Hotel Royal Jinene 4* Sousse (Sousse, Tunisia): photos and reviews of tourists


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Tunisia — a country that attracts travelers from all over the world. After all, you can count on comfort, quality service and the opportunity to immerse in a new culture, traditions and interesting history. Of course, do not forget about the possibility to spend time on the beach.

When planning a trip the tourists often falls on the hotel Royal Jinene 4. Sousse (Sousse) — a beautiful Spa town, ideal for a beach holiday. Of course, for starters, strangers are trying to gather as much information about the selected stop. The hotel is located and how far are the beach, shops, restaurants and cafes? What living conditions you can expect guest? Is there a hotel for more services and activities? The suitability of the place for a pleasant and comfortable stay of the child? What are the comments about the hotel tourists? The answers to these questions can be useful for many readers.

Where is located the hotel complex?

royal jinene sousse 4

For many travelers, the critical issue of the location of a boarding house. So where is the hotel Royal Jinene 4? Sousse (Sousse), a picturesque town on the coast. It was here, in a quiet area, practically on the beach and is located a modern hotel.

Distance to the city centre with all its entertainment and attractions is only 3 km distance and can be easily reached on foot, because sometimes it's nice to walk on evening city, beautifully illuminated by lights. In addition, travelers can use a taxi or public transport, the prices are not too high. Located near the picturesque harbour and port El Kantaoui. The distance to Monastir airport is 25 km from Travellers, paying the tour, you can count on a free and convenient Shuttle service to the hotel.


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In General, the location of the hotel is great: the area is quiet and the beach and the city centre are in walking distance.

Hotel Royal Jinene Sousse 4: description of the territory and additional information

hotel royal jinene sousse 4

Immediately is to say that the hotel is a complex of several buildings built in a simple but elegant Oriental style. The hotel grounds are large and green, goes directly to the sea. By the way, next there is another hotel within their combined.

The Courtyard of the hotel Royal Jinene Sousse Hotel is beautiful and well maintained. Everywhere the eye to neatly manicured lawns, colorful flower beds with exotic flowers, a tropical garden and perennial tall palm trees. There are pools, sun terraces and sports - in short, everything to ensure that guests were able to relax and spend time in the lap of nature.

Hotel Royal Jinene Sousse 4: photo and description rooms

royal jinene sousse 4, Tunisia

This medium-sized hotel consisting of 102 rooms. For the most part it is a comfortable standard room, but there are a few larger suites. Travelers can enjoy views of the garden or sea from the balconies attached to the rooms.

Of Course, all rooms have comfortable furnishings, including large Desk. By the way, not so long ago there was a can expect new carpeting, real home comfort and elegant environment.

The Set of appliances, without which it is hardly possible to imagine the comfort of the traveler, are also available. Relax and unwind by watching satellite channels on the TV. The air conditioning system will help to cope with summer heat and create comfortable temperature conditions. You will be able to make calls, but they are not included in the price. For a small fee you can rent a safety Deposit box. Mini-bar with cooling system also includes, but is filled only upon request.

The room has an attached bathroom with tiled floors and new, modern fixtures. Depending on room category, a spacious bath or shower. Also at your disposal is a separate toilet, washbasin, vanity mirror and hair dryer, set of toiletries and clean towels.

The Reviews indicate that the rooms here are really clean. Quality cleaning every day (or at the request of the guests). Times per week delivered to the room of clean linen.

Power Scheme for guests

royal jinene sousse 4 tours

A Really fun and quality vacation could be complete without delicious food. So they can count on the hotel hotel Royal Jinene 4 (Sousse)? Tours purchased from agents, as a rule, include full meals. If you book the hotel by yourself, you can choose a convenient scheme, whether only Breakfast or Lunches.

Reviews indicate that local restaurant and the power supply circuit is really good. A spacious building has comfortable Oriental style. There are enough tables, chairs and tableware.

Breakfast in most cases consists of light snacks, salads, fresh pastries, fresh fruit, different types of eggs, pancakes and of course, desserts. Lunches and dinners more diverse. The menu includes traditional national dishes of Tunisia, as well as more familiar European foods. Guests can enjoy delicious salads, meat dishes and fish and seafood and homemade cakes.

The all inclusive includes free drinks, particularly juices, lemonade, coffee, tea, delicious wines and more. Some of them can be found in the restaurant, while drinks are offered at the local bar. Here you can just sit, relax and chat with other guests.

By the way, you can eat outside of the hotel Royal Jinene Hotel Sousse 4. Suss — a large resort city, where there are a huge number of restaurants, cafes and pizzerias. Guests sometimes visit the local shops and markets where you can buy food and prepared delicious local cuisine.

Where is the beach?

royal jinene sousse 4 description

Of Course, most tourists arriving in Tunisia in search of picturesque beaches. It has to offer in this regard, the hotel complex Royal Jinene 4? Tunisia, Sousse — the ideal place for holidays by the sea. The hotel area goes directly to the coast, the trip takes no more than 5-10 minutes.

The Hotel owns a section of the coast that your beach is closed to outsiders, as the rest here, only guests. The shore is covered with soft sand entrance to the sea is gradual and comfortable. Beach free from seaweed and other debris every morning so there is always clean. Here is furnished with comfortable sunbeds and large umbrellas, which will perfectly protect from direct sunlight. They can be used for free, but the rent of the soft mattress you need to pay. Guests get clean towels (they give bail, which you then return).

On the beach is another bar from the hotel. Here tourists can enjoy a tasty cocktail or a chilled drink. The menu even has snacks and ice cream are homemade. It offers well-equipped and a volleyball court where you can have fun in the company of new friends.

Stay in the water: what awaits the tourists?

Sunbathing and swimming in the sea — this, of course, components have fun. But some tourists prefer more active types of recreation. On the beach you can rent canoes, small spoon or a catamaran. For a fee you can ride on water skis, a boat or a banana. Many guests like parasailing. The local coastline is ideal for Windsurfing. Experienced travelers can rent a Board and other devices right on the beach. Beginners for a small charge, hire an experienced instructor who helps them get started and explain the basic rules.

One of the favorite activities of travelers is, of course, scuba diving. Sea world here is rich and diverse. Near the hotel there is a diving school where you can purchase a tour, rent the necessary equipment or go through a quick training course from professional instructors.

Additional services

royal jinene sousse 4 photo

At times small household problems can thoroughly ruin a vacation. Fortunately, the hotel complex Royal Jinene Hotel Sousse 4 offers some additional services designed to facilitate the accommodation of travellers.

As with almost all hotels, it has its own Laundry, which cost quite inexpensive. For a small fee you can rent a safe at the reception: here, your valuables will be safe. There is a chamber for storage, which is handy if there are things that you are not going to use.

On site currency exchange rate in most cases is quite good, ...

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