable and seldom subject to change. As for the climate, it can be called soft for not a particularly hot summer and a moderately rainy autumn. Winter is not often severe frosts, and, in principle, this season is not long, replaced by a warm springtime. However, at this time of the year cold come back sometimes, which can cause some frustration after the first sun rays. April and may can be called almost summer, because in these months there is suitable temperature. That is why most of the excursions takes place in this period. Bochum (Germany) is located in the area, which is usually attributed to the moderate continental climate.

Historical information

Bochum (Germany) really can be considered one of the oldest in the country, as it was first mentioned in the late ninth century. The historical path it has lasted for more than a thousand years. Bochum was built in the place where trade routes that were located there in ancient times. According to scientists, 1517 was a difficult time for Europe, when there were terrible fires that are taking place and this city.

Bochum, Germany

Then a large amount of time has passed, while Bochum recovered, in parallel with what has been developed and coal deposits. At the beginning of the XIX century during the Napoleonic occupation, the city is considered Central in the Westphalia region of Prussia.


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In these places came the German inhabitants of the Eastern regions, who, because of their plight were in search of work. Because of these circumstances, the town grew steadily, aided by the constant development of coal fields, which are known to Bochum (Germany). University, who called the Ruhr, opened here was in the 60-ies of the last century. This is an important educational institution that is known throughout the country.

Bochum, Germany

Today, the coal in the city is not being developed, and industrial enterprise for production of steel are not working. In General, factories are transferred to other, distant parts of the country. Bochum systematically developed by other companies that are actively basing businesses in the city.

Sights of Bochum

The Main tourist attraction is considered to be the building of the Industrial Museum of Westphalia. However, its exposure, despite the name, tell you not only about the history and activities of enterprises, but also the Bochum as a whole, its development. The territory of the Museum complex includes eight industrial facilities, including one managed to fully convert into a Museum.

The region's many churches, which is famous Germany - Bochum also has its famous religious buildings. So, the city is the Church of saints Peter and Paul, which was erected under the orders of Emperor Charlemagne. On the Church there is the bell, which today is something of a major landmark in Bochum. The territory of the Botanical garden of the Ruhr is also considered one of the tourist places in town where you can see the plants come from different parts of the world.

Germany, Bochum

Sightseeing in Bochum

In the city you can visit a large number of tours and even travel to other places of Germany, where many historical monuments and cultural attractions. Some part is organized for Russian visitors in their native language. You can choose from day trips and tours, designed not for one day. All must be ordered directly in the field, you can use as the proposed routes or suggest your own.

Bochum, Germany University

Shopping and Entertainment

The city has a Park for walking and Cycling. Close to the zoo, in which you can go with the child. Animals live in separate cages that are adapted to their natural environment. You can see tropical plants, and a lake where swans. In addition, the institution has a huge aquarium in which live the inhabitants of the sea.

Also in Bochum is a large building of the popular shopping Mall. In the Ruhr-Park there is everything for shopping: plenty of boutiques, stores, where you can buy Souvenirs or jewelry, etc. in Bochum if you wish, you can easily find a place for night's rest. Young people actively visit night clubs and discos.

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