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What sort of holiday are you interested in? Surely even the most inquisitive travellers, who prefer European countries will not refuse the opportunity to be on the coast, get a nice tan and swim in the warm and gentle sea. India is a third world country, but despite this, a small Indian state Goa every year becomes all more popular. It is a heavenly place on the coast of the Arabian sea.

Goa is a great option for those who are planning their vacation in the cold season. The season lasts from October to may, at this time, the temperature rises to 30 degrees, sometimes higher. But many tourists cost even without air conditioning in the room, and all because the sea breathes a pleasant coolness. At other times of the year, the rest can hardly be called comfortable, as the temperature rises even higher, even in the shade reaching 45-50 degrees, and be on the beach unbearable. So if you are planning a vacation in the summer, it is better to pay attention to other areas. In General, Goa infused exotic contrasts, fabulous beaches, clean sea and excellent opportunities for leisure activities. Can you relate to India and its resorts, but it is better to visit it and form your own opinion.

Jose Holiday Home 2*: photo

Resort Features

Exotic resort is evident throughout - not only in customs, traditions, but also in hotels. Like most other Asian resorts, Goa offers various options - from luxurious to appalling. That is why all tourists should be extremely careful and cautious in choosing a hotel: there is a risk to get into terrible conditions and spoil your entire vacation. Even if you plan to be in the hotel only a night, you as a tourist at least the necessary and comfortable furniture and a separate bathroom with hot water. Offer to conduct an objective review of hotel Jose Holiday Home 2* and see how it fits for the rest. We will assess the condition of rooms, furniture, the territory of the hotel and its location.


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About the hotel

The southern part of Goa, ideal for a quiet and relaxing holiday. It is here that prefer to relax people who appreciate comfort, and all because here are the best hotels of the coast. Cozy Bungalow, surrounded by majestic palm trees, white sand and the beautiful sea - all this creates the conditions for a truly heavenly holiday. So, Jose Holiday Home 2* is in the southern part of the resort and attracts tourists from different corners of the globe. Of course, the "star" of the hotel confuses many. Surely you as a tourist, I want to know why it looks good, the hotel was awarded the highest evaluation. Reviews about it is not much, but even this information is enough to evaluate it from all sides.

Jose Holiday Home 2*


Due to the fact that the hotel was opened in 1995, many consider him really old. But it's not as bad as suggested by many tourists, because the school boasts a great location. Only a few hundred meters and you are at the beach. This is what attracts many Jose Holiday Home 2*. The description emphasizes its proximity to the amenities of the resort centre and the shops, bars and restaurants. Moreover, it is close to the train station and the airport, so don't have to spend time on the road. Please note! The hotel is located along a busy street, so at night it is quite noisy and crowded.


All campers will be able to stay in a comfortable guest room or Suite. EN-Suite bathroom, air-conditioning or fan, TV with satellite channels - these are the conditions offers Jose Holiday Home 2*. Reviews by real travelers emphasize that the rooms are quite spacious and bright, equipped with everything necessary for rest.

Jose Holiday Home 2* India (South Goa)

Each room has a balcony, which offers stunning views of the resort. Some of the rooms facing the coast, so tourists get a unique opportunity to enjoy amazing sunsets and meet the dawns, enjoy the sound of the surf. In each room: double bed, bedside tables, table with mirror, on the balcony, 4 comfortable chairs. Some tourists believe the lack of availability of double beds, as is not always comfortable to sleep together, but even this can be used. The condition of the plumbing is OK, there is no shortages of hot water. The only drawback, perhaps, is the lack of bathroom soap supplies, but most tourists use their own cosmetics, so the problems should arise. In short, everything needed for a comfortable stay conditions created at the hotel Jose Holiday Home 2*. The description of the hotel could not affect the question of the state of the art. Yes, of course, some rooms may have problems with the air conditioner, the TV, but, according to residents, all breakages are eliminated by the administration in the shortest possible time.

The Furniture is not new, which is understandable, given the history of the hotel, but this does not prevent her to be comfortable and functional. But the insulation in the rooms is disgusting, rather, it is simply absent - tourists hear everything going on in the next room. Of course, thiscreates some discomfort, but if you will come to the hotel only to sleep, inconvenience should not be. It is not necessary to set aside rooms food: even a small crumb will provoke an invasion of ants, get rid of them would be difficult.

Jose Holiday Home 2*: services


Of Course, as in the case with other hotels and Inns, there are certain rules of check in and to Jose Holiday Home 2*. Reviews emphasize that the settlement happens pretty quickly, even if guests arrive before the deadline. If the room by this time is ready, the tourists are offered to stay in a comfortable lobby and wait for the keys. If necessary, all vacationers can take advantage of Luggage storage for Luggage, and this service is absolutely free.


According to guests, the rooms are cleaned daily, even if tourists do not leave the room key at the reception. Staff responsible approach to their duties, wiping the floor, furniture, plumbing that creates much needed pleasure, the feeling of cleanliness and freshness. Towels and linen are changed as required. Tips are not obligatory in Goa, but welcome, if tourists consider it necessary.

Jose Holiday Home 2*: responses of tourists

Staff are friendly, courteous and polite. To Jose Holiday Home 2* service is provided in a sufficient range. If necessary, the staff will order your things: to wash and iron them, will help get rid of difficult spots. At the information Desk you can get a map of the resort, to get acquainted with infrastructure and the most popular tour programs. With all the questions customers may at any time refer to the helpful staff: they will tell you the most interesting and worth seeing places in Goa will help you decide on dining and entertainment.


The cost of hotel accommodation includes Breakfast. They are typical of Asian resorts. Most often it is fried or scrambled eggs, sausages, cold cuts and cheeses, toast with butter and jam, boiled eggs, coffee, tea and fresh juices. Not as diverse as in Turkey and Egypt, but hungry none of the tourists certainly will not. But lunch and dinner can be enjoyed in local restaurants and bars - they abound here. Moreover, on the beach sell boiled corn, seafood, cooked in various ways - a real Paradise for lovers of the exotic. In fact, Goa – featuring the opportunity to meet exotic Asian cuisine.

Jose Holiday Home 2*: testimonials

The grounds of the hotel

Now it Is time to talk about the site Jose Holiday Home 2*. Photo taken by tourists, and the hotel confirmed that he was deprived of his territory. The hotel is built along the main street of the village. Pools, respectively, here, either. You will find the hotel of city type, represented by a single building with separate rooms and the information Desk. However, this is not such a hindrance rest. Tourists coming to Goa are unlikely to sit in the room, they are likely to be all their free time to spend on the coast, so the lack of a huge surrounding area and the pool should not be attributed to a number of huge disadvantages.

The Beach

From the sea the hotel is only 5-7 minutes, so no pool on site does not bother tourists. The beach here is great, even in the season of people not too much, so the atmosphere is quiet and relaxed. All the campers to Jose Holiday Home 2* will be able to fully enjoy silence and pleasant coolness and enjoy the beauty of the resort. The sea is clean, with a gentle sunset in the water - everything you need beach lovers. You can rent a motorbike and visit all the coast - here you will find many chic remote from human sight places.

Jose Holiday Home 2*: description

The Beach is equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas where you can rent sports equipment, diving, go on a luxury yacht in the open sea. As for the food. Here you can buy soft drinks, local cuisine and to fully enjoy a beach holiday.

On the beach is definitely the use of sunscreens with high protection factor - the only way you will be able to protect themselves from the scorching sun and acquire a nice tan.

Summing up

At Jose Holiday Home 2* India (South Goa) is designed for those who want to fully enjoy the sun, sandy beach, a warm and gentle sea, as well as get a lot of bright and positive emotions from the rest. Of course, not everything is so perfect, there are drawbacks. But the main thing is to learn about them early to study and on arrival on the resort is not faced with unpleasant surprises. Overall a good hotel to stay, therefore we recommend to pay particular attention to it, especially if you are looking for an inexpensive option.

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